Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mid- January 2019 - British Movement News and Views

Mid-January 2019
British Movement News and Views
'Yellow-Vest' demonstration
Leeds city centre
January 19th 2019
BM activists turn out to take part in a 'Yellow Vest' demonstration against corrupt government and national betrayal of Brexit and the British people.

**** We are waiting for more images to be sent in from the Leeds activity*****

(Lugenpresse) - The Lying Press Rise to the Occasion
There has of course been a media reaction to the high profile presence of some BM activists and supporters on the 'Yellow Vest' demonstration in Leeds
In particular the on-line news reports from 'Leeds Live' have recorded the BM participation in the demonstration in a 'shock/horror' fashion together with a ham-fisted and highly selective background history on British Movement.
While 'Leeds Live' presented some colourful images of the BM Sunwheel flag being flown over the march, the most irritating part of their report was the extremely selective and distorted account of the trial of a South Wales BM activist in 2013, where the lone BM man fought off three Asian assailants outside a Welsh pub.
(The fact that the instigator of the attack came off the worst was exaggerated by the prosecution and the Welsh media at the time and the self-defence aspects of the incident played down)

Every day there is another twist or turn as the 'Remain' element within the Establishment seeks a way to slow down, halt then reverse the 2016 referendum result. Even Tory ex-minister Boris Johnson has openly suggested that the 'deep state' is involved in "blocking Brexit".

As each day passes in January 2019 we can only watch in disgust as the political system seeks to find a way to abandon the Brexit decision and to return to a pre-Brexit status quo.

Some London based imams are calling for Sharia law to be incorporated in local districts 
where Muslims are the majority population.


Some outer districts of Paris are now more like districts of  Lebanon

Meanwhile in Australia

Saturday, January 12, 2019

January 2019 a New Year and new opportunities and new challenges

January 2019
A New Year and new opportunities 
and new challenges:
From the very start of the year, the organised betrayal of Brexit looms ever larger.
When the system politicians at Westminster finally overturn
the 2016 referendum and begin their process of reversing the wishes of 17.4 million British voters, where will the disillusioned British voters turn?
Certainly not back to the very political system that has let them down and deceived them. 

Farewell to an old Comrade
'Auld Harry'
Henry (Harry) Cunningham Mullin 
March 1935 - December 2018

Passed away on December 22nd 2018 in a care home in Glasgow, a British Nationalist stalwart, and a solid supporter of British Movement.
*** Full Obituary notice on BM Scotland blog page ***

Out Now 
Broadsword issue 56

We have finally over come the technical and financial issues that held up publication of this issue of Broadsword. Copies now available from the BM Sunwheel Office.

"Opportunity is the driving force of Destiny"
(Jez Bedford -Turner)

The coming year, 2019 will offer British National Socialism and racial Nationalism many opportunities to build and develop our arguments and our presence in the British political arena.
As the mainstream political parties flounder and fail the British people, liberal democracy will be exposed as the hollow sham that it is, and this is OUR window of opportunity.
National Socialism can and must offer OUR Folk the vision and the means of creating a New Order.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Serving soldier attacked in Batley - what is the truth?

Serving Soldier Attacked in Batley
What is the Truth ?

Why are the National TV News Media Not all Over this Story?
Some national and local newspapers have reported this attack but have offered conflicting accounts.

New Year's Eve, 2018 in Batley, West Yorkshire outside the TBC night club on Bradford Road. 
Soldier Joshua Adams-Mitchell, on leave from his regiment was out celebrating with a couple of civilian friends.
Eye witnesses state that when a group of Asian men heard him talking about his Army service he and his friend were subject to a torrent of verbal abuse, called "scum" and subject to a physical attack by up to 15 Asian men.
One of the attackers jumped into a Mercedes car parked nearby and drove up onto the kerb and ran down Joshua leaving him unconscious in the road.


Currently in intensive care unit in Leeds General Infirmary.

The above images are currently circulating on social media and unbelievably some anti-racist bloggers are claiming that this attack did not happen.

West Yorkshire Police have denied that this serious assault on a serving soldier by up to 15 Asian men was not 'racially motivated' - but was it politically or religiously motivated?

Why the sudden rush to deny this was a 'hate' crime?

No doubt community cohesion and diversity must be protected at all costs - even if the Truth has to be buried.