Saturday, November 24, 2018

Mid-November 2018- British Movement News Round-up

Mid-November 2018
British Movement News Round-Up

More illegal immigration !
Refugees/Asylum-Seekers/Migrants/Illegal Immigants
More than 100 intercepted trying to cross the English Channel in small boats in one week.
The Channel is the last natural barrier to illegal immigrants, we do not want a repeat of the situation in the Mediterranean .

Britain Does Not Want This Kind Of Situation In The English Channel !

Coleraine - Portrush
The press continues to hound local patriots

But out on the streets the propaganda campaign continues

BM propaganda actions target areas where private landlords seek to cash in by renting out to asylum-seekers and immigrants.

Don't Let the System Politicians
Betray the Brexit Referendum result

British Movement demands a complete exit from the globalist 
conspiracy of the European Union.

'Under the Sunwheel'
British Movement pod-cast Episode 13
Listen to it now on You Tube

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Mid- November 2018 - British Movement News and Views

Mid-November 2018
British Movement News and Views

As a Betrayal of BREXIT Grows Ever Closer...
November 10th 2018 - British Movement activists in West Yorkshire joined patriots from other pro-Brexit organisations in Leeds city centre to demonstrate against a sell out of the June 2016 referendum result.

IN THE BIN WITH THE EU FLAG - The best place for it....

Sunday November 11th
The Lee Rigby Memorial in Woolwich, South-East London
British Movement activists joined other nationalists and patriots to remember murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby

Meanwhile an Over Reaction at Memorial Wreaths at the
Cannock Chase German War Cemetery

This News Headline appeared in the 'Jewish Chronicle'

The 'Jewish Chronicle' article also complained about the 
wreath below, left on the memorial to the unknown soldier
The wreath was apparently left by a World War two
re-ennactment group - not a political organisation

John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
November 3rd
The BM National Secretary was one of the speakers

Fusilier Lee Rigby Remembered..
A Victim of a Multi-Cultural Britain

Saturday, November 10, 2018

November 2018 British Movement Views, Opinions and News Round-up

November 2018
British Movement Views, Opinions 
and News Round-Up

This Weekend on Armistice Day
Remember November 1918
Remember the Sacrifice made by Our Folk
1914 to 1918

Now Available from BM Sunwheel Office
Young Wolf Issue 2.

Amusing But True......

Southern Division British Movement
incorporating BM Wessex
E-mail -
Covers Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset


Volunteer Militia Patrol the Borders with Turkey to Intercept Illegal Immigrants
BNO Shipka act to re-enforce Bulgaria's struggling border patrols and border security police.
BNO Shipka see themselves as the front line defenders of Europe.

And in Greece
Multi-culturalism spreads its poison
The above image was sent to us by a Golden Dawn comrade in Athens
No wonder that Greek racial Nationalists are angry at the image above
Note the choice of individual to carry the Greek national flag at an official event