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End of October 2018 - British Movement News, Views and Opinions

End of October 2018
British Movement News, Views and Opinions

Remember - 100 Years Ago the Guns Fell Silent
No More Brothers Wars In Europe

More Contrived and Carefully Constructed Establishment Propaganda: straight out of George Orwell's '1984'
The State creates a mythical threat and the media re-enforces the message so that the general public start to believe it is real.
This report appeared in the 'Guardian' newspaper on October 29th - the tone of approval by this left-wing newspaper is obvious. Note too the name of the senior police officer responsible for taking action against the alleged "far-Right threat" - Neil Basu (given his ethnic background he will be suitably hostile to any organisation to the Right of the Conservative party).
Meanwhile in Europe:
Assorted Left wing and self-styled 'progressive' or 'civil society' organisations are agitating for all European Union governments to "outlaw" racial Nationalist political organisations.
MEP's in the European parliament have voted for measures to be put in place across all EU states to outlaw what they describe as "neo-fascist and neo-nazi" movements.
Threatened by the rise of populist and anti-immigration political parties the Left want the threat to their kind of multi-cultural politics removed by direct government bans and proscription.  One media outlet used the picture below to illustrate the kind of organisations and imagery they want to be made illegal.

The MEP's also want EU wide powers to force some existing EU countries to ban and dismantle existing 'far-Right' political parties and pressure groups, including some, such as the Golden Dawn in Greece, which have elected members of state parliaments.
The EU vote by MEP's specifically wants pressure brought against Italy, Greece, Hungary and Spain, Poland, Germany, France, the Baltic states and Scandinavia. 
Obviously the more successful militant patriotic and Nationalist organisations become, the louder the Left will scream for them to be outlawed.
In Scandinavia the Nordic Resistance Movement is currently seeing key activists being dragged before the courts as part of the opening moves by 'democratic' authorities to counter the rise of White European resistance to multi-culturalism.

The Nordic Resistance Movement - this level of disciplined, organised White Pride political activity terrifies the political Left and motivates state intervention to 'protect' the rotten edifice of a multi-racial society and multi-culturalism.

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