Tuesday, July 31, 2018

More Strength Through Joy - End of July update

More Strength Through Joy
British Movement End of July 2018 

Pictured below - High Cup Nick, Cumbria - July 2018
A group of British Movement members gathered in a village in Cumbria and on one of the hottest Saturdays this year set out and hiked to the crest of High Cup Nick. 

Pictured above: Some of the intrepid outdoor enthusiasts from BM Northern Region raise the Sunwheel flags on the crest of High Cup Nick.
This Strength Through Joy event drew participants from Tyneside, County Durham, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.
The event organiser states that more activities are being planned for August and September, no matter how challenging the weather conditions.

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British Movement Fiftieth Anniversary
1968 to 2018

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mid-Summer Madness

Mid-Summer Madness
July 2018 - A Snap Of Life in Britain

More social democratic politics in action
Liverpool Echo recently reported on internal conflict in the Liverpool Labour council group, according to reports in the Echo claimed that Labour council members were shouting insults at each other and some had to be held back to prevent fighting between some councillors.
Some Labour members accused others of being "Rats" and there were threats of direct violence in the meeting. (Obviously this is how internal social democratic politics works)
Regular readers of NS Outlook will remember Joe Anderson Labour leader in Liverpool City Council as Mayor of Liverpool actively inciting Red mobs to oppose the 'White Man Rally' organised by the now proscribed NA. Many of Anderson's Labour Party colleagues were part of the violence directed against NS and racial Nationalist activists outside Liverpool railway station on that occasion, but it seems that their 'Marxist revolutionary' violence is flexible enough to be used against their own political kind when differences rise to the surface.
This is how social democracy works on Merseyside, and they accuse racial Nationalists of being "a threat to democracy !".


This is a typical day time view of the centre of Birmingham in summer 2018, completely multi-racial, White people a minority in the heart of England's 'Second City'.
This image is a warning for the rest of the UK :
London our capital city - the White British are now a minority population.
Leicester - will become the first British city outside London to have an Asian majority population and White British minority population.
Manchester is rapidly becoming an 'ethnic minority - majority' population city.
Birmingham is not far behind.

Meanwhile on the beach at Skegness
More diversity and multi-culturalism

At 'Under the Sunwheel's' favourite sea-side resort, an Asian family gathering on the beach not only set up camp and began cooking curry but were also seen washing clothes in the sea.
This is not how a traditional British trip to the sea side is supposed to look.
But perhaps this is all part of the cultural enrichment that 'ethnic minorities' are bringing to Britain.
(Thanks to the 'Leicester Boys' for the story and the image)

Harold A Covington
US Racial Nationalist Has Died
Word reached the BM Sunwheel Office this week that the controversial American White Nationalist writer, campaigner and broadcaster Harold A Covington had passed away.
Harold Covington had little contact with British Movement over the years and was notable for his book 'The March Up Country'.
Covington was allegedly a difficult man to deal with and certainly made a lot of personal enemies in White Nationalist circles in the USA. At this point it is unclear as to how or if Harold Covington's projects in the American North West will continue under new stewardship, perhaps some of our US based readership will advise on this.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Fifty Years of British Movement - July 1968 - July 2018

July 1968 to July 2018
 Fifty Years of British Movement
Fifty Years of British National Socialist Campaigning
Fifty Years of Our Struggle

In July 1968 Colin Jordan met with a small group of loyal comrades from his previous NSM in a hotel in Wolverhampton and formerly launched British Movement.
Now in late July 2018, British Movement salutes all those who have supported BM, campaigned for BM, marched, fought, bled and sacrificed for the cause of British Movement. 

Here NS Outlook presents a brief reminder of what British Movement is about......

In the early days of British Movement - Colin Jordan addresses an election meeting in Wolverhampton

Below:    Marching for BM in the early 1970's

1975 - 1983
Michael McLaughlin took over as BM National Chairman and built BM up into an active youth dominated, street movement, many of today's senior activists and organisers first became involved as BM members in this period.

The Media Hated British Movement

This was just one example of the tabloid press attack on British Movement (The Sun - 1981)

Attack From the Anti-racist Left

1983 to 2018 and ongoing.......

Between 1968 and 1982 British Movement took part in local and national elections in various parts of the country, but when BM (BNSM) restructured in 1983/1984 the decision was made 
to operate outside the electoral system, however that does not mean that BM leaflets are not distributed to households up and down the UK.

In celebrating 50 years of British Movement we demonstrate the resilience, determination and refusal to give up that has driven BM (BNSM) from the very beginning,
British Movement's continues to confound all those voices on the Left and on the so-called Far-Right that have over the years prematurely announced BM's demise/destruction/collapse (delete as appropriate). Contrary to all those who have periodically dismissed British Movement's purpose and existence, BM is still here, still working, still campaigning, still developing and still holding aloft the burning flame of British National Socialism.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Mid-July - Under the Summer Sun - The Sunwheel Shines

Mid- July 2018
Under the Summer Sun - The Sunwheel Shines

As this British Movement blog goes on-line, the forces of Left-wing protest are mustering in carefully orchestrated outrage to oppose the visit to the UK by the American President Donald Trump. Such occasions are always fascinating to watch and raise obvious questions as to where these leftist protest organisations get the money to fund such large scale demonstrations and which elements within local and national political parties actually openly and covertly support them.

Thanks to the Church of the Creator for the image

Episode 8

Out Now On You Tube
(Re-edited version - You Tube restricted content on the first posting of Episode 8)

Episode 9 - coming soon

North of the Border the SNP continues to argue for another independence referendum; continues to argue against Brexit and continues to mismanage Scotland's economy

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