Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Middle of April 2018 -British Movement news and views

Middle of April 2018
British Movement News and Views

Regional Meeting
April 14th 2018
Hosted by the BM West Riding of Yorkshire area; speakers included a BM North Yorkshire activist. a BMWD activist and the BM National Secretary.
Members and supporters attended from across Yorkshire, plus some from the North East and also from Lancashire, (special mention to the BM member who travelled up from the West Midlands to attend).

APRIL 20th
The Most Important Date in the National Socialist Calendar

British Movement (British National Socialist Movement) salutes all National Socialists 
world-wide on April 20th.

Many White British citizens have relatives living in Canada, part of the 'White Flight' generations from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's who emigrated to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa in search of a "new life" or a "better life" than that offered in a declining UK where encroaching non-white populations encouraged many Brits to leave their homeland.

The cruel reality of life for Whites in modern day (ANC dominated South Africa) is well known, but this item sent to the BM Sunwheel Office from North America tells its own twisted story as to the attitudes of globalist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Thanks to our friend Mr Karl Hand - P O Box 1281, Lockport, NY 14095, USA, for bringing this to our attention.

After all the hurdles have finally been cleared; Broadsword issue 55 has now been published and is in circulation. Later than planned but now out there.......

FACEBOOK SHUTS DOWN  - British Movement Scotland-Awake
Once again Facebook has censored the Facebook output for BM in Scotland.
The Truth and reality of politics in Scotland, the value of Scottish heritage and traditions,
the threat of multi-culturalism to Scotland's future -  it seems that Facebook will not stand for honest British NS analysis and commentary.


  1. If the Far-Left are getting BM Facebook pages taken down, do payback. Go to the Far-Left Facebook pages and make complaints to Facebook. It`s simple, click opn teh right of any posting and it comes up - report post. Facebook will automatically take off the page until the post has been looked at. It may only mean a 24 hour block, but it done regularly, it will disrupt and annoy the pants of the far-left. If a decent number of BM sipporters do it, then we can cause the hard-left payback grief

    1. Been tried numerous times, some of the red fb pages going so far as to not only cemmorate murder and laud terrorism, but actually advocate killing nationalists. Facebook is toxic, acts as a global spy system and wholly opposed to the values promoted by the BM, that the Scottish page is singled out for special attention isn't surprising given its publishers' efforts to update it with content both radical and revelant.

  2. Gather New British Union, NBU Scotland Facebook pages downed by Leftbook. Might I suggest that the BM look at producing a recruitment leaflet, keeping items on it within the law, advertising NS Outlook website and others connected to the BM and start to leaflet working class council estates, where ethnic Brits are still the majority. There are huge amounts of young white males and females especially in Wales, parts of Southern/Midland England, especially northern England and Scotland, who face higher unemployment, lack of opportunities and dumped to rot. There lies a huge resource of possible new members for the BM - Finally, can you get the BNSM Scotland blogspot editor to start printing comments left, if they are legal etc

    1. We will certainly take these suggestions under consideration because they fit in with the campaign directions that BM is trying to undertake. We will of course check BNSM Scotland comments and ask the editor to respond.