Monday, April 2, 2018

Late March - British Movement End of Month Round-up

Late March 2018
British Movement End of Month Round-up

Fourteen Words
We must ensure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

Football Lads Alliance demonstrations
March 24th 2018
The assorted organisations of the extreme-Left and self-styled anti-racist organisations have become quiet excited about what they call "the threat posed by 'Far-Right street movements'.
The reality is very different of course and organisation like the FLA are made up of many different patriotic and pro-nationalist outlooks, but nevertheless do represent an opportunity to identify and recruit potential supporters for the British racial Nationalist and British National Socialist cause. 
 So on March 24th a number of British Movement activists travelled to Birmingham to take part in the FLA demonstrations (there have already been splits in the Football Lads Alliance) so there were two separate demonstrations by football supporters associated groups in Birmingham).
The BM observers reported a sold turnout of several thousand FLA supporters and the usual noisy and irritating counter demonstration by assorted anti-racist and communist front organisations. It remains to be seen what impact the FLA is going to have on the streets across this year.

Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party
Can You Believe It?
This unbelievable wave of over reaction and orchestrated outrage has its roots in Corbyn's alleged response to a political street mural in the East End of London a couple of years ago. The mural was the work of a Left-wing artist making some kind of anti-capitalist protest.
From what this blog has seen, the mural was a typical piece of post-Soviet 'agitprop' and did not include any Stars of David or other overt references to Jews.
BUT - some of the figures included in the mural representing bankers and financiers were 'deemed' to be "anti-Semitic stereo-types" by eagle-eyed 'experts' on such things.
So when Corbyn expressed his support for the artist and his disapproval that the 'offending mural' was being removed he walked into political quick-sand.
Now Jeremy Corbyn is on the receiving end of the kind of hostility by "anti-racists" that was usually aimed at British racial Nationalists. So Corbyn is getting a taste of the kind of hysterical over reaction that he and his fellow Marxist - Socialists have generated and dished out in the past.  So how does it feel Jezza ?



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