Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Into April 2018 - British Movement News and Views

Into April 2018
British Movement News and Views

From British Movement Scotland a restored Facebook service:

After BM Alba Duisg was forced into shut down our comrades in Scotland have returned to Facebook with a new and wide ranging Facebook page : British Movement - Scotland Awake.

Well worth a visit with articles and British NS opinions like this;

South African Publication Promotes British Movement

The BM Sunwheel Office recently received a copy of the South African magazine 'The Trumpet',
a private circulation, White Christian publication which promotes European racial Nationalism.
Three pages of Issue 233, published in December 2017, are devoted to an article entitled,
"Our Vision of a Better Britain", which was written by an organiser of the BM Southern Division.
"The Trumpet" has an international readership beyond its South African base, so we are grateful for this gesture of solidarity and thank the editorial team at "The Trumpet".

The Hungarian National Elections
A Glimmer of Hope for Central Europe
The general election results from Hungary are now being published and it appears that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party have secured a return to office with an increased majority, the Jobbik party (populist nationalists) have also taken many seats, the Hungarian liberal and Leftist parties have been marginalised.
While we recognise that neither Fidesz nor Jobbik are overtly racial Nationalist, nor are these organisations National Socialist, their opposition to globalisation, mass Third World immigration and the corrosive power of the European Union are steps in the right direction.
Moreover, Viktor Orbans personal campaign against the influence in Hungary of the international financier George Soros, is another encouraging sign that all is not lost in Central Europe. Something our comrades over there can build on.

Britain and Europe's Fight Against Multi-Culturalism
and Mass Third World Immigration Must Be Won.

The massive influx of illegal immigrants, asylum-seekers, 'refugees' and Third World economic migrants is inherently incompatible with the genetic heritage, racial makeup, political stability and future economic prosperity of Britain and Europe. Decades of globalisation and international financial 'wheeler-dealing' has undermined national sovereignty and boosted the neo-liberal internationalism of the European Union and its standard-bearers.
Only radical racially focused Nationalist politics can halt the threat of multi-culturalism and reverse the creation of a permanent multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain and Europe.
The globalist, internationalist neo-liberalism and proto-Marxist agenda has to be challenged and halted by effective ethnocentric political campaigns designed to revive national pride, make ethnic identity and heritage a central platform of national politics and the survival of the White British and White European peoples the priority for decades into the future.
The Fourteen Words must become the priority across Europe and the British Isles.

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