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Mid Month March 2018 - BM News, Views and Opinions

Mid Month March 2018
British Movement News, Views and Opinions 

  Saturday March 17th 2018
Blood & Honour - Violent Storm Memorial gig
East Midlands

Despite dreadful weather conditions the B & H bands Blackout and Whitelaw 
played to a determined audience of racial Nationalists.
Once again the annual memorial gig for the fallen comrades of Violent Storm took place 
and the fallen were remembered and honoured.

British Movement - Scotland
Propaganda Campaign  Rolls Out Across Scotland

New BM Scotland sticker offensive appearing on the streets of Glasgow, Muirhead, Kirkintilloch
and Aberdeen so far....

Saturday March 17th 2018 - UN anti-racism day 
All the Usual Suspects Out on the Streets
Anti-racist marches and rallies held in London, Cardiff and Glasgow; 
at the London rally (organised by so-called London Stand Up to Racism) one speaker declared his pleasure that Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayden Fransen were in prison (so much for the right to free speech and freedom of political expression), as could be expected, a key speaker was Diane Abbott and she spoke the.....

Words That Should Send a Shudder Down the Spine 
of Every British National Socialist and racial Nationalist...

Diane Abbott told the London anti-racist rally 
"When I am Home Secretary....."

She also promises that a Jeremy Corbyn Labour Government will allow 'refugee families to be "re-united" in Britain and more refugees will be allowed to settle in Britain.

The assorted collection of Marxists, Communists, Anarchists, 'Democratic Socialists', 
neo-liberals and Labour Party - Momentum activists paraded through London demanding 
all the usual anti-racist freedoms; 'Open Borders', more refugees and asylum-seekers into Britain, no immigration controls, 'No to Racism', 'No to Islamaphobia', 'No to Homophobia', 'No to Trans-phobia', 'No Platform for Racists' etc etc etc...

Poverty and lack of opportunity was a standard feature of life for the British (White) working class population in the early 20th Century.
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