Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mid Month March 2018 - BM News, Views and Opinions

Mid Month March 2018
British Movement News, Views and Opinions 

  Saturday March 17th 2018
Blood & Honour - Violent Storm Memorial gig
East Midlands

Despite dreadful weather conditions the B & H bands Blackout and Whitelaw 
played to a determined audience of racial Nationalists.
Once again the annual memorial gig for the fallen comrades of Violent Storm took place 
and the fallen were remembered and honoured.

British Movement - Scotland
Propaganda Campaign  Rolls Out Across Scotland

New BM Scotland sticker offensive appearing on the streets of Glasgow, Muirhead, Kirkintilloch
and Aberdeen so far....

Saturday March 17th 2018 - UN anti-racism day 
All the Usual Suspects Out on the Streets
Anti-racist marches and rallies held in London, Cardiff and Glasgow; 
at the London rally (organised by so-called London Stand Up to Racism) one speaker declared his pleasure that Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayden Fransen were in prison (so much for the right to free speech and freedom of political expression), as could be expected, a key speaker was Diane Abbott and she spoke the.....

Words That Should Send a Shudder Down the Spine 
of Every British National Socialist and racial Nationalist...

Diane Abbott told the London anti-racist rally 
"When I am Home Secretary....."

She also promises that a Jeremy Corbyn Labour Government will allow 'refugee families to be "re-united" in Britain and more refugees will be allowed to settle in Britain.

The assorted collection of Marxists, Communists, Anarchists, 'Democratic Socialists', 
neo-liberals and Labour Party - Momentum activists paraded through London demanding 
all the usual anti-racist freedoms; 'Open Borders', more refugees and asylum-seekers into Britain, no immigration controls, 'No to Racism', 'No to Islamaphobia', 'No to Homophobia', 'No to Trans-phobia', 'No Platform for Racists' etc etc etc...

Poverty and lack of opportunity was a standard feature of life for the British (White) working class population in the early 20th Century.
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Into March 2018 - British Movement News, Views and Opinions

Into March 2018 
British Movement News, Views and Opinions

CENSORED AGAIN - Unfortunately the excellent Facebook site BNSM Scotland - Alba Duisg
has now been permanently shut down by Facebook.
Our BM comrades 'North of the Border' have assured us that they will seek other avenues to express their British National Socialist opinions and cultural comments on-line.

Jorvik Viking Festival - February 2018
The images arrived at the BM Sunwheel Office too late for the end of February news round-up, so here they are better late than never.

This year there was the annual visit to the Saturday climax of the week long Jorvik Viking Festival by an organised BM group and the day provided not only a collective tour of the exhibits and displays, but also a chance to socialise and appreciate the Festival in good company.
The annual Viking Festival is not only an opportunity to watch the re-ennactors go though their paces, but also a chance to take in the 'flavour' of Aryan-Nordic culture that is part of the ethnic foundations of Northern England.
How long the Jorvik Viking festival can continue in its present form before the forces of multi-culturalism begin to demand more 'diversity' in the events and an end to the Viking themed displays overt 'whiteness and Euro-centric' culture.

*** images provided by North Yorkshire BM

North Yorkshire and County Durham BM helped to organise the group visit to the Viking Festival, in addition across every month the NYBM organises outdoor events and visits to sites of cultural interest. Some of these events are small scale family focused activities, other events are more physically challenging sporting or hiking activities.
All are part of the BM Northern region Blood and Soil or Strength Through Joy initiatives.

Propaganda - Propaganda - Propaganda
This Strategy Will Have An Effect 
This is what a Leftist anti-racist commentator has had to say about 'Far Right' propaganda campaigns both on-line and through other media. These quoted extracts from a current
 anti-racist publication offer an insight into Left wing thinking and reveal much about so-called anti-fascist attitudes....

"This many-headed hydra approach makes it harder to combat in a traditional sense
as it cannot be decapitated like a political party or traditional far right organisation....."

"........... Society does not necessarily have to change with seismic jolts but rather can be
 shaped slowly and in tiny increments as political agendas are radicalised...."

"..... We would be foolish to be complacent despite facing what appears, in terms of the traditional far right, to be a fractured  and splintered movement.
If we wait for a period of far right unity so that we can once again mobilise en masse 
against this enemy, we risk society being changed by thousands of people gnawing away at it and propagating the whole package of far right ideas in the meantime..."

Thus the Left fear a sustained populist Nationalist, racial Nationalist and National Socialist propaganda campaign on many fronts; note the reference to their tactic of seeking to "decapitate a political party or traditional far right organisation"

We can win the propaganda war - the war of ideas - the battle to win hearts and minds in both Britain and Europe to overturn the globalist, internationalist agenda and throw 
multi-culturalism into reverse.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

State Generated 'Fake News' - the "Threat of Far-Right Terrorism"

State Generated 'Fake News'
The so-called "threat of Far-Right Terrorism"

Where is the evidence for this?
Some years ago at the height of the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland, news about foiled terrorist plots were usually accompanied by Police and Army press conferences showing the media captured weapons, seized stocks of ammunition, explosives and bomb making equipment.
Whenever Islamist plots are foiled there are piles of explosives and crude bomb making kit, so where are all the 'Far-Right' weapons and explosives?

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley
has never concealed his personal hostility to what he calls the 'British Far-Right', he is a politically appointed senior police officer, selected for his attitude and political stance. Over recent years Rowley has repeatedly fed the media the idea that 'Far-right' terrorism was as much of a threat as the Islamist jihadists, even though there have been no major bombings or similar attacks carried out in the name of the 'Far-right'.

Much emphasis is being put on the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016 and the Finsbury Park mosque van attack in 2017.
The murder of MP Jo Cox was carried out by a mentally disturbed loner, Tommy Mair who was totally unknown in British Nationalist circles, contrary to the media spin circulating at the time.
Darren Osborne who carried out the Finsbury Park attack was never involved in any organised British Nationalist group or party and once again was an individual with mental health issues and alcohol problems.

Compare these recorded facts with the cruel reality of all the jihadist attacks that have taken place in the UK.
There is no comparison.

Stories about the claimed threat of 'Far-Right' terrorism have been circulating in the media since the late 1990's, before the evil reality of the first London bombings by Islamists.
The Home Office, the Security Services and the Police have deliberately generated this story
in the mainstream media as part of a long term strategy.
The Home Office is staffed by Ministers and Civil Servants who are ideologically opposed to all forms of British Nationalism and they are equally dedicated to defending the concept of a multi-cultural Britain, so they will use any excuse to shut down, ban and proscribe as many Racial Nationalist and British National Socialist organisations as they can.
Any suggestion of 'Far Right terrorism' gives the Home Secretary Amber Rudd all the justification she needs to declare an organisation 'illegal'. The proscription of National Action in December 2016 is the model that future such banning orders will follow.
No Member of Parliament from any of the mainstream political parties nor any Human Rights organisation is going to argue against the elimination of "racist" groups or "racist" political parties.
You can imagine the professional anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations rubbing their collective hands with glee at the prospect and cheering loudly in support of such legal oppression and suppression of political ideas they oppose.
No doubt any number of such 'anti-racists' will provide the "evidence" to the Home Office to confirm the 'terrorist' nature of "racist groups" and individuals.
No doubt there will be no credible legal challenges to the truth of such "evidence" or the role of agent provocateurs and paid infiltrators in providing the 'terrorist' activity.
All this under the over sight of a Conservative government.
Can anyone reading this article image how it would be under a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government with Dianne Abbott as Home Secretary?

British Movement Has Been Predicting This Situation
For Several Years.
Here we reproduce a series of articles from back issues of the BM magazine 'Broadsword' all of which fore saw the 
State and the Media seeking to create a spectre of 
'Far-Right/Racist terrorism'

This article appeared in Broadsword issue 43 in the Winter of 2011/2012 and reminded the readers of a press statement by Scotland Yard issued in February 1999 about the Metropolitan Police's new anti-racist agenda which would operate in tandem with Special Branch and MI5.
"Officers will tap telephones, open mail and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records.
We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device open to us."

Since that press release the State has added the PREVENT organisation and the deliberate media manipulation including planted stories, exaggerated threat  levels and Fake News....

More recently Broadsword reminded readers.....

It would be a catastrophic, suicidal move for British Nationalism to pursue a terrorist agenda. This would play straight into the hands of the Government and the Security Services, and would provide the Left with an easy victory.
The State would use the situation to eradicate all brands of Nationalism and White resistance.
How Long Will It Be Before
The 'Deep State' Arranges A 'Far-Right' Terror Attack?
By Which We Mean A Bombing Or A Mass Shooting?
The security services, especially MI5 have had decades of experience in Northern Ireland to perfect their techniques of placing agents inside organisations, planting 'evidence', planting weapons and explosives, staging false flag terrorist actions and creating 'Fake News'.