Tuesday, February 27, 2018

British Movement End Notes - End of February 2018

British Movement End Notes
End of February 2018

Episode 4
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Facebook - BM Ulster Sunwheel

Thought Provoking Reflection By BNSM Scotland
Remember those early National Socialists who gave their
all for their Folk

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BM Ulster Sunwheel

BNSM Scotland - Alba Duisg


  1. BNSM Scotland Facebook page down ? Has the LEFTBOOK liberals obeyed their masters to remove Facebook pages that oppose the leftist agenda?

  2. Unfortunately Facebook has indeed ONCE AGAIN censored BNSM Scotland FB page. Banned again for telling the truth.

  3. I'm ashamed to live in this once great nation! Our sell out Zionist controlled politicians our bringing this country to it's knees, all set in motion and I believe it's ment to be, if you believe in the Kalergi Plan and the New World Order. Books I have read a while back it's like everything is fallen into place as they push there Agenda. The masses arent going to Revolt there to fucking brainwashed watching the News! #Revolt#1488