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British Movement News, Views and Opinions - January 2018 - episode 1.

British Movement News, Views and Opinions
January 2018 ... episode 1.

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Into 2018
Thus Britain enters the New Year with ever more chaos amongst the 'democratically elected' political parties of Westminster. Top of the bill is the Conservative Government, reeling from one crisis to another and desperately trying to find a way out of honouring the Brexit referendum decision. (Do they really think that by stalling, back-pedalling and accepting extortionate demands from EU bureaucrats that they can convince the British people to accept a watered down 'soft' Brexit? (By soft Brexit they mean remaining in the EU framework in some parts).
Meanwhile the toxic presence of former Labour leader and ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair continues to shout from the side-lines and hopes that he can generate enough influence to not only force a second Brexit referendum, (geared and manipulated to reverse the original decision) but Blair hopes to convince the Labour Party leadership to pledge to
abandon Brexit and rejoin the European Union if the Labour Party wins the next General Election.

Leaving aside the subject of Immigration, the following policy areas have been totally failed by successive Conservative Party and Labour Party Governments in the United Kingdom. 

1. The NHS and Social Care.
2. Housing and the Welfare State.
3. Public transport; specifically the railway network and roads.
4. Energy; Gas, Electricity and the water companies.
5. The environment and agriculture.

Under a National Socialist system all of the above would be considered to be of national, strategic importance.
Immigration, particularly non-White Third World immigration into Britain would be considered a matter of national security.
This is why Britain needs to turn away from liberal-democracy, away from social-democracy and embrace British National Socialism.

Meanwhile in France an unusual story is making headlines.
It is often said by European political commentators that the French are always
ultra-sensitive about their history between 1940 and 1945.
What started as a storm in a tea-cup has grown out of  all proportions over this attempt to reprint certain political pamphlets from the Vichy period....

French novelist, writer and political commentator Louis-Ferdinand Celine.
Born 1894 - Died 1961.
Louis- Ferdinand Celine saw active service in the French Army in the First World War, after the war he eventually trained as a doctor and worked in a number of French hospitals.
He also travelled extensively and began writing, his most important book was published in 1932, entitled "Journey to the end of Night."
In the 1930's Celine became involved in French nationalist politics and began writing political pamphlets and essays on anti-communist and racial nationalist topics.
According to post-war anti-racist critics Celine was a writer of "rabid, antisemitic, pro-Hitler pamphlets.."
Louis- Ferdinand Celine fled France in 1944, well aware that he was a prime target for the so-called 'Resistance'.
In 1946 Celine and his wife were living in exile in Denmark, he was tried in his absence for 'collaboration' but was eventually allowed to return to live in France but was snubbed by the French artistic elite, even though his novels were judged to be some of the most outstanding French works of fiction in the 20th Century..
After Celine died in 1961 his widow refused to allow his political works to be re-published even though she allowed his novels to be reprinted and published.
Finally in late 2017, aged 105 years of age, Madame Celine has given permission for his political
pamphlets from 1930's and early 1940's to be reprinted and re-published.
The French publishers Gallimard have faced massive political pressure as a result of this decision.
All the usual liberal, Leftist and anti- racist forces have called for Celine's political works not to be published unless the publications carry additional critical end notes 'approved' by modern historians.
This however is not good enough for the ageing French Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld, who has demanded that the publication is stopped because Klarsfeld believes that Celine was,
"the most antisemitic Frenchman of his day".
In French political and academic circles this argument is continuing and even the French prime minister has become involved in opposing the publishing. According to one press report, the prime minister sent a "delegation in charge of fighting racism, antisemitism and anti-LGBT hatred" to summons the publishers Gallimard to publish the pamphlets Celine wrote between 1937 and 1941
only under strict conditions imposed by the delegation.
So far Gallimard has refused to bow to this level of political pressure.

Louis-Ferdinand Celine has been depicted on screen as this screen grab from the French media  illustrates

Louis-Ferdinand Celine was not a fan of the 'democratic' political process.

Meanwhile in the modern world France and the French people continue to struggle as the flow of illegal immigrants, Third World refugees and asylum-seekers continues to infiltrate French towns and cities without interruption.


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