Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Into the Autumn 2017 - The Cause Continues.....

The Cause Continues

British Movement contact details: sunwheelteam@gmail.com
BM Sunwheel Office. P O box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

Heritage & Destiny
Preston - Friday October 6th 2017
John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
British Movement will be represented at this important British Nationalist event.
Speakers will include the BM National Secretary and Benny' Whitelaw'

Monday, September 18, 2017

ISD - Ian Stuart Donaldson Remembered September 2017

Ian Stuart Donaldson Remembered
In the Face of Overwhelming State Interference
the ISD Weekend Went Ahead

Remember Ian Stuart - musician, Nationalist activist, political dissident.

Over the Top State Oppression to PREVENT a Lawful
Weekend Festival - although Blood and Honour UK operate lawfully and seek to hold the ISD weekend Memorial festival meeting all the usual licensing requirements, this year B & H was faced by refusals and obstruction by at least half a dozen county councils.
Applications to hold the festival on private sites were blocked as part of a deliberate agenda to prevent the ISD festival taking place this year.
It was no secret that the professional 'anti-racists' at the Hope Not Hate organisation were behind the campaign and had been agitating for weeks, directly contacting the Home Office, assorted police forces and Labour controlled councils to block and prevent Blood and Honour securing suitable sites for ISD. In addition known racial Nationalists from European countries were being refused entry to the UK if the authorities believed that they were attempting to travel to the ISD memorial festival.

But - a site was secured at a venue in the East Midlands and despite threats of harassment by the organisations of the State the Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial festival took place over the weekend of Friday September 15th to Sunday September 17th 2017.
Triumph and resistance in the face of oppression.

For those PREVENT officials who are obsessed with their distorted ideas about 'Diversity' - they should take a long, hard look at the makeup of those taking part in the ISD Memorial weekend.
That is all the 'diversity' that Britain and Europe needs; a lawful gathering with both British and every nation of Europe, North America and Australia represented at the ISD gathering.

**** Memo to Home Office PREVENT officials - at the same weekend that the Police and Security Services were refusing entry to the United Kingdom to European citizens who were only interested in attending the ISD Memorial weekend on a closed site without any thought of illegal activities, the anti-terrorism Police were arresting two 'refugees' for bombing a tube train at Ponder's Green in West London.
PREVENT should take a long hard look at those who say "Refugees Are Welcome" and 'No Borders' for facilitating the entry and accommodation of active terrorists in the UK.