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BM News and Views - August 2017

British Movement News and Views
August 2017

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British Movement Northern Region
Colin Jordan & John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Saturday August 26th 2017
The annual memorial meeting for these two pioneers of post-1945 British racial Nationalism was held at a venue in West Yorkshire. BM delegates from across Yorkshire, from the North-East, Greater Manchester and a member from North Wales gathered to remember the political
lives of BM founder Colin Jordan and his comrade John Tyndall. 

The Newcastle Grooming Case - Operation Sanctuary 
 How Many Such Cases Does This Make Over The Last 10 Years?
Another 'Hate Crime' Against the White British
How Many More Will Follow Over The Next 10 Years?

Although some national newspapers did report the trials with some degree of honesty, other relegated the horrific headlines to inside pages and tried to limit any criticism of 'ethnic minority communities'.
A loathsome display of groomers, perverts, rapists and  drug-dealers and race-hate criminals (including one white renegade female accomplice).
The reality of the toxic waste of multi-cultural Britain which makes a mockery of the neo-liberal claims about the positive aspects of diversity and community cohesion.


Why were race-hate charges not included in the prosecutions at Newcastle Crown Court?

Charlottesville, USA.
The alleged 'White Supremacist' protest in Charlottesville, Virginia USA, originally in opposition to
a black rights activist's initiative to begin the removal of Confederate memorials and other statues
recalling the Confederate (CSA) generals and war dead, from southern towns and cities.
The Charlottesville protest by an alliance of so called 'alt-Right', White Nationalists, Southern Rights activists, White Lives Matter, White militia , KKK, and US National Socialist groups was intended to rally opposition to the planned removal of a statue of the key Confederate Civil War general
Robert E. Lee from the centre of Charlottesville.
Of course the public appearance of so many pro-White demonstrators generated a 'mass-mobilisation' of  self-styled 'anti-racists, the quasi-legal 'anti-Fa', Black Power activists, Black Lives Matter and assorted left-wing and Zionist allied rabble.
The outcome is of course well documented and has allowed the Left and neo-liberals world-wide to jump on the collective bandwagon including the mass bands of the anti-Trump lobby.

The Response by the British News Media

From the GUARDIAN newspaper - Left-wing journalists have used Charlottesville as a rallying call to so-called 'progressive politics' world wide.

Another column from the GUARDIAN makes its position very clear

This extract from an article in the GUARDIAN allegedly drawing comparisons between the protests in Charlottesville, USA and the political situation in Britain. Written by the left-wing journalist.......
The obvious question here is why bring British Movement into it ?  Other than to score some kind of anti-racist point?

Saturday August 26th - The Guardian Editorial
and Charlottesville is still generating a leftist
outpouring of undiluted bile.....

The above article by the Guardian journalist Johnathan Freedland is an amazing insight into so-called anti-racist thinking. Freedland claims that a recent poll in the USA has shown that over 9% of White Americans believe that the 'Far-Right' is not only acceptable but that support for National Socialism is acceptable and by a quick calculation that means some 30 million Americans are supportive of those views.
This is of course a neo-liberal nightmare situation and by default they blame President Donald Trump for creating the political climate where such opinions are acceptable.
Interesting that Fredland refers to an anti-national socialist position and rejection of 
NS ideology as "precious and necessary taboo".

August 19th 2017
German Nationalists marched to honour the passing of Rudolf Hess and attempted to commemorate his death by assembling at the site of the now demolished Spandau Prison.


Ernst Zundel
23rd April 1939 - August 5th 2017
'Unbent, Unbroken, Unbowed'
Sadly another fighter for German Nationalism, racial politics and historical truth has died.
Ernst Zundel, political activist, writer, publisher, broadcaster and historical researcher will be greatly missed. He put his cause before his own interests and his own safety; originally based in Canada as a champion of the German-Canadia emigre community. he was targeted in the 1980's and 1990's by organised Zionist and Jewish pressure groups eventually put on trial.
Zundel fought a series of epic legal battles and court room challenges but was stripped of his Canadian citizenship, denied asylum in the USA, Ernst Zundel was deported to Germany. On his arrival in Germany Zundel was arrested for his activities and writings in Canada and the USA, not for anything he had done on German soil.
There were more court cases and court hearings.
Ernst Zundel was eventually released from Mannheim Prison on March 1st 2010.

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July Into August 2017- Summer news and views

July into August
Summer 2017 
BM News and Views

British Movement South East London
July 22nd 2017

A successful afternoon meeting attended by BM activists from various regions of the country alongside local members and comrades from Kent BM.
The meeting was followed by an evening gig where several bands including the ever-popular Whitelaw entertained a good sized crowd.
As part of BM SEL's ongoing NS Welfare programme, money raised at the afternoon meeting was donated to a local care for the elderly event. (£125 donated); meanwhile money raised at the evening gig was presented to the widow and family of a regional supporter recently killed in a road traffic accident.

A New Awakening the publication of British Movement South East London
Now 20 pages.

British Movement North Yorkshire & County Durham
Across the Summer months staging a number of Strength Through Joy outdoor events and Blood and Soil activities; organised walks and visits to important historical and cultural sites.

A group of BM NY & Co. D. activists also attended the BM SEL meeting in July and visited some of the tourist attractions in central London. (See pics below)

It has now been over a year since the British electorate voted on Britain's membership of the European Union and a over 17.4 million voted to leave the EU -  so BREXIT.
But the Conservative government dithers over the details, some Tory ministers and MP's had voted to remain and a hardcore of Labour, Liberal-Democrat and SNP politicians are still actively campaigning against Brexit.
The mainstream British media continue to seek to undermine the Brexit vote and pushes stories that strengthen the case for a 'soft' Brexit or even a second referendum.
And yet the same media ignores the political voices from mainland Europe that also want to leave the European Union.
The latest voice comes from Bulgaria - sounds somewhat unlikely but is true....

Above: Front page story in 'Big Ben' the Bulgarian language newspaper for the Bulgarian community living and working in London. Bulgarian nationals are voting for Bulgaria to exit the EU.

Campaigning along the South Coast resorts and Wessex

As NS Outlook goes out it seems that Facebook have once again 'removed' the SDBM site because of its pro-White British and NS content.

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