Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Media Hysteria, Politician's Knee-jerk Reactions and Proposed State Oppression

Media Hysteria, Politician's Knee-Jerk Reactions
and Proposed State Oppression
**** Other British Movement blog reports have been held back in order for a quick response by the BM Sunwheel team to the situation presently flooding the national news media.

The alleged 'terrorist attack' on groups of Muslims leaving Finsbury Park Mosque in the early hours of June 19th 2017 by a lone White man driving a van into the crowd on the pavement..
Within hours of the incident the news media was full of statements by politicians and so-called community leaders describing the situation as variously a 'terrorist attack', a 'hate crime', a 'racist attack' or an 'Islamaphobic atrocity' or variations of all the above.

Allegedly a 47 year old man from South Wales had been arrested at the scene.
All the press hungry talking heads were in front of the TV cameras to denounce this 'terrorist attack'.
Was it really an act of political terrorism? Or was it just an irrational act of random violence carried out by an enraged individual who has not yet declared his motivation?
The media and the mainstream politicians have already decided what happened in Finsbury.
Just hours after the attack outside Finsbury Park Mosque the BM Sunwheel Office was contacted by e-mail by a reporter from the news desk at the 'Sun' tabloid newspaper, unbelievably asking for the BM to offer any information our office might have on the van driver allegedly involved in the attack.
Is the 'Sun' for real?
Even if we did know anything about it - which we did not - did the 'Sun' actually expect our national office to co-operate with a newspaper that has consistently attacked our Movement for decades?
The blustering, barely competent Labour Party Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott MP was interviewed on the BBC TV 'Breakfast Show' to give her informed insights into so-called "Far-Right extremism" and the violent incident outside Finsbury Park Mosque. Typically Abbott waffled around the subject, repeatedly mouthing the words "Far-Right extremism" and "Islamaphobia and hatred" without offering any genuine insights or evidence other than referencing yesterday's incident outside Finsbury Park Mosque and of course the Jo Cox murder in June 2016.
Meanwhile on the Government side, Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd has been quick to publicly play her hand and made her position clear in a column in the 'Guardian' newspaper today, which is unusual in itself because the 'Guardian' is a liberal-leftist newspaper and is generally anti-Tory and highly critical of Conservative Party policy.
Rudd states that, "Britain has some of the strongest legislation in the world to tackle hate crime, and anyone responsible will face the full force of the law. We encourage people to report any hate crime incidents to the police, the True Vision website or Tell MAMA. All reports will be taken seriously."
So it would appear that such organisations as True Vision and Tell MAMA are now acting as surrogate agencies of the State.
What about false reports of alleged Islamaphobia or invented racist incidents?
No mention here of who White British people should report anti-white hatred to or acts of race hate aimed at whites by members of ethnic minority communities. And Ms Rudd such things do happen, but the police prefer not to act in case they are seen as being 'racist'.

" The threat from the far-right is as corrosive as the twisted Islamist ideologies so many Muslims have spoken out against. Legislation alone is not enough to tackle this vile manifestation of hate."
And in a more threatening tone, Amber Rudd says,
"In December, I proscribed National Action - the first extreme right-wing group to be banned as a terrorist organisation. A new commission for countering extremism will be set up to tackle those who seek to erode shared values that make this country great."
Note the reference to National Action - whatever the faults and failings of NA, it did not present as a terrorist organisation on the streets ; NA carried out no bombings, no shootings, did not stock pile arms and explosives - did not commit any mass killings, yet NA was placed on the same legal status as the jihadist killers of ISIS and al Qaida and the proven terrorists of the Provisional IRA.
Finally Rudd goes on to declare that,
"Our Building a Stronger Britain Together programme provides support to groups tackling all forms of extremism. We are working in schools and communities to protect young people from extremist ideologies. We have set up the first ever cross-government working group on anti-Muslim hatred."

So we expect certain professional anti-racist and self-styled anti-fascist organisations and publications to suddenly benefit from an injection of government cash.
No doubt they will respond enthusiastically and we can expect a rash of reports of 'Far Right plots'
or 'white racist conspiracies' and 'neo-Nazi terrorist cells'.
In addition we can expect a co-ordinated media down play of all the up and coming terrorist related trials of jihadists and Islamic extremists as well as a serious lack of media coverage of pending
'Grooming gang' trials where all the rapists and groomers are Asians and all the victims are underage White British girls. Yes such trials are in the pipeline.
Both Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd are publicly pledging to defend multi-culturalism and diversity, conveniently ignoring the fact that May's predecessor, the former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron once very publicly denounced the concept of multiculturalism in Britain as having failed. Perhaps Prevent should investigate David Cameron.

No one in the media has pointed out that in the last twenty years less than 10 people have been killed by so-called 'Far-Right' lone-wolf attackers and barely 20 wounded by their actions.
Yet organised Islamic extremists have killed over 100 and wounded hundreds more.
The media can only point to less than half a dozen disturbed 'Far-Right' killers at the most and base their claims on the actions of the bomber David Copeland, the killer of Jo Cox MP - Tommy Mair and now a 47 year old man from Cardiff.
Hardly on the same scale as the London bus and tube bombings, the Manchester Arena bombing or the Westminster attack or the recent London Bridge attacks.
 Former Labour Party Leader Calls For A Thought- Police Approach
The failed former Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband MP was quick to sound off his Marxist fuelled opinions on a BBC Radio 2 broadcast. Miliband declared that the current Prevent programme should be expanded and made even more robust against the "Far-Right". The Labour MP seemed to think that where Prevent encourages so-called "law-abiding members of the Muslim community" are encouraged to report suspected Islamic radicals and extremists to the police, why not encourage the White community to report people suspected of holding 'Far-Right' opinions and beliefs to the authorities? 
The first moves towards an actual 'Thought-police' being openly suggested by a serving politician.
So we can anticipate that any White British Nationalist political activists or supporter who speaks out against mass immigration, illegal immigration, the refugee crisis, against a multi-cultural society or the negative impact of a multi-racial society can expect to be a target for an enhanced Prevent programme. There will be censorship and suppression of political thought and political expression.
What Amber Rudd and Ed Miliband are hinting at is a gradual outlawing of views and opinions that oppose multi-culturalism and racial awareness - State Oppression.
The British Movement Position
Just to clarify things for any Government, police or security service reader of this blog;
British Movement is not a 'terrorist' organisation, armed opposition and random acts of extreme violence will not advance our Cause one inch. Shooting and bombing unarmed and defenceless individuals and groups of people is not only criminal, it is counter productive in the broadest sense and would turn support in the wider White British population away from our Cause.
Moreover any armed attacks by individuals or groups claiming to represent British racial Nationalism would provide the State with whatever excuses it might need to 'lawfully' eradicate all British Nationalist organisations and political parties in the "interests of national security and community cohesion."
We should all remember the history of British racial politics and how in the Spring of 1940 the state enacted Defence Regulation 18B in 'the interests of national security'.
That led to mass arrests and imprisonment without trial for years and we do not want to give the
Government any excuse to return to that level of State oppression.
 We, BM, are a committed British National Socialist Movement, and clandestine terrorist actions are not part of our agenda.
(certain elements in the self-styled anti-fascist/anti-racist groups might also take note before making ill-informed public pronouncements about the BM and the BM agenda)
BRITISH MOVEMENT has opposed the concept of a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain from the founding of BM in the Summer of 1968 and continues that total opposition to the present day.
BM seeks a radical political route to achieve that goal NOT through armed, terrorism.


  1. Don't expect the media to report what you have said since they are bias. It is sad for once that they will not print your comments in full as they would show that there is sense in what you say. But as we know, the media are poodles at the table of the system.

  2. Excellent and well written article.Thank you for sharing.

  3. You need to revamp this webpage to make it more interesting to the eye. If the BM wants to recruit new members, which I am sure it does, then you need to have a new website, one that gives the latest postings with also your items for sale, details how to join, what the BM is doing section - i.e BM members in action etc. Blogspot offers different page options. Sorry BM, but this style that you are using just does not grab you. If you want young people to join, update your page, layout etc. All the best

    1. WE could not agree more. Please do not apologise for the helpful, constructive Criticism.
      Everything you say has been discussed and put forward with our media team.
      BUT - three previous BM websites were hacked and ruined - so this time we are taking our time. Plus we need the right people with the requisite skills to run and maintain the new BM website.
      We have discussed templates and designs - also archive functions and draw downs, links etc.
      This will take place - time and funding is the issue - the determination is already there.
      NS regards
      BM Sunwheel Office

    2. Wordpress is a much better alternative to blogspot, and there are several Racial Nationalist groups who use it such as Scottish Dawn (SD):


      The 'Big Brother' Wordpress theme is good for organisations:


  4. Excellent sane and sensible national socialist response to the cosmopolitan extremists in government Thanks for sharing.

  5. BM Scotland blogspot has barely any 2017 postings. Whats happening, is there no BM members in Scotland willing to do regular postings? This is not criticism in any way fellow Patriots