Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MANCHESTER ARENA ATTACK - Another jihadist atrocity - another toxic by-product of multi-culturalism

MAY 22nd 2017
Another jihadist atrocity on British soil
Another toxic by-product of multi-culturalism
Once again a British city has been subjected to a jihadist atrocity and as this blog goes out the casualty count stands at 22 dead and 59 wounded, this includes children.
The attacker was allegedly a suicide bomber acting alone....
No doubt as the details unfold our TV screens and radio reports will be filled with politicians and neo-liberal defenders of multi-culturalism trotting out all the usual soft words of regret and calls for "communities to stand together"- the by now standard calls for 'community cohesion'.
We can guarantee that the BBC and other media agencies will give prominent broadcast time
to some tame and reliable talking heads from the assorted Islamic communities in Manchester and the North of England who will "condemn the attack in the strongest terms" and will trot out the new slogan of multi-cultural Britain, "there is more that unites us than divides us".
Oh really ?
The jihadist who blew himself up in Manchester Arena targeted a popular entertainment venue at a concert where few if any devout Muslims would be present. The target represented a symbol of modern Western culture that the jihadists despise and most observant Muslims resident in Britain would consider unacceptable and un-Islamic.
When are those neo-liberal and leftist supporters of a multi-racial society going to wake up to the fact that many thousands of non-Europeans want to live here in OUR COUNTRY to take advantage of OUR welfare systems, OUR living standards, OUR education system, OUR job opportunities and social freedoms, but reject White British culture, customs and traditions. 
Many want to live here for what OUR country can provide for them but hate OUR way of life,
our moral standards, our foods, our styles of dress, our forms of entertainment, our consumption of alcohol, our attitudes towards sex and marriage, our culture and heritage.
That is why THEY do not integrate. That is why THEY operate as closed communities.
That is why THEY demand Sharia law to be integrated into British law.
Those who insist that the UK should accept ever more 'refugees' and 'asylum-seekers' are blind to the reality of the consequences that mass immigration has had on OUR COUNTRY.
As this blog is being written these images are being released by assorted mainstream British news media outlets
these images were attributed to the Daily Express and the
Daily Star news desks...

Note for anti-racists and multi-culturalists:- These casualties all appear to be White British citizens, so was this a 'racist attack'? Was this a 'hate crime?'

British Movement stands by the slogan it has repeated time and again over the years as part of BM's continued opposition to a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain;

PICTURED BELOW: this kind of propaganda protest action
by British Movement is described in the newspapers as
hateful !
So what about a suicide bomber attacking Manchester Arena
is that not truly hateful?