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BM Scotland
BM Central Belt and the Kingdom of Fife

So far this month two newspaper have criticised
British Movement activities in the Central Belt of Scotland
The Courier -  Fife --- March 9th 2017 -  Dunfermline Press - March 15th
and according to BM activists in Scotland the same stories have been reported on Radio Forth
The above media outlets have carried reports about "Concerns as Fife targeted by far-right fascist propaganda" and "Dunfermline plagued by neo-Nazi posters".

According to 'The Courier - Fife'
 This is "White supremacist propaganda" and inspires division and intolerance !
 And According to the Dunfermline Press this is " hate-filled propaganda!"

Jeremy Bedford - Turner
Targeted for Prosecution - 2015 Speech in Whitehall
British racial Nationalist activist Jeremy Bedford-Turner is to be referred back to the CPS for possible prosecution over the wording of a speech he gave to a small rally in Whitehall, London in the Summer of 2015. In 2015 Mr Bedford-Turner was interviewed by the Metropolitan Police after complaints were made about his speech, the CPS decided that he had not committed an offence.
The speech was witnessed by a member of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism who was there to monitor rally and the speeches and was probably primed to 'be offended'
The Crown Prosecution Service has agreed to review the original reports of Jez Bedford-Turner's speech after a number of Jewish organisations have appealed against the original CPS decision.
The authorities have made it clear that this time a prosecution for so-called "hate speech" is likely.

February 2017
 As in previous years, a number of British Movement members, supporters and their families attended this annual cultural festival. This annual celebration of Britain's Viking heritage takes place the whole week at the end of February and offers interesting insights into how our ancestors lived and worked.
There are re-enacted crafts and music as well as the usual battles and Viking warriors parade.

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