Monday, February 27, 2017

BM Facebook Sites Under Attack (Again) -February 2017

February 2017
Across the month of February, the assorted British Movement regional Facebook sites have experienced an unprecedented level of interference by Left-wing opponents.
As reported on the BM blog site BM Scotland, a single Leftist has been complaining directly to Facebook about the BM sites. His brave challenges have been 'anonymous' of course and Facebook have either suspended or blocked the BM sites without questioning the motives. 
Typically the self-styled 'Antifa' think that by using such underhand methods they can censor the truth and prevent the British NS message getting out to the British public.
It will take more than some 'internet-armchair' warrior to silence BM activists.

Check out a new BM Facebook page -
 'British Movement Wessex' which covers most of
South-West England.

British Movement Hosts Pan-Nationalist Meeting
February 19th 2017
On Sunday February 19th the BM Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire division organised and hosted a pan-Nationalist meeting at a rented venue in the suburbs west of Hull.
Speakers at the meeting were drawn from a range of British racial Nationalist organisations;
a former BNP election candidate from Tyneside, also former BNP activist Mark Collett,
National Front veteran Richard Edmonds, NF activist and former chairman Kevin Bryant, and the final speaker was the BM National Secretary.
A successful and well attended meeting which explored a range of subjects and themes.

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK



  1. If our opponents were not trying to stop us I would be worried, in fact I find it very heartening that they are making such efforts to stop us,

  2. Good to see the British Movement is active in Celtic Scotland and Wales, Northern Ireland as well as Anglo-Saxon England. What is not well known is that during the 1930's and 1940's, Plaid Cymru leader Saunders Lewis and leaders of the Scottish National Party such as Douglas Young and Arthur Donaldson supported National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy. Hard to believe now but Sinn Fein leader Arthur Griffith opposed Jewish immigration into Ireland. In 1942, Gearoid O' Cuinneagain formed an Irish NS-Fascist Movement called Ailtiri na hAiseirghe which gave support to the English-British NS-Fascists Arnold Leese and Oswald Mosley, and the National Socialist Irish Workers' Party was active in Dublin during the 1970's-1990's. Cornwall (Kernow) in the South-West of the British Isles also has a Celtic heritage, language and flag - St Piran's Cross, a white cross on a black banner. From the early 1970's onwards G.R. Jenkin published a Cornish National Socialist journal called "National Observer" and Dr James Whetter published a magazine called "The Cornish Banner" which supported the Cornish Nationalist Party, Cornish Nationalist Greenshirts (led by CNP Youth Movement/Cornish Front leader Wallace Simmons) and the National Front. The Mebyon Kernow party was originally ethnic-nationalist but is now a left-wing, multi-racialist so-called "civic-nationalist" party like the SNP, PC and SF, who are more interested in attacking "racists" (a word we should never use to describe ourselves because it was invented in 1930 to attack us by the Marxist Jew Leon Trostsky) than defending our Aryan European homelands from the Third World invasion and Zionist control.

    VIDEO - Tony O' Neill, leader of the Celtic People's Party of Ireland speaks at the pro-BM nationalist London Forum:

  3. The leftist who reported Central Belt Fife to Zuckerberg is Lincolnshire based 'anti Fascist' Darren Palmer. He has a rather comical, absurd Facebook page called 'No To Fascists'.

    1. Facebook is the personal property of Mark Zukerberg and is not a vehicle for promoting our goals, I speak from e peri ence having just completed a 30 day FB ban only to be given another 30 as a picture I posted (months ago) was deemed "unsuitable". On this occasion I went to the trouble of appealing the ban, however it will, naturally, be to no avail.

      I have also reported various Zionist/left pages for their open promotion of violence towards nationalists such as a knife through a swastika and the appeal to "kill fascists", of course nothing happened, but then the AFA, UAF are the boot boys of big business and the tools of Zionist Jewry.

  4. The same with stickers if you start putting them on lamposts where there's been non previously, other hard left stickers start showing up on top of the BM stickers.

    1. I can't understand your point?????

  5. Comrade, when you return to sticker over the commie filth, you may get the chance to identify and meet the offending article and introduce yourself to him/her (equality) via a right good beating. 88