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December 2017 - BM News Round-Up

British Movement News Round-Up

Into the New Year
New Projects, New Challenges, New Campaigns and New Opportunities to take British National Socialism Forward

Now available: Compilation 20 page magazine format of issues 1 to 3 of 'A New Awakening' together with extra articles and illustrations. The original issues 1 to 3 appeared as A4 bulletins.

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Looks Like the BM Phoenix has Been Borrowed by Irish 
White Racial Nationalists

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Yuletide and New Year Greetings - 2017


From all at British Movement - BM Sunwheel Office Team
(British National Socialist Movement)



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November into December 2017 - BM News and Views

November into December 2017
British Movement News and Views

Sunwheel Radio
The British Movement Pod-cast

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Remembrance Sunday
BM South East London

The Word On the Streets

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NOVEMBER 11th 2017 - Remember the Fallen

November 11th 2017
Remember the Fallen

This weekend many British Movement activists and supporters will be attending
Remembrance ceremonies at War Memorials and Remembrance parades across the country.
Some of our activists have made the journey to London to mark the ceremony at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. 
As this year marks 100 years since the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Passenndale it is a  sad reflection that British soldiers are still dying on foreign fields and our wounded service men and women continue to be let down by the British Government.
Amongst those service personnel killed in action or wounded in action over the years since BM was established in July 1968 includes a number of BM members and supporters.

And never forget...
No More Brothers Wars in Europe

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October into November 2017 - British Movement News & Views

British Movement News and Views
October into November 2017
BM Contact details: e-mail
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire WF16 0XF. England. UK.

The Latest Issue of the excellent magazine produced by
British Movement - South-East London

Heritage and Destiny
John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Preston - October 6th 2017
A successful meeting held this year on a Friday and despite being held on a week day was well attended and interesting. There was the usual range of sales stalls and British Nationalist organisations represented at an excellent venue.
Speakers at this event included the BM National Secretary, and BM activist and singer/frontman of the nationalist band Whitelaw, Benny Bullman.
Full credit to Heritage and Destiny for organising and hosting this event.

Annual General Meeting
October 28th 2017
Another successful gathering of BM activists and an enjoyable afternoon of good comradeship.
Contrary to the disinformation (Fake News) spread by an internationally funded, professional anti-racist organisation, the British Movement AGM was well attended with delegates from across the country. New projects were discussed and a programme set forward for the coming year.

British Movement Women's Division
After a lapse NS Outlook is pleased to report the return on-line of BMWD.
Check out

The team at the BM Sunwheel Office were saddened to hear of the death of West Midlands racial Nationalist and activist Paul Hickman.
Paul Hickman was the broadcaster behind the on-line radio 'Voice of Albion' and operated on the internet as 'Birmingham Nationalist'.
Ruthlessly hounded by self-styled anti-fascists, Paul lost his job and struggled to find work,
his political activism also drew on to him the unwanted attentions of the State and its agencies.
From what little information coming to us here, we are led to believe that Paul Hickman took his own life. A sad situation for someone still in their thirties and a loss to British Nationalism.

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Into the Autumn 2017 - The Cause Continues.....

The Cause Continues

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

Heritage & Destiny
Preston - Friday October 6th 2017
John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
British Movement will be represented at this important British Nationalist event.
Speakers will include the BM National Secretary and Benny' Whitelaw'

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ISD - Ian Stuart Donaldson Remembered September 2017

Ian Stuart Donaldson Remembered
In the Face of Overwhelming State Interference
the ISD Weekend Went Ahead

Remember Ian Stuart - musician, Nationalist activist, political dissident.

Over the Top State Oppression to PREVENT a Lawful
Weekend Festival - although Blood and Honour UK operate lawfully and seek to hold the ISD weekend Memorial festival meeting all the usual licensing requirements, this year B & H was faced by refusals and obstruction by at least half a dozen county councils.
Applications to hold the festival on private sites were blocked as part of a deliberate agenda to prevent the ISD festival taking place this year.
It was no secret that the professional 'anti-racists' at the Hope Not Hate organisation were behind the campaign and had been agitating for weeks, directly contacting the Home Office, assorted police forces and Labour controlled councils to block and prevent Blood and Honour securing suitable sites for ISD. In addition known racial Nationalists from European countries were being refused entry to the UK if the authorities believed that they were attempting to travel to the ISD memorial festival.

But - a site was secured at a venue in the East Midlands and despite threats of harassment by the organisations of the State the Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial festival took place over the weekend of Friday September 15th to Sunday September 17th 2017.
Triumph and resistance in the face of oppression.

For those PREVENT officials who are obsessed with their distorted ideas about 'Diversity' - they should take a long, hard look at the makeup of those taking part in the ISD Memorial weekend.
That is all the 'diversity' that Britain and Europe needs; a lawful gathering with both British and every nation of Europe, North America and Australia represented at the ISD gathering.

**** Memo to Home Office PREVENT officials - at the same weekend that the Police and Security Services were refusing entry to the United Kingdom to European citizens who were only interested in attending the ISD Memorial weekend on a closed site without any thought of illegal activities, the anti-terrorism Police were arresting two 'refugees' for bombing a tube train at Ponder's Green in West London.
PREVENT should take a long hard look at those who say "Refugees Are Welcome" and 'No Borders' for facilitating the entry and accommodation of active terrorists in the UK.

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BM News and Views - August 2017

British Movement News and Views
August 2017

BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

British Movement Northern Region
Colin Jordan & John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Saturday August 26th 2017
The annual memorial meeting for these two pioneers of post-1945 British racial Nationalism was held at a venue in West Yorkshire. BM delegates from across Yorkshire, from the North-East, Greater Manchester and a member from North Wales gathered to remember the political
lives of BM founder Colin Jordan and his comrade John Tyndall. 

The Newcastle Grooming Case - Operation Sanctuary 
 How Many Such Cases Does This Make Over The Last 10 Years?
Another 'Hate Crime' Against the White British
How Many More Will Follow Over The Next 10 Years?

Although some national newspapers did report the trials with some degree of honesty, other relegated the horrific headlines to inside pages and tried to limit any criticism of 'ethnic minority communities'.
A loathsome display of groomers, perverts, rapists and  drug-dealers and race-hate criminals (including one white renegade female accomplice).
The reality of the toxic waste of multi-cultural Britain which makes a mockery of the neo-liberal claims about the positive aspects of diversity and community cohesion.


Why were race-hate charges not included in the prosecutions at Newcastle Crown Court?

Charlottesville, USA.
The alleged 'White Supremacist' protest in Charlottesville, Virginia USA, originally in opposition to
a black rights activist's initiative to begin the removal of Confederate memorials and other statues
recalling the Confederate (CSA) generals and war dead, from southern towns and cities.
The Charlottesville protest by an alliance of so called 'alt-Right', White Nationalists, Southern Rights activists, White Lives Matter, White militia , KKK, and US National Socialist groups was intended to rally opposition to the planned removal of a statue of the key Confederate Civil War general
Robert E. Lee from the centre of Charlottesville.
Of course the public appearance of so many pro-White demonstrators generated a 'mass-mobilisation' of  self-styled 'anti-racists, the quasi-legal 'anti-Fa', Black Power activists, Black Lives Matter and assorted left-wing and Zionist allied rabble.
The outcome is of course well documented and has allowed the Left and neo-liberals world-wide to jump on the collective bandwagon including the mass bands of the anti-Trump lobby.

The Response by the British News Media

From the GUARDIAN newspaper - Left-wing journalists have used Charlottesville as a rallying call to so-called 'progressive politics' world wide.

Another column from the GUARDIAN makes its position very clear

This extract from an article in the GUARDIAN allegedly drawing comparisons between the protests in Charlottesville, USA and the political situation in Britain. Written by the left-wing journalist.......
The obvious question here is why bring British Movement into it ?  Other than to score some kind of anti-racist point?

Saturday August 26th - The Guardian Editorial
and Charlottesville is still generating a leftist
outpouring of undiluted bile.....

The above article by the Guardian journalist Johnathan Freedland is an amazing insight into so-called anti-racist thinking. Freedland claims that a recent poll in the USA has shown that over 9% of White Americans believe that the 'Far-Right' is not only acceptable but that support for National Socialism is acceptable and by a quick calculation that means some 30 million Americans are supportive of those views.
This is of course a neo-liberal nightmare situation and by default they blame President Donald Trump for creating the political climate where such opinions are acceptable.
Interesting that Fredland refers to an anti-national socialist position and rejection of 
NS ideology as "precious and necessary taboo".

August 19th 2017
German Nationalists marched to honour the passing of Rudolf Hess and attempted to commemorate his death by assembling at the site of the now demolished Spandau Prison.


Ernst Zundel
23rd April 1939 - August 5th 2017
'Unbent, Unbroken, Unbowed'
Sadly another fighter for German Nationalism, racial politics and historical truth has died.
Ernst Zundel, political activist, writer, publisher, broadcaster and historical researcher will be greatly missed. He put his cause before his own interests and his own safety; originally based in Canada as a champion of the German-Canadia emigre community. he was targeted in the 1980's and 1990's by organised Zionist and Jewish pressure groups eventually put on trial.
Zundel fought a series of epic legal battles and court room challenges but was stripped of his Canadian citizenship, denied asylum in the USA, Ernst Zundel was deported to Germany. On his arrival in Germany Zundel was arrested for his activities and writings in Canada and the USA, not for anything he had done on German soil.
There were more court cases and court hearings.
Ernst Zundel was eventually released from Mannheim Prison on March 1st 2010.

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July Into August 2017- Summer news and views

July into August
Summer 2017 
BM News and Views

British Movement South East London
July 22nd 2017

A successful afternoon meeting attended by BM activists from various regions of the country alongside local members and comrades from Kent BM.
The meeting was followed by an evening gig where several bands including the ever-popular Whitelaw entertained a good sized crowd.
As part of BM SEL's ongoing NS Welfare programme, money raised at the afternoon meeting was donated to a local care for the elderly event. (£125 donated); meanwhile money raised at the evening gig was presented to the widow and family of a regional supporter recently killed in a road traffic accident.

A New Awakening the publication of British Movement South East London
Now 20 pages.

British Movement North Yorkshire & County Durham
Across the Summer months staging a number of Strength Through Joy outdoor events and Blood and Soil activities; organised walks and visits to important historical and cultural sites.

A group of BM NY & Co. D. activists also attended the BM SEL meeting in July and visited some of the tourist attractions in central London. (See pics below)

It has now been over a year since the British electorate voted on Britain's membership of the European Union and a over 17.4 million voted to leave the EU -  so BREXIT.
But the Conservative government dithers over the details, some Tory ministers and MP's had voted to remain and a hardcore of Labour, Liberal-Democrat and SNP politicians are still actively campaigning against Brexit.
The mainstream British media continue to seek to undermine the Brexit vote and pushes stories that strengthen the case for a 'soft' Brexit or even a second referendum.
And yet the same media ignores the political voices from mainland Europe that also want to leave the European Union.
The latest voice comes from Bulgaria - sounds somewhat unlikely but is true....

Above: Front page story in 'Big Ben' the Bulgarian language newspaper for the Bulgarian community living and working in London. Bulgarian nationals are voting for Bulgaria to exit the EU.

Campaigning along the South Coast resorts and Wessex

As NS Outlook goes out it seems that Facebook have once again 'removed' the SDBM site because of its pro-White British and NS content.

Now available from the BM Sunwheel Office

BROADSWORD Magazine is £3 per copy - make payable to BROADSWORD
or to 'NS Press UK'.

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British Movement News, Views and Opinions -June and July 2017

British Movement News, Views and Opinions
June and July
British Movement contact details:
Summer Solstice
June 21st 2017

The Summer Solstice was honoured and celebrated by BM groups up and down the UK.
A traditional Aryan ritual which we cannot allow to be forgotten.
BM Northern Region Summer Camp
 June 23rd to 25th 2017
Unfortunately this year the BM Northern Region was unable to secure a suitable site to hold the
 BM Sunwheel Festival.
However BM activists from all areas of Yorkshire and the North East of England took part in a weekend summer camp in rural North Yorkshire.
Good comradeship, conversation and the opportunity to take in some of the historic and cultural sites in the area.

June 2017   Bilderberg Conference
Chantilly, Virginia
A strange silence grips the mainstream media around the subject of the Bilderberg conferences, particularly in regard to the BBC and ITV news outlets. Odd that, given that certain key British political and business figures were in attendance; Lord Andrew Adonis, the former Labour Party minister and former Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne, (now editor of the London Evening Standard), being just two of note.

Time for the Home Office to Take a Serious Look
at Left-Wing Extremism
The Home Secretary Amber Rudd and her assorted Home Office agencies have become very focussed of late on so-called 'Far-Right' extremists and extremism.
If the Home Office is so concerned about the threat of domestic terrorism outside the ranks of Islamic militants and jihadists, perhaps the government should spend some time, money and anti-terrorism resources looking at the violent Left-wing fringes, especially militant anti-racists and anarchists.
NS Outlook suggests that MI5, Special Branch and the assorted anti-terrorist agencies take a long hard look at the following recent outbursts;
Hamburg -  The G20 riots
Pure domestic terrorism on the streets of this German city- British militant leftists and Black Flag/ Black bloc anarchists took part. The British anti-fascist network has strong, established links to these violent European left-wing extremists.
Ross Kemp: Extreme World
As well as the usual Ross Kemp (I am such a hard man), shock, horror, investigation into violent sub-cultures and political fringes recently travelled to the USA. For once TV documentary actually looked at the rise of armed Black Militants in Texas, the resurrected Black Panthers and other Black militia groups sprouting out of the Black Lives Matter protests.
Of course Kemp had to interview White Power militants in the NSM and KKK, as well as 'investigating' the White Lives Matter' demonstrations.
However, the PREVENT agency and MI5 might like to spend some time looking at UK Leftist links to the groups in Texas - USA anti-Fa (armed and dangerous)  and the openly communist Red Guards.
Ross Kemp himself was actually threatened by gun carrying Red Guards and anti-Fa thugs because they saw a White man with a shaven head and mistook the poseur reporter for a White Rights activist.
NS Outlook was amazed to see footage of armed communists on the streets of a city in Texas,
Red Guards carrying red Hammer and Sickle flags and loaded automatic rifles in broad daylight at a political protest. The ghosts of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan must be spinning in their graves!



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The Ongoing Struggle - Media Hysteria, State Political Oppresion and Minority Pressure - continued

The Ongoing Struggle
Media Hysteria, State Political Oppression
and Ethnic Minority Pressure: - continued

Some of the Post-Finsbury Park Attack Nonsense From the Tabloid Press
This ill-informed article appeared in the Sun on June 20th 2017 in response to the revelations that the alleged attacker outside Finsbury Park Mosque came from the Cardiff area.
Media stories claimed that South Wales is a 'hotbed of Far-Right activity' with all the usual exaggerations and inaccurate 'shock-horror' stories. and fake news
Saturday May 13th 2017
Northern Nationalist Rally
 Outside the North-East of England ordinary British folk know nothing about this dreadful story,
the national news media has taken great care to maintain a press-blackout on the crimes committed against a local woman Chelsey Wright.
 British Movement activists joined other racial Nationalists and local patriots in the demonstration
organised by Northern Nationalists.
Since the beginning of the 'Justice for Chelsey' protests began local Nationalist activists report a heavy police clamp down on individuals known to be producing and circulating Nationalist leaflets and other items of propaganda.
Angry Nationalist demonstrators protest outside Sunderland Central Police Office at the failure of Sunderland Police to bring Chelsey's attackers to court.

Sunday 11th June 2017
'the March against Islamic Hate'
As we reported in an earlier NS Outlook blog; a small team of British Movement observers joined this sizeable protest and noted the numbers taking part, the speeches and the range of groups and organisations taking part, as well as the groups opposing the demonstration.

While British Movement would not wish to ally itself as an organisation to some of the groups and individuals taking part in this march, it has to be recognised that in the North-West at least there is a percentage of the British public who are NOT taken in by candle lighting rallies and LOVE vigils.

Just part of the large crowd taking part in The March Against Islamic Hatred in the centre of Manchester .
Only the news media in the Greater Manchester region reported on this demonstration.
The Greater Manchester Police actually complained about having to provide police officers for this demonstration.
This is what the Mayor of Manchester, former Labour MP Andy Burnham said about the march, he was complaining because Greater Manchester Police (GMP) had committed over 400 officers to policing the protest, Burnham tweeted,
"g m police are stretched to the limit and in the middle of on-going investigations. These EDL-types who came today need to have a look at themselves."
Burnham previously had no complaints what so ever when within hours of the jihadist suicide bomb attack on Manchester Arena the GMP had thrown a protective cordon around Didsbury Mosque, including armed officers, in order to protect the mosque and its congregation against any 'potential
White British Nationalist retaliation' for the jihadist bombing and murders.
Nor did he complain about providing police for the so-called Muslim Peace march in the days following the bombing or the massive police presence needed to protect visiting government figures.
Notice too that Mayor Burnham did not criticise the self-styled 'anti-fascist' protestors who turned out mob handed to oppose the March Against Islamic Hate, given that the anti-fascists were up to all their usual violence and anti-social antics.
Greater Manchester Police provide protection for anti-racist demonstrators
It only exists in their imaginations - no organised British racial-Nationalist party or group is involved in terrorism. The media claim that there is evidence of a Far-Right threat.
The man behind the Finsbury Park van attack was not involved in Nationalist politics;
the supposed white supremacist killer of Labour MP Jo Cox, (Tommy Mair) was a loner who had long term mental health problems. in the 1990's, the bomber David Copeland was a sad loner who briefly supported the BNP and the defunct NSM, he was not a committed political activist.

What British Movement is Not About
A senior British Movement organiser recently commented that in his opinion the Home Office is pushing through an agenda against all British National Socialist and racial Nationalist organisations with a view to eventually shutting them down as being linked to 'terrorism' or aspiring to be 'terrorist organisations.' The first step towards removing these 'anti-democratic' organisations was of course the proscription of National Action as a banned organisation at the end of 2016.
 A statement to the press by Home Secretary Amber Rudd justifying this politically motivated act by giving her opinion that National Socialism is .... "a vile ideology".
Therefore in her book it is acceptable to treat any pro-NS organisation as being a threat to democracy and therefore the normal rules of political freedom of expression do not apply.
Let us make it crystal clear ....British Movement (the British National Socialist Movement) is not involved in terrorism, does not support terrorism and is actively opposed to genuine terrorist organisations such as the Provisional IRA, the Continuity IRA, the Real IRA, the INLA, also the assorted jihadist terror groups, Al Qaida. ISIS (Islamic State), and numerous murderous off-shots.
If the security services are serious about countering terrorism they should take a closer look at the antics of AFA (Anti-Fa) and their genuinely terroristic affiliates across Europe.


British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK

On the Streets of Ulster.....