Sunday, November 6, 2016

Multi-Culturalism Has Failed - neo-liberals start to panic

neo-liberals start to panic
Front Page Headline 'The Guardian' November 2nd 2016
What exactly do they mean by "encourage" ?

Now we can expect a torrent of propaganda extolling the 'benefits' of racially-mixed communities.
How long will it be before White British families are forced to move into homes in neighbourhoods where they are the 'ethnic' minority.

The Guardian article was based on  report issued by Professor Ted Cantle and Professor Eric Kaufmann, University of London.
They claim that, "White people are leaving urban areas in disproportionate numbers - and they avoid moving to diverse areas when they do move."
The Cantle and Kaufmann report includes masses of data, statistics and interviews to support their claims of massive 'White Flight' from ethnic minority dominated neighbourhoods and diverse communities.
The left-wing multi-culturalists and neo-liberals in Britain's urban centres cannot get their heads around the fact that the majority of the indigenous White British population reject the concept of diversity and multi-racial, multi-cultural communities.
The report earnestly calls for government action to prevent towns and cities dividing along ethnic lines. Cantle and Kaufmann state that "segregated societies breed intolerance and prejudice."
So the report calls for government action to generate pro-diversity propaganda, in other words to further force feed the British population with yet more multi-racial madness.
Professor Cantle called for "salesmanship of the 'positive benefits of mixed areas, including the cultural choices and activities."

What happened to the rights of the British people to live where they choose and alongside whom they choose to have as neighbours?
What about the vast number of White British people who do not want the 'cultural choices and activities' (like the Notting Hill Carnival) that the multi-culturalists find so attractive.
What about those White British people who do not want diversity and multi-ethnic communities?

The White British population have had mass non-white immigration forced on them.
The White British were never consulted about immigration.
The White British have had a multi-racial society forced on them.
The White British have had multi-culturalism forced on them. 

More Cultural Enrichment From Multi-Cultural Britain
This time the grooming gang came from what the media described as the 'British Somali Community'
 Published Mug-shots From the South West News

As in previous 'grooming gang' cases the court heard the usual sordid assortment
of adult men from an ethnic and cultural minority community grooming local under age girls
for sex and prostitution with the usual addition of rape, drugs, alcohol, other serious sexual offences and violent physical abuse of young girls.

Meanwhile the sentencing has taken place for the guilty Asian grooming gang defendants in the most recent Rotherham case.
How many more will there be?

Yet another example of how toxic the multi-cultural,
multi-racial society has been to the indigenous White British.

Before the days of mass Third World immigration into Britain such cases as the Bristol and Rotherham grooming and child sexual exploitation trials were unheard of .....

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