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British Movement Views and Opinions - end of October 2016

British Movement Views & Opinions
End of October 2016

The Latest Rotherham Grooming Trial
October 2016
Last week saw the conclusion of yet another 'grooming gang'
trial, yet again for offences committed in Rotherham by
so-called 'Pakistani-heritage' men against under age White British girls.
These Asian gangs deliberately target vulnerable girls from the White British population, so why are these offences not prosecuted as being 'racially aggravated' or
 'racially motivated'?
At least one victim was repeatedly called a "white slag"
by her Asian abusers.

The official South Yorkshire Police mug shots of the convicted rapists and
 child- sex offenders.
The main witness for the prosecution was first raped by members of the gang when she was just 13 years old. It was also reported in court that she was beaten by one of her rapists, Sageer Hussain, who called her a "White slag" and threatened to have her mother gang-raped by his friends.
In recent years British criminal law was changed (under pressure from the Race Relations industry and Left-wing lawyers) to allow greater and harsher sentences for crimes which were deemed to be racially motivated or racially aggravated. This shift in sentencing was of course geared up to favour victims who were black or Asian and to offer greater punishment to White offenders. In cases where an assault or violence has taken place between Whites and non-whites, the prosecution inevitably seeks to prove that race was a motivating factor if the attacker was White British and the victim was from an ethnic minority.
Where the offender has referred to the victims racial origins during an assault this is often enough for the prosecution to consider the offence a 'Hate crime'.
So why in the many grooming-gang trials over the past decade, where the evidence clearly points to Asian men deliberately targeting White British girls, is there no attempt to class the offences as being racially motivated?
The Police and Media are Often Quick to Claim That
Offences Against Minorities are 'Hate Crimes'.
So Are These Grooming Gang Rapes Not Race-Hate Crimes?

  Last week the image below began to circulate in the media and Left-wing/ neo-liberal journalists were very quick to deny that this man was a child-refugee, the migrant apologists went to great lengths to claim that he was an "interpreter" accompanying the refugee children.
 Strange how the first arrivals all appeared to be older teenage boys, especially as most of the
 do-gooders and soft hearted liberals were expecting "vulnerable children" under the age of 10 years.
So many of the Far-Left pro-refugee campaigners have rattled on about impoverished children arriving in Calais as they flee the war in Syria. Then most of the first arrivals are from Afghanistan and a group of young girls (some reports say as many as 50) have originated in Eritrea.
For reasons only known to the Home Office one of the first groups of 'refugee teenage boys' has been allocated to a centre in North Devon. Hardly the most racially diverse area of England, so how are these Afghan and Syrian teenagers going to blend in there?
During these days of government austerity cut backs and reduced budgets for local councils, the Home Office is going to settle hundreds of non-English speaking Middle-Eastern and African youngsters in British towns and cities where the local authorities can barely maintain services for the existing population.
Yet another betrayal of the White British majority.
Multi-culturalism Has Failed !
Thanks to Smash Cultural Marxism and BM Scotland for the image

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