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British Movement News and Views - Late September 2016

British Movement News & Views
Late September 2016

As the month of September draws to a close there is still no sign of Brexit, even though the referendum result was declared on June 24th; some three months ago.
All the indications are that the UK government is stalling the process and looking for excuses not to go ahead with a formal British application to withdraw from the European Union.
This stalling tactic is giving time, space and encouragement to the leftists, neo-liberals and globalists who campaigned for 'Remain'. They protest, march and fantasize about a 'Second Referendum' which, of course, they will win and over turn the Brexit result.
The Liberal Democrats have formally declared that part of their political agenda for 2017 is to campaign against Brexit and to try to force a second referendum on EU membership.
The betrayal of the 17.2 million British voters who chose 'Leave' gains pace and the fallacy of so-called "democratic politics" in the British political system is laid bare.
This is why British Movement - The British National Socialist Movement - has no faith
in the present electoral system in the United Kingdom, and considers there is truth in the slogan presented by Arnold S. Leese in the 1930's; "Democracy is Death!".

Saturday 17th September 2016
The forces of multi-culturalism march in London
estimated 10,000 liberals and leftists seek to flood the UK
with non-Europeans.

This Press Agency image was widespread in the media as neo-liberal journalists seek to influence the British public.
Once again the multi-culturalists ignore broad public opposition to immigration and the 'Open Borders' rhetoric of organisations claiming that 'Refugees are Welcome.'

But British Movement Says.......


Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Festival
September 23rd to 25th 2016
Another excellent weekend event by Blood and Honour, with a good British Movement
presence across the weekend. A fine international representation from kindred organisations from across Europe and other White nations.
Now 23 years since the death of Ian Stuart but his contribution to the racial Nationalist cause continues to be acknowledged by this annual gathering in Britain.

This image was taken from the BM sales stall early in the afternoon on the Saturday of the ISD, it got much busier as the day went on and it was good to meet up with so many BM comrades across the weekend.

Anti-White Propaganda of the Marxist Kind
A German magazine declares that in German society there is a "threat from the Right".
Meaning that successful stable White families are a threat to Germany's multi-racial and multi-cultural future. (As defined by internationalist academics and Left-wing activists).
The German language publication "Baby and Family" a parenting magazine with a wide circulation, warns that families with 'Right-wing' or nationalist views, as typified by smiling blonde haired parents and children are 'dangerous'.
Frankfurt University researcher and sociologist Michaela Kottig is quoted as saying that
Right-wing families are "strongly geared at German customs and traditions".
Something those behind the magazine article consider to be a threat to progressive attitudes towards immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. 
She goes on to state that such people are "dangerous", Right-wing families are, she alleges,
"inconspicuous, blond, cute and engaged" (whatever leftists mean by "engaged").
The article calls for what it refers to as 'ordinary parents' to be on their guard against such families and for them to "take action against Right-wing families and make it clear that their
ideology has no place in the world."

If that is not incitement to hatred then what is ?

Militant multi-culturalists in Germany want to flood the country (and Europe) with millions of non-Europeans. A multi-racial Germany set in a multi-racial Europe is their Marxist dream.
The magazine article illustrated above considers the depiction of traditional White German families to be a 'threat' to the multi-racial utopia and calls for all German advertising companies and assorted publications to stop using images of happy, blonde haired Aryan German women and children, because it "encourages" racism, racist ideas and the political 'Far Right'.
By which they mean German Nationalism and in their eyes the temptations of resurrecting German National Socialism.
Illustrated below is the kind of imagery that German multi-culturalists want to remove from German advertising and the German media and German publishing.
The magazine article quotes 'experts' who maintain that the use of such images offers encouragement to 'Right-wing' families and such images are 'dangerous'.

Anywhere else and this kind of poison would be considered to be anti-White racial hatred of the worst kind, but when it is presented by Left-wing academics and opinion shapers as "progressive social engineering" in the interests of 'diversity' and 'community cohesion', it is not only accepted but promoted as desirable and forward thinking. 


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Friday, September 9, 2016

BREXIT - When ? The Establishment and the Left Continue to Stall and Undermine Brexit.

When ?

Tony Blair
Adds His Twist to the Conspiracy Against Brexit
The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has recently expressed his opinions on Brexit during an interview with a French radio station. Blair stated that in his opinion Britain should stay in the European Union, he said that there was "no reason why remain voters should simply accept the result of the referendum", and that, "Who made a rule that we have to stop the debate now?". He believes that over the next two years the Remain camp should strive to change the minds of 'Leave' voters. Blair not only wants the result of the Brexit vote to be ignored, but he believes that Britain should remain in the European Union and continues to press for the United Kingdom to adopt the Euro (European currency).
Blair continues to support the aims of the campaign group 'Britain Stronger in Europe', which continues to function after the referendum vote and is now operating under the name 'Open Britain'; continuing to wage a propaganda campaign against Brexit and seeking to influence the government into either ignoring the Brexit vote or for staging a second referendum on EU membership, this time accepting the expected (and carefully stage-managed) 'Remain' victory.

Tony Blair - former British Prime Minister, former leader of the Labour Party, former Labour MP, former
architect of  the 'New Labour Project'; former international statesman, ex-Middle East 'Peace Envoy', current property tycoon, multi-millionaire, head of Tony Blair Associates, and very expensive international consultant/after-dinner speaker.
The Metropolitan Elite
Still Refuse to Accept the 'Brexit' Referendum Result
Last weekend the noisy voices of the chattering classes, the globalists, the internationalists, the Remain voters, the neo-liberals and the metropolitan elite, marched through London and several major British cities demanding a second referendum on Britain's membership of the EU and calls for a renewed campaign to 'change the minds of 'Leave' voters.
The camp figure of celebrity Labour Party activist Eddie Izzard, wearing full make-up, a stiletto heels, a blue trouser suit and a pink beret marched at the head of the London protest.
 These people refuse to accept the Brexit vote - strange how the Left and neo-liberals are such champions of the democratic process until it fails to deliver the result that THEY want.

British Nationalists of all persuasions must be on their guard because Brexit has not happened yet.
The financial elite, the international corporate companies, the major financial service industries,
the global banks, the City of London, do not want Brexit and will pull out all the stops to make sure that it does not happen.
The actual Brexit campaign has now wound down, BUT our opponents have not stopped campaigning, their propaganda continues to pour out and the Remain campaign continues to function under the Open Britain banner.
We let our guard down at our peril.


This is the true face of Europe - not the globalist, multi-cultural Babylon that makes up
 the European Union.

British Movement South East London

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