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August 2016- the Onslaught of Multi-Culturalism on British Society Continues...

The Onslaught of Multi-culturalism
on British Society Continues....
August 2016
Overseas readers might be surprised
But this image was taken in central London
An armed Sikh police officer stands guard over the murder scene.
But this is Russell Square in London, England not some metropolis on the Indian sub-continent.

This image appeared in a number of British newspapers and was carried by the Reuters agency
and sadly reflects the modern face of Britain's capital city - no longer a British - Ethnic European
metropolitan centre, but one of the most cosmopolitan, racially mixed,  international cities in the world. 
 Yet Another Poisonous Outcome of Being a Multi-Cultural Society

The British news media, especially the BBC went to extraordinary lengths in their reports on the knife attack in Russell Square to stress that "mental health issues" not Islamist terrorism was behind the frenzied fatal stabbing of an American tourist and several other people.
Great emphasis was placed on the details that the attacker was a "NORWEGIAN" citizen of Somali descent, not that the attacker was a black East African who held Norwegian citizenship.
Other TV and radio news outlets, plus numerous newspapers followed this line, even though the attacker was proven to have lived in the UK since the age of five years old, his parents having fled Somalia to claim asylum in Norway, therefore he was Norwegian !!!
How much longer are the British people going to take this kind of carefully stage managed news reporting?
Why is the truth about the utter failure of multi-culturalism being protected and smoke-screened?
This stabbing incident was yet another poisonous by-product of a system that has allowed refugees, asylum-seekers and economic migrants from across the Third World to settle in the United Kingdom, bringing with them cultural incompatibility, religious conflicts, inbred trauma and mental imbalances,
ethnic conflicts and racial hostility to the host population.


* Apologies for typos on original scan !

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