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The Battle of the Somme - Never Forget Our Nation's Sacrifice

JULY 1st 1916
Never Forget Our Nation's Sacrifice
From the opening barrage, through months of slaughter, the very best of British men gave
their lives in the most costly battle in British military history.
Those who survived the Somme were marked by it for decades to come.
What would the men of the Somme think if they could see
what has become of the country they fought for?
Does Britain today reflect what they would have wanted?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BREXIT - This is just the first step in our long march

This is just the first step in our long march
Winning the 'Leave Campaign' is only the beginning.

So Far, So Good - the Referendum was won but that is only the beginning
The Government has yet to act to formally take Britain out of the EU
The media are actively pushing out the message that those who voted 'Leave' are regretting their vote
and would now vote 'Remain' if given a second chance.
Such manipulation and distortion of the results must be challenged.
Britain Must Get Out of the European Union. 
 So the Referendum has actually delivered a verdict and the United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union. So far, so good.
Many British Movement activists and supporters were directly involved in the Brexit campaign, attending 'Leave' rallies and meetings, helping to run 'Leave' street stalls, tramping the streets and delivering 'Leave' leaflets through household letter-boxes. Basic political foot work.
However, there are those 'Remainers' who have been actively seeking to over turn the legitimate referendum result, the brazen on-line petition to refuse to accept the 'Leave' result, the desperate demands for some kind of legal challenge to the result and the mass media campaign in support of those leftists and neo-liberals who refuse to acknowledge that they lost the argument.
Public figures such as the Labour MP David Lammy have openly called for the House of Commons to refuse to accept the result and for MP's of all parties to over turn the wishes of over 17 million British voters.
*** Note that when a democratic vote does not support their cherished, and loudly declared love of democracy, the socialists, social democrats and neo-liberals refuse to accept the 'will of the people'.
If nothing else the response of the broad Left and the media to this referendum result should serve as a lesson to those British Nationalists who believe that the electoral route is the only way to achieving political governance and power.
 The Government has not yet made the necessary moves to take the UK out of the EU and over the past week the noisy 'Remain' campaign have loudly refused to accept defeat.
Elsewhere the very fabric of the United Kingdom is under threat as in Scotland the SNP are pushing to stage a second referendum on Scottish independence, splitting Scotland from the rest of the UK and of dragging Scotland, its economy and political future into the embrace of Brussels and the EU.
In Northern Ireland the Irish Republican factions grouped around Sinn Fein have declared that
they want to use the Remain vote in the Province as a vehicle to not only split Ulster from the rest of the UK and remain in the EU, but to use that as a staging post for the Fenian dream of a united Ireland. No doubt there are many on the political Left in England and Wales who will support such machinations and will support both Irish Republican and Scottish Nationalist Party moves to dismember the United Kingdom.

So where do we go from here?
As far as British Movement is concerned winning the Brexit- Leave the EU Referendum is only the beginning in reversing decades of national political, social and economic decline in the United Kingdom. The first brick has been kicked out of the Establishment wall, but there is a long, hard march ahead.
The refugee crisis continues, although the British media have been completely focussed on reporting on Brexit and its aftermath, the pending replacement of David Cameron as Prime Minister and the chaos inside the Labour Party, the invasion of Europe by the surplus population of the Third World continues. Illegal immigration into Britain continues.
British National Socialists and racial Nationalists must seize the mood of the British people and capture the support of as large a percentage of the 17 million who voted for Brexit as possible.
Those people were motivated in greater part by their opposition to immigration and their fears of more mass migration into Britain from the open borders of the EU.
 People were voting from a sense of national identity, from a sense of ethnic identity and although many would deny it to the media, from a sense of racial awareness.
 That sense of racial awareness and ethnic identity is our starting point.
UKIP policies cannot provide the answers those people seek, only the politics and arguments of
Blood and Soil, Race and Nation and the Fourteen Words can do that.
This is the beginning of British National Socialism's long march towards building the Folkish State.
 Let the work begin.


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Monday, June 20, 2016

British Racial Nationalism in the Firing Line (Again)


The Killing of Labour MP Jo Cox
Another Stick to Beat British Nationalism With....
Politicians and Journalists go into overdrive to label the killer as a 'Far- Right Extremist'
The Government, the Police and the Media are all avoiding describing the killing as a
 'Political Assassination' - Why ?
 Politicians and journalists and broadcasters alike have all tried to out do each other in condemning the killing of the Labour MP and of praising her qualities as a campaigner for multi-culturalism, diversity and of course the rights of refugees.
Every major political figure from the British Establishment has wanted to be quoted on the situation, and politicos from all the major parties have wanted to be seen as mourning the loss or claiming Jo Cox as a personal friend.
 This was the coverage in just one mainstream national newspaper
The Guardian - Saturday June 18th 2016

Just in case their readership were not getting the message the Guardian included a short statement from the anti-fascist organisation Hope Not Hate and gave HnH a short write up.
It comes as no surprise to hear that both Jo Cox MP and her husband Brendan Cox are on first names terms with the professional 'anti-fascists' at Hope Not Hate.
*** As this blog is being put together the news media have announced that in just two days £700,000
has been pledged to three specific charities supported by Jo Cox and her husband as a memorial to the dead Labour MP. One is a social welfare charity (The Royal Voluntary Service), one is the White Helmets search and rescue organisation operating in Syria, but the third charity is none other than Hope Not Hate - allegedly an organisation "which seeks to challenge the politics of hate and extremism across Britain."
Hope is principally an anti-racist/anti-fascist campaigning organisation and must really stretch the definition of what a charitable organisation really is. But HNH must be scarcely able to believe their luck at landing such a financial prize, which they are already boasting will be used to campaign against "racism" and for "diversity" with special efforts in the Batley and Spen area of West Yorkshire.
(long standing British racial Nationalists will note that Hope Not Hate have trumped their former comrades in the Searchlight organisation in getting this cash windfall. Searchlight are now relegated
to watching from the wings as their upstart competitors are now the media's first choice for anti-racist quotes and opinions)

Brendan Cox sharing the platform with his wife Jo Cox MP - Brendan Cox has vowed to carry on campaigning for
 multi-culturalism. He wants Britain to accept more refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants.
He was quoted in the press as saying; "As societies become more diverse, more areas will become less prejudiced."

The Left love a martyr and Jo Cox MP has dropped like a gift into their grasping hands.
Now Jo Cox will be added to the list of their fallen, draped in the Red Flag alongside Kevin Gately and Blair Peach, no doubt some Leftist songster is already penning an anthem in tribute.
Some online Leftist bloggers are already spouting righteous outrage because certain British Nationalist individuals have voiced approval of the death of the Labour MP.
Strange, but those same outraged anti-racists are the same people who crowed with delight at the death of Ian Stuart Donaldson, mocked the death of John Tyndall and spouted bile at the death of Colin Jordan. As usual it is hypocrisy and double-standards from the mouths of Marxists.

The Message from British Nationalists Across West Yorkshire is
"Who is Tommy Mair?" - "Never Heard of Him".
The news media are loudly banging the drum about Tommy Mair's alleged political affiliations and yet here at NS Outlook and the BM Sunwheel Office we have never heard of him.
Across the West Yorkshire region British racial Nationalists are wondering who Tommy Mair is, and if he was so involved in racial politics as the media claims, who exactly was he in contact with?

The media image of Tommy Mair - who is he?
Was Tommy Mair just a man with a racial political world view who was pushed over the edge by the pace of events and in desperation he lashed out?
Was he really a racially aware non-active supporter of British Nationalism?
According to media sources he had a West Indian step-father and was on good terms with his black step-brother and other non-white family members.
No doubt the truth or part of it will come out at his trial, we can except a full media circus around the case when it finally reaches the courts.
Whatever he might be, Tommy Mair has already been tried by the media and found guilty.

Sinister Surveillance
One sinister aspect of this situation are the statements in the media released by the police that they have information that Tommy Mair was a subscriber to a South African magazine,
"The South African Patriot", a publication with a supposedly closed subscription list.
How did they know that?
More shocking is the revelation that an American anti-racist organisation was able to give full details of sales invoices from 17 years ago, when it was alleged that Tommy Mair bought books and other items from the pro-White Nationalist, USA based National Alliance.
How can it be that the US based Southern Poverty Law organisation could have such low level information from the 1990's on a British citizen listing his mail order purchases down to the last penny. The fact that this American organisation retains such archives on a person from the UK is a worrying sign of the sinister surveillance networks that so-called 'defenders of democracy' maintain on their political opponents.

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

BM Views and Opinions - End of May 2016



A real rogue's gallery of Establishment politicians all committed to a globalist agenda
which is why they are all so keen to keep Britain in the European Union and to build the EU Superstate

Britain's Capital City Now Has An ethnic Minority Mayor, The Son Of Pakistani Immigrants
Britain's Capital City is now populated by people who by birth are not British, over 40% of the population of Greater London were born outside the United Kingdom.
The White British are now officially the ethnic minority in London.

Coffee Break in Manchester

Thanks to NWI for image - via Scotland BM Alba

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