Sunday, May 22, 2016

Anti-Immigrant Invasion rallies across Europe but the British media keeps it quiet

Anti-Immigration Protests Across Europe
May 2016
Saturday May 21st 2016
Across the continent of Europe anti-migrant demonstrations have been taking place, yet the British news media have either ignored or down played the scale of the protests.
Major pro-Nationalist demonstrations, marches and rallies have taken place in Madrid, Rome, Athens and Budapest. Meanwhile in cities across Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium and France similar protests against the non-white invasion of Europe have taken place.

Some organised by Nationalist organisations, others by anti-Islamic pressure groups, the images culled from reports on the internet by alternative news media outlets lifts the lid on the growing resistance against the Third World tidal wave pounding Europe's borders.
News Observer has extensive coverage of this weekends marches, rallies and protests.

By no means have all these protests been motivated by National Socialist or racial Nationalist
organisations and political movements, but across White Europe people are starting to think in terms of race, ethnic identity, European and national culture and heritage; people are starting to wake up, becoming racially aware.
These are the foundations upon which a National Socialist or racial Nationalist rebellion against the old Order, against the globalists and internationalists can build and fight back.

The pro-European Union and Open Borders Leftists are stubbornly resisting the common-sense motivation of many thousands of ordinary White Europeans who reject immigration, reject open orders, who say 'Refugees Are NOT Welcome'

Sunday, May 8, 2016

BM April News Round-Up

British Movement April 2016
News and News Round-Up


APRIL 20th
A National Socialist Day
Marked and celebrated by British National Socialists across the United Kingdom.

APRIL 23rd
Saint George's Day
To celebrate this traditional date for the English folk; although the liberals and leftists sneer and say,
"but St. George was a Palestinian or Syrian or Lebanese " (depends which anti-racist 'expert' is mouthing off at the time). It does not matter as Saint George is just a symbolic figure not based
 on a real person, and this traditional tale is reflected in Germanic and Anglo-Saxon mythology as Sigurd the Dragon Slayer.
So St. George or Sigurd the Dragon Slayer, April 23rd is England's National Day.

Across the many counties of England British Movement members and supporters took part in
St George's Day celebrations, regional, local and private functions.

In the city of Nottingham a now traditional St George's Day parade saw local BM supporters join fellow Nationalists and plain patriotic citizens in the march through the city centre.
The Blood and Honour music organisation held a St George's Day gig in the West Midlands, an event attended by BM members and activists from several regions.

***** This blog is waiting for images from several St George's Day events.

Propaganda Actions
From the end of March and across April
The Mercian Volunteers
Report sticker actions in Birmingham Central, Birmingham West, Stourbridge, Halesowen.
Also further afield,  Leatherhead and Paisley, Scotland. 

Meanwhile in Greater London........


April 2016

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