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Another Neo-liberal Refugee 'feel-good' Story
This Time the "Guardian" Lets Some of the Truth Slip Out
As more bad news about crime linked to refugees and asylum-seekers leaks out of Europe, the British media tries to counter the negative impact with articles intended to bolster Left-wing morale and to generate 'feel good' stories about the refugees coming into the UK.
This was the article that appeared in the Guardian G2 supplement on Wednesday 17th February 2016
This 'feel-good' story focussed on a Syrian refugee family who were settled in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North-east of England. The article was intended to "big-up" the alleged positive contribution that such refugees bring to British society; it seems that almost every young asylum-seeker hopes to come to a British university so that they can either train to be a doctor, or a human rights lawyer, or a teacher or an architect.
 In this case the story was centred on a young girl, 17 year old Muzoon Almellehan, her siblings, and her parents. The family fled Syria in 2013 and were living in a refugee camp in Jordan.
Of course the Guardian like to find people among the refugees that their readers can identify with and Muzoon's father was of a course a teacher. But then the Guardian lets a few details slip out.
It seems that Mr Almellehan was asked by a refugee agency if he would like to take his family to start a new life in Canada, he said 'No' because Canada was too far away. He was then asked if the family would like to start a new life in Sweden, again 'No' because none of them spoke Swedish.
So third choice was to live in Britain because Muzoon was learning English.
Now according to most pro-refugee sources, these people are desperate to escape from war, poverty etc etc and just want to settle in a safe country where they can start a new life.
BUT - in this case it seems that some refugees can afford to be choosy and want to select which country is going to take them in.
There were more revelations about refugees and asylum-seekers leaked out as the article went on.
So the Muzoon and her family were flown from Jordan to Newcastle upon Tyne as part of Prime Minister David Cameron's scheme to re-settle Syrian refugees in the UK
The Guardian article admits that the newly arriving refugees received special treatment;
"The family were one of nine (Syrian families) welcomed by Newcastle city council officials at the airport.....Everything had been arranged so that they could settle in with minimum fuss.
Muzoon and her family were given refugee status on arrival, with five year visas.
This included a home and fast-track registration with the Job Centre and a GP.
Muzoon and three siblings were found places at a local high school."
*** Note: how many homeless White British families on Tyneside would like that kind of instant support?      But there is more ................
The Guardian went on to quote Muzoon's father as he described how British tax-payers had provided for the new arrivals.....
" Most of the things we need were in the house when we arrived....... The fridge was stocked, the cupboards filled with tea, coffee, sugar and other essentials.."
Muzoon's father appreciated this but surprisingly the Guardian reproduced his comments......
" The government knows we have been through war and tough stuff, so they are sort of reimbursing us for what we have lost...."
Unbelievable !  This refugee believes that the British government has 'reimbursed' his family for what they lost by fleeing from Syria !!!
No wonder so many asylum-seekers see the UK as a soft touch.
Not surprisingly Newcastle city council asked the Guardian journalists NOT to reveal where the Syrian refugees had been re-housed. Apparently some locals were upset because they thought that,
"the Syrians were being prioritised over needy Britons.."
No kidding!  Why would the local folks think that?
Never mind, Nick Forbes leader of Newcastle city council insisted that, " residents overwhelmingly wanted to help."
Meanwhile the forces of multi-racial neo-liberalism were rallying around the Newcastle education system. Muzoon and other Syrian refugees of school age were provided with places at Kenton School, a multi-cultural academy in north-west Newcastle. The school boasts of 100 different nationalities in its student body, these days the school has the motto "different but all equal"
which is about as multi-cultural as it can get.
Arabic translators were provided in class for the refugee students and the school head claimed that
"We are very accepting of people who are a little bit different."
*** That tells any White British Newcastle family exactly what kind of ideology operates there.

So there within just one leftist article giving the Guardian readership a 'feel-good' message about asylum-seekers and refugees there are a lot of facts that should anger any right thinking indigenous British citizen.
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