Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 - A New Year - the old problems face us - a New NS Order beckons

A New Year
The Same Old Problems Still Face Us
But a New (National Socialist) Order Beckons Future From
the Horizon

Fortunately the BM Sunwheel Office in West Yorkshire escaped flood damage in December, but storm damage left us without an internet (Broadband) connection for over a week.
The December Floods
British communities come together to help each other
(National Socialism in all but name)
Yet still the multi-culturalists try to make pro-immigrant propaganda out of a catastrophe
The 'Guardian' newspaper actually devoted half a page to a story about Syrian refugees
coming from Manchester to 'volunteer' in flood struck Rochdale. For any left-leaning liberal the 'Guardian' article gushed over the heart-warming details of how the refugees pitched in to help,
"We saw the pictures on TV and wanted to help. said Yasser al-Jassem, 35, a teacher who came
to Britain in the back of a lorry from Calais in May."
Conveniently ignoring the fact that this man was an illegal immigrant, the 'Guardian' wanted to peddle the leftist message that such people are a benefit to Britain.
 (Ignoring the massive effort by hundreds of native British volunteers who were working to help the flood struck areas of Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales and Scotland which should have filled pages of newspaper articles.)
Other TV news reporters zoomed in on a handful of so-called "Muslim Brothers" from mosques in Bradford and Blackburn who were handing out curry and rice to distressed householders in Carlisle and were helping to shovel mud or fill sand bags in Leeds and the Calder Valley.
All good PR for multi-racial Britain plc and the media dutifully exaggerated the well intentioned actions of a handful of Asian colonists.
 South African magazine reproduces Broadsword article
The BM Sunwheel Office was pleased to receive the December 2015 issue of the White South African magazine 'Trumpet' (Issue number 211) and noted that an article from the BM magazine 'Broadsword' issue 51 had been reprinted in full.

A little bit late - but Thank You ......
The lack of access to the internet meant that the Sunwheel Office team could not thank all those
BM members and supporters who sent Yuletide cards to the BM Sunwheel Office.
Once again every spare bit of space on top of filing cabinets and shelves were occupied by greeting cards; some were traditional, some were Christian, some were pagan/ heathen and some were political, a big THANK YOU and best wishes for 2016 to all who sent them.
This was just one example of an overtly National Socialist card that the BM Sunwheel Office received this time
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England UK.


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