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Friday, December 16, 2016

December 2016 - British Movement News, Views and Opinions

December 2016
British Movement News, Views and Opinions


This week State oppression took a step forward as Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced that the street active, pro-NS organisation National Action is to be officially proscribed and banned.
This oppressive move now means that membership or visible support for National Action is illegal.
As soon as the Home Office order comes into force it will not only be illegal to support National Action, it will be illegal to organise meetings or gatherings in the name of the group, it will be an criminal offence to wear NA badges, tee-shirts and other NA branded clothing, displaying NA flags and banners will mean automatic arrest and prosecution. The public display of support for NA could lead to a prison sentence of up to ten years maximum.

Of course all the assorted anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations are delighted at the news but have greeted the proscription for more organisations to be banned. One leading Labour MP is stating that not only National Action should become classed as an illegal (terrorist) organisation, but the Labour MP also wants the Home Office to declare Britain First a terrorist organisation and proscribe it too.
The professional anti-racist organisations gleefully welcome all this but complain that this is not enough, in true Marxist-Leninist style they are calling for all political organisations that are opposed to multi-culturalism and a multi-racial Britain to be proscribed.
The Conservative government is demonstrating just how oppressive it can be towards those who demonstrate political dissent.
Be aware that anti-fascist organisations will be monitoring all so-called 'Far-Right' events and even private meetings to "gather evidence" which they can pass on to the police or Special Branch to get arrests and prosecutions - if they have to manufacture or stage ' evidence', past experience shows that they will.
Remember that the Home Office will be seeking to justify this ban and will want a high profile court case to drive home the message - also career minded police officers will want to advance their standing by being the ones to bring in anyone that can be linked to an 'illegal' organisation.
It is now six months since the June 23rd Referendum - Yet the stalling and prevarication continues.
The Remain camp refuses to accept the June 23rd Referendum result and is trying every political means to either over turn the Leave vote, pressure the House of Commons into ignoring the result and for MP's to vote against the reluctant Conservative government activating Article 50, pressuring the House of Lords to counter a withdrawal from the EU, and currently using the proxy figure of the businesswoman Millar to challenge every stage of Brexit through the High Court and the Supreme Court. There is pressure on the Jeremy Corbyn leadership team in the Labour Party to push for a vote in the House of Commons against Article 50 and for a 'Second Referendum'.
In Scotland the SNP government team are campaigning hard to deny Brexit and in Ulster the grouping of pro-EU and Republican politicians are trying to keep Northern Ireland in the European Union even if Britain signs up to Article 50 and the UK withdrawal from the EU.
Brexit.may never happen if certain civil servants and politicians get their way.
Into the fray comes former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his old ally Peter Mandelson, both are bitter opponents of Brexit.
Tony Blair has restructured his business empire and has decided to allocate part of his private company Tony Blair Associates to set up an anti-Brexit campaign office.
Blair believes that he has the political stature around which a challenge to Brexit can be built and has publicly stated that he believes that MP's can and should ignore the Referendum result and negotiate new terms with the European Union for Britain to remain in the EU.

Ulster - BM Propaganda On the Streets

British Movement Propaganda Discussed on BBC Radio Ulster
A surprising little snippet on BBC Radio Ulster, the 'Talkback ' programme found it necessary to interview the self-styled 'researcher' and semi-professional propagandist for the anti-fascist
 "Hope Not Hate" organisation, Matthew Collins. Apparently one local resident was inspired enough by the discussion to 'phone-in and report on the wording of some large British Movement stickers the caller had seen, much to the leftist shock the stickers actually carried a political quotation from Adolf Hitler.

Blood & Honour
White Christmas
An Act of Defiance Against Multi-Culturalism

British Movement contact details:
 BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

The British Government continues to allow Third World refugees, asylum-seekers, economic migrants and untold numbers of illegal immigrants to settle in the United Kingdom.
Yet many thousands of White, indigenous British are homeless or living in poverty.  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Into November 2016 - British Movement News & Opinions


Our previous NS Outlook blog reflected on November being the month of Remembrance and across the country British Movement activists attended parades and commemorations for Britain's war dead.
Predictably the media and mainstream political parties have tried to turn this essentially British tradition into something 'multi-cultural'.
Most television and national radio stations, especially the BBC,  ran stories about the "contributions" made to the war effort in the First World War and the Second World War by black and Asian servicemen and women. Great emphasis was made that 'they' played their part too and that Remembrance Sunday and the wearing of the red poppy should be 'inclusive'.
Black and Asian school children in particular were told that they too should be proud because their fore-bearers also served and fell in Britain's wars, it was only racism in the past that had 'hidden' the great contribution that blacks and Asians had made to Britain's victories.
Liberal educators blame "Euro-centric" history for not acknowledging the part played by Africans, West Indians, Chinese and Indians in the Great War or other 20th Century conflicts.
While it is true that non-white troops and labour battalions were recruited from across the countries of the British Empire, the losses amongst non-whites in the Great War cannot compare with the massive blood sacrifice given by the British Pals Battalions and county regiments, an entire generation of the British White working-class was devastated by losses and wounding in the First World War, huge swathes were lost from the so-called 'officer class'.
 Without doubt the White British are rightly remembered for all OUR wars and sacrifices
on Remembrance Sunday.
We must not let the multi-culturalists and neo-liberals highjack this part of OUR heritage.

Remembrance Sunday
November 13th 2016
British Movement South East London in Whitehall
paying due respects to Britain's Fallen.

 South Wales British Movement
Pay their respects to the Fallen in Wales

It is worth noting that amongst the many commemorations attended by British Movement activists and supporters, some chose carefully as to which events they supported.
A BM Thames Valley activist chose to attend a smaller ceremony in West Reading because the main parade in Reading proper was being overseen by the town's Pakistani mayor.


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Friday, November 11, 2016

November 11th - Armistice Day - A Noble British Tradition


The Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month
Britain Remembers All the Fallen
of Our Nation's Conflicts

We Must Not Let
Liberals, Immigrants, Left-wing Agitators or 'Refugees'
Interfere With Our Right as a People to Honour
Britain's Fallen By Wearing Red Poppies
British Movement Salutes
the Fallen
and Calls for
No More European Brother's Wars

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Multi-Culturalism Has Failed - neo-liberals start to panic

neo-liberals start to panic
Front Page Headline 'The Guardian' November 2nd 2016
What exactly do they mean by "encourage" ?

Now we can expect a torrent of propaganda extolling the 'benefits' of racially-mixed communities.
How long will it be before White British families are forced to move into homes in neighbourhoods where they are the 'ethnic' minority.

The Guardian article was based on  report issued by Professor Ted Cantle and Professor Eric Kaufmann, University of London.
They claim that, "White people are leaving urban areas in disproportionate numbers - and they avoid moving to diverse areas when they do move."
The Cantle and Kaufmann report includes masses of data, statistics and interviews to support their claims of massive 'White Flight' from ethnic minority dominated neighbourhoods and diverse communities.
The left-wing multi-culturalists and neo-liberals in Britain's urban centres cannot get their heads around the fact that the majority of the indigenous White British population reject the concept of diversity and multi-racial, multi-cultural communities.
The report earnestly calls for government action to prevent towns and cities dividing along ethnic lines. Cantle and Kaufmann state that "segregated societies breed intolerance and prejudice."
So the report calls for government action to generate pro-diversity propaganda, in other words to further force feed the British population with yet more multi-racial madness.
Professor Cantle called for "salesmanship of the 'positive benefits of mixed areas, including the cultural choices and activities."

What happened to the rights of the British people to live where they choose and alongside whom they choose to have as neighbours?
What about the vast number of White British people who do not want the 'cultural choices and activities' (like the Notting Hill Carnival) that the multi-culturalists find so attractive.
What about those White British people who do not want diversity and multi-ethnic communities?

The White British population have had mass non-white immigration forced on them.
The White British were never consulted about immigration.
The White British have had a multi-racial society forced on them.
The White British have had multi-culturalism forced on them. 

More Cultural Enrichment From Multi-Cultural Britain
This time the grooming gang came from what the media described as the 'British Somali Community'
 Published Mug-shots From the South West News

As in previous 'grooming gang' cases the court heard the usual sordid assortment
of adult men from an ethnic and cultural minority community grooming local under age girls
for sex and prostitution with the usual addition of rape, drugs, alcohol, other serious sexual offences and violent physical abuse of young girls.

Meanwhile the sentencing has taken place for the guilty Asian grooming gang defendants in the most recent Rotherham case.
How many more will there be?

Yet another example of how toxic the multi-cultural,
multi-racial society has been to the indigenous White British.

Before the days of mass Third World immigration into Britain such cases as the Bristol and Rotherham grooming and child sexual exploitation trials were unheard of .....

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

British Movement Views and Opinions - end of October 2016

British Movement Views & Opinions
End of October 2016

The Latest Rotherham Grooming Trial
October 2016
Last week saw the conclusion of yet another 'grooming gang'
trial, yet again for offences committed in Rotherham by
so-called 'Pakistani-heritage' men against under age White British girls.
These Asian gangs deliberately target vulnerable girls from the White British population, so why are these offences not prosecuted as being 'racially aggravated' or
 'racially motivated'?
At least one victim was repeatedly called a "white slag"
by her Asian abusers.

The official South Yorkshire Police mug shots of the convicted rapists and
 child- sex offenders.
The main witness for the prosecution was first raped by members of the gang when she was just 13 years old. It was also reported in court that she was beaten by one of her rapists, Sageer Hussain, who called her a "White slag" and threatened to have her mother gang-raped by his friends.
In recent years British criminal law was changed (under pressure from the Race Relations industry and Left-wing lawyers) to allow greater and harsher sentences for crimes which were deemed to be racially motivated or racially aggravated. This shift in sentencing was of course geared up to favour victims who were black or Asian and to offer greater punishment to White offenders. In cases where an assault or violence has taken place between Whites and non-whites, the prosecution inevitably seeks to prove that race was a motivating factor if the attacker was White British and the victim was from an ethnic minority.
Where the offender has referred to the victims racial origins during an assault this is often enough for the prosecution to consider the offence a 'Hate crime'.
So why in the many grooming-gang trials over the past decade, where the evidence clearly points to Asian men deliberately targeting White British girls, is there no attempt to class the offences as being racially motivated?
The Police and Media are Often Quick to Claim That
Offences Against Minorities are 'Hate Crimes'.
So Are These Grooming Gang Rapes Not Race-Hate Crimes?

  Last week the image below began to circulate in the media and Left-wing/ neo-liberal journalists were very quick to deny that this man was a child-refugee, the migrant apologists went to great lengths to claim that he was an "interpreter" accompanying the refugee children.
 Strange how the first arrivals all appeared to be older teenage boys, especially as most of the
 do-gooders and soft hearted liberals were expecting "vulnerable children" under the age of 10 years.
So many of the Far-Left pro-refugee campaigners have rattled on about impoverished children arriving in Calais as they flee the war in Syria. Then most of the first arrivals are from Afghanistan and a group of young girls (some reports say as many as 50) have originated in Eritrea.
For reasons only known to the Home Office one of the first groups of 'refugee teenage boys' has been allocated to a centre in North Devon. Hardly the most racially diverse area of England, so how are these Afghan and Syrian teenagers going to blend in there?
During these days of government austerity cut backs and reduced budgets for local councils, the Home Office is going to settle hundreds of non-English speaking Middle-Eastern and African youngsters in British towns and cities where the local authorities can barely maintain services for the existing population.
Yet another betrayal of the White British majority.
Multi-culturalism Has Failed !
Thanks to Smash Cultural Marxism and BM Scotland for the image

British Movement contact details:
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Taking the British NS Message Out Across the Whole of Britain


Never forget the wise words of a real expert;
"This is the secret of propaganda: 
Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever
noticing that they are being immersed in it."
Doctor Josef Goebbels.



 Report on Propaganda Activities by the Mercian Volunteers
British Movement sticker actions in;
Birmingham West,  Birmingham Central
Halesowen Worcestershire,  Stourbridge Worcestershire
Leamington Spa  Warwickshire
Walsall  Staffordshire
Leatherhead  Surrey.

Broadsword Issue 53.
Now on sale from BM Sunwheel Office - £3 per copy
Please make payable to 'Broadsword'

 BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

October 1936 - October 2016. Remember Cable Street

October 4th 1936

Sir Oswald Mosley mustered the British Union of Fascists (later re-named the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists) in order to march through the East End of London starting from an assembly point at the Royal Mint near Tower Bridge and on through Shoreditch, Limehouse, Bow and Bethnal Green. The plan was for uniformed columns of Blackshirts, (men and women) led by BUF bands and colour parties to stage a series of outdoor meetings  and speeches along the route. 
The Communist Party and local Jewish anti-fascist groups organised street barricades and blocked streets along the line of march, resulting hours of fighting with the police as the police tried to clear the route. The police could not clear the streets and despite dozens of arrests and over 100 wounded police officers, public order could not be guaranteed.
The Communists had fought under a slogan borrowed from the Red Front fighting in the Spanish Civil War at the time "Non Pasaran"- "They Shall Not Pass".
In the decades since the British Left has regurgitated this slogan whenever there has been a confrontation on the streets between British Nationalists and the assorted mobs of Reds.

The Left has elevated the 'Battle of Cable Street' to mythical proportions, claiming to have defeated the Blackshirts at Cable Street, but on the day very few Communists or Jews actually came into contact with the BUF, most of the fighting was between the anti-fascists and the police. Eventually the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police directly ordered Sir Oswald Mosley to disperse his assembled Blackshirts and the BUF marched away in disciplined ranks.

The 'great victory' of the anti-fascists was not actually reflected in reality, according to Special Branch reports of the period, the BUF saw a surge in recruitment across the East End following the 'Battle of Cable Street'. 
In the best traditions of the Left-wing, they created a mythology around Cable Street and every anniversary since the 'Reds' have marked the occasion by further exaggerations of the events there on October 4th 1936.
The real victory was that of the State; under heavy pressure from the Labour Party and from Jewish MP's, the Public Order Act 1936 was passed which banned political uniforms in Britain and was heavily aimed in its other legislation at curbing the activities of the BUF.
Although Sir Oswald Mosley and the BUF continued to campaign in London and across the country until 1940, the Public Order Act created obstacles and problems for the movement.

October 9th 2016
Assorted Marxists, Trotskyists, Leninists, anarchists, democratic socialist fellow travellers and a motley collection of black and brown 'British citizens' are set to muster in the East End of London to "celebrate" diversity and to march 'collectively' to remember 'their' great victory over fascism.
There will be much jostling to be at the front of any photo-opportunities and the Communists will be sure to remind everyone that the Communist Party was at the fore-front of the action way back in 1936. No doubt some elderly Jewish Easter-Enders will be wheeled out to tell the assembled Reds and hangers-on that 'they were there and how they were involved in some single-handed stand against the Police / Blackshirts (delete as appropriate).
Of course the Reds will stage a series of motivational speeches each one ending with clench-fist salutes and chants of "Non Pasaran".
Not sure how that will translate into Bengali, Urdu or Somali, or whether some of those 'local brown British', those who have had UK citizenship for less than 10 years will actually understand what the actual event is that they are celebrating.
But no doubt they will all gather in front of the Cable Street mural to take 'selfies' with Sadiq Khan or will chant meaningful slogans around the rally in 'Altab Ali Park'.
(Note for overseas readers of this blog - a local park re-named to reflect the Bengali community which now dominates this part of London's East End.

The Flame that Never Dies

We Must Remember the Sacrifices and the Struggle of Those Who Went Before...



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

British Movement News and Views - Late September 2016

British Movement News & Views
Late September 2016

As the month of September draws to a close there is still no sign of Brexit, even though the referendum result was declared on June 24th; some three months ago.
All the indications are that the UK government is stalling the process and looking for excuses not to go ahead with a formal British application to withdraw from the European Union.
This stalling tactic is giving time, space and encouragement to the leftists, neo-liberals and globalists who campaigned for 'Remain'. They protest, march and fantasize about a 'Second Referendum' which, of course, they will win and over turn the Brexit result.
The Liberal Democrats have formally declared that part of their political agenda for 2017 is to campaign against Brexit and to try to force a second referendum on EU membership.
The betrayal of the 17.2 million British voters who chose 'Leave' gains pace and the fallacy of so-called "democratic politics" in the British political system is laid bare.
This is why British Movement - The British National Socialist Movement - has no faith
in the present electoral system in the United Kingdom, and considers there is truth in the slogan presented by Arnold S. Leese in the 1930's; "Democracy is Death!".

Saturday 17th September 2016
The forces of multi-culturalism march in London
estimated 10,000 liberals and leftists seek to flood the UK
with non-Europeans.

This Press Agency image was widespread in the media as neo-liberal journalists seek to influence the British public.
Once again the multi-culturalists ignore broad public opposition to immigration and the 'Open Borders' rhetoric of organisations claiming that 'Refugees are Welcome.'

But British Movement Says.......


Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Festival
September 23rd to 25th 2016
Another excellent weekend event by Blood and Honour, with a good British Movement
presence across the weekend. A fine international representation from kindred organisations from across Europe and other White nations.
Now 23 years since the death of Ian Stuart but his contribution to the racial Nationalist cause continues to be acknowledged by this annual gathering in Britain.

This image was taken from the BM sales stall early in the afternoon on the Saturday of the ISD, it got much busier as the day went on and it was good to meet up with so many BM comrades across the weekend.

Anti-White Propaganda of the Marxist Kind
A German magazine declares that in German society there is a "threat from the Right".
Meaning that successful stable White families are a threat to Germany's multi-racial and multi-cultural future. (As defined by internationalist academics and Left-wing activists).
The German language publication "Baby and Family" a parenting magazine with a wide circulation, warns that families with 'Right-wing' or nationalist views, as typified by smiling blonde haired parents and children are 'dangerous'.
Frankfurt University researcher and sociologist Michaela Kottig is quoted as saying that
Right-wing families are "strongly geared at German customs and traditions".
Something those behind the magazine article consider to be a threat to progressive attitudes towards immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. 
She goes on to state that such people are "dangerous", Right-wing families are, she alleges,
"inconspicuous, blond, cute and engaged" (whatever leftists mean by "engaged").
The article calls for what it refers to as 'ordinary parents' to be on their guard against such families and for them to "take action against Right-wing families and make it clear that their
ideology has no place in the world."

If that is not incitement to hatred then what is ?

Militant multi-culturalists in Germany want to flood the country (and Europe) with millions of non-Europeans. A multi-racial Germany set in a multi-racial Europe is their Marxist dream.
The magazine article illustrated above considers the depiction of traditional White German families to be a 'threat' to the multi-racial utopia and calls for all German advertising companies and assorted publications to stop using images of happy, blonde haired Aryan German women and children, because it "encourages" racism, racist ideas and the political 'Far Right'.
By which they mean German Nationalism and in their eyes the temptations of resurrecting German National Socialism.
Illustrated below is the kind of imagery that German multi-culturalists want to remove from German advertising and the German media and German publishing.
The magazine article quotes 'experts' who maintain that the use of such images offers encouragement to 'Right-wing' families and such images are 'dangerous'.

Anywhere else and this kind of poison would be considered to be anti-White racial hatred of the worst kind, but when it is presented by Left-wing academics and opinion shapers as "progressive social engineering" in the interests of 'diversity' and 'community cohesion', it is not only accepted but promoted as desirable and forward thinking. 


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Friday, September 9, 2016

BREXIT - When ? The Establishment and the Left Continue to Stall and Undermine Brexit.

When ?

Tony Blair
Adds His Twist to the Conspiracy Against Brexit
The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has recently expressed his opinions on Brexit during an interview with a French radio station. Blair stated that in his opinion Britain should stay in the European Union, he said that there was "no reason why remain voters should simply accept the result of the referendum", and that, "Who made a rule that we have to stop the debate now?". He believes that over the next two years the Remain camp should strive to change the minds of 'Leave' voters. Blair not only wants the result of the Brexit vote to be ignored, but he believes that Britain should remain in the European Union and continues to press for the United Kingdom to adopt the Euro (European currency).
Blair continues to support the aims of the campaign group 'Britain Stronger in Europe', which continues to function after the referendum vote and is now operating under the name 'Open Britain'; continuing to wage a propaganda campaign against Brexit and seeking to influence the government into either ignoring the Brexit vote or for staging a second referendum on EU membership, this time accepting the expected (and carefully stage-managed) 'Remain' victory.

Tony Blair - former British Prime Minister, former leader of the Labour Party, former Labour MP, former
architect of  the 'New Labour Project'; former international statesman, ex-Middle East 'Peace Envoy', current property tycoon, multi-millionaire, head of Tony Blair Associates, and very expensive international consultant/after-dinner speaker.
The Metropolitan Elite
Still Refuse to Accept the 'Brexit' Referendum Result
Last weekend the noisy voices of the chattering classes, the globalists, the internationalists, the Remain voters, the neo-liberals and the metropolitan elite, marched through London and several major British cities demanding a second referendum on Britain's membership of the EU and calls for a renewed campaign to 'change the minds of 'Leave' voters.
The camp figure of celebrity Labour Party activist Eddie Izzard, wearing full make-up, a stiletto heels, a blue trouser suit and a pink beret marched at the head of the London protest.
 These people refuse to accept the Brexit vote - strange how the Left and neo-liberals are such champions of the democratic process until it fails to deliver the result that THEY want.

British Nationalists of all persuasions must be on their guard because Brexit has not happened yet.
The financial elite, the international corporate companies, the major financial service industries,
the global banks, the City of London, do not want Brexit and will pull out all the stops to make sure that it does not happen.
The actual Brexit campaign has now wound down, BUT our opponents have not stopped campaigning, their propaganda continues to pour out and the Remain campaign continues to function under the Open Britain banner.
We let our guard down at our peril.


This is the true face of Europe - not the globalist, multi-cultural Babylon that makes up
 the European Union.

British Movement South East London

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