Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 2015 - Winter 2015 - BM News & Views

December 2015
British Movement News & Views
Winter 2015
A big thank you to Scotland BM Alba, South Wales British Movement, BNSM Ulster and all connected networks and sites for the images reproduced here.
 Winter Solstice Greetings - December 21st
 Yuletide, Christmas and New Year Greetings
to White racial Nationalists and National Socialists World-wide
 Into the Yuletide Season with the New Year on the Horizon
Make 2016 a year of resistance against globalism, Marxism,
Zionism and multi-culturalism
The British Media Wrings Its Hands And Sheds Tears Over The War In Syria.....
And the News from South Africa is.......

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  1. Racial identity is a reality, no-one can seriously deny this.
    The racial origins of the British People are clearly defined as being Celtic and Teutonic.
    We cannot allow our Homeland to be taken away from us and handed over to half the world and their wife and dog.

  2. I find the conitual use of the so-called 14 words a bit childish, we British National Socialists have long history , we don't need to import foreign slogans.

  3. Disagree!
    The slogan '14 Words' is neither foreign nor childish. It is an easily remembered slogan that can be used to intrigue and inform the uninitiated, uninformed general public. Just like an advertising slogan Dr Goebbels himself stressed the need to use repetitive, easily understood slogans to reach out to the general population. The American NS activist put forward the original fourteen words as a distillation of a full paragraph in 'Mein Kampf', retaining the meaning but presenting it in a modern idiom that could be used to generate mass appeal. The BM founder and British NS veteran Colin Jordan approved of the 14 Words idea and expressed this in his discussions with David Lane in his private correspondence.
    For the record BM will continue to use the '14 Words' in its propaganda - it is neither childish nor "foreign" but is a useful tool in reaching out to a wider audience.

  4. One of the reasons your propaganda has never resonanted with British Nationalists is you are stuck in a time warp, have a good long look at the people you are recruiting, you behave like a little cult and the 14 words fits in with this. In his heyday CJ produced some brilliant propaganda, this silly 14 words I guess appeals to football supporters as they can wear it on their badges.

  5. You are entitled to your opinion but once again we disagree.
    A little cult? On what do you base that comment?
    The people we are recruiting? Again on what do you base that comment?
    In your original post to this blog you declared yourself a "British National Socialist" and yet you decry the use of the '14 Words'. We find that a strange stance to take, is it the concept or the actual meaning you object to?
    As for a time warp; certainly not although some elements within other self-styled British Nationalist groups seem to think that it is still 1977.
    British Movement is firmly set on developing our agenda for the coming decades.
    As far as NS Outlook is concerned we have nothing more to discuss here on the subject.