Saturday, November 14, 2015

Into November 2015

Into November 2015

November 13th 2015
As prophesised by BNSM Ulster and Scotland BM Alba
Published barely a week before the Paris atrocities by Scotland BM Alba
Published only days before the Paris attacks by BNSM Ulster

Sweden is going into crisis but the media keep quiet about it
In Sweden the 'refugee' crisis and the number of 'asylum-seekers' flooding into Sweden is over powering Sweden's housing, health and social services.
Finally the Swedish government is being forced to admit that Sweden's open door policy is causing a melt-down in the authorities ability to cope with the numbers arriving.
 The Swedish army is being asked to provide buildings and barracks to house the thousands pouring into Sweden. And there is no end in sight to the thousands crossing Europe hell-bent on a 'new life' in Sweden. In some Swedish cities the indigenous Swedes are being outnumbered by non-Swedish speaking non-Europeans.
The curse of multi-culturalism and mass-Third World immigration.

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