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October 2015 - British Movement News and Views

Tattered and battered by those trying to remove it but the BM message is
still going out...
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October 10th
Heritage and Destiny John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

The British Movement National Secretary was one of the guest speakers at this well attended meeting in Preston on Saturday. Over 135 people were present at the venue and it was heartening to see a sizeable BM turnout there to support the BM National Secretary and to support the BM Sales stall.

Conservative Government Instructs Police to Treat 'Attacks' on Muslims
With the Same Resources as 'Hate Crimes' Classed as Anti-Semitism.

Prime Minister David Cameron has created a new consultation body called the "community
engagement forum."

One of the first measures will be for all police forces in England and Wales to formally record all
'hate crimes' against Muslims in the same way that so-called 'anti-Semitic' hate crimes are filed and investigated.
Note: For overseas readers of this blog; when the British law enforcement authorities talk about 'hate crimes' this is not necessarily referring to an act of violence or arson. A 'hate crime' can be a scribbled word or graffiti on a wall, a shouted insult or a gesture that the ethnic minority 'victim' considers to be an act of 'racial hatred.'
There can be little doubt that these new measures will be used as yet another stick to beat and persecute British National Socialists and racial Nationalists, as well as silencing open criticism of Muslims in the United Kingdom.
So Will This Message Become A 'Hate Crime' ?


Resistance to the 'Refugee' Tidal Wave is Growing
Reports are coming in from up and down the country of local anti-immigration protest groups and opposition to the 'refugee' invasion. Some of these activities and groups are not even connected to organised racial Nationalist groups and parties, some are the spontaneous patriotic response of angry local people and concerned citizens.
Wherever possible we should be encouraging these people and supporting their efforts.

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Thanks to BNSM Ulster for the image

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  1. I have to say that this year's John Tyndall Memorial Meeting was a real better! It's great to be amongst like minded people who all share a common aim: the regeneration and victory of our people!

    Great speeches, a delicious buffet and a chance to exchange ideas and recharge batteries. Even though I've been at this for well over forty years, I feel renewed, invigorated by last Saturday's meeting and I'm sure that many other people do too!

    Fourteen words and 88!!!