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Into September - A New Month with New Challenges

 Into September
A New Month With New Challenges
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Saturday August 29th
BM Yorkshire - Colin Jordan & John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Held in West Yorkshire, this meeting should originally have been held in July.
Unfortunately clashing with the Bank Holiday weekend, but the meeting went ahead and marked the annual memorial by British Movement Yorkshire region of BM founder Colin Jordan and his long time racial Nationalist comrade John Tyndall.
 Time and again the meeting was asked "What would CJ and JT make of the current migrant crisis?"
Speakers at the meeting looked at the current situation in Britain that immigration since 1948 had created, the harmful impact of third world colonisation of British towns and cities, the negative affects of Islamic communities on British society and the huge threat posed by the current migrant crisis to both Britain and Europe.

Thanks to Scotland BM Alba for the image.
More and more articles and letters page contributions are appearing in national, regional and local newspapers with the emphasis on building up sympathy and support for asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants.
Again and again their message is "stop calling them migrants or illegal immigrants"
 - "please call them people or refugees".
The liberals and Leftists are trying to shift public opinion into feeling sorry for the migrants and from there start to bully the authorities into letting the illegal migrants into Britain and allowing them to settle here. The BBC TV news actually followed a group of Syrians who illegally entered Greece, crossed through Hungary and Germany before arriving in Sweden to claim 'political asylum'.
The BBC reporter freely admitted that these people were illegal immigrants and at no point in the long journey did the BBC report these people to the relevant authorities.
As this blog is being written, hundreds, perhaps thousands of migrants are besieging the railway station in Budapest demanding to be allowed to travel to Germany. Thousands more are landing in Greece and the Greek islands, more are crossing the Mediterranean on leaky boats heading for Italy.
At least 5,000 are in the squatter camp in Calais trying to illegally enter Britain.
Those who want to let these people settle and colonise Europe and Britain seem blind to the fact that this is not a temporary situation, it was happening last year, even more are invading Europe this year, and then next year and the years ever after - it will not stop - it will only get worse.

Can You Believe This ?
This is a genuine advert put out by a pro-immigrant organisation.
Note that they are running special courses in Bristol to train up those liberal minded individuals who actually want to help asylum-seekers settle in Britain.

Heidenau - Asylum-Seeker Hostel Burns Down

Meanwhile in Denmark - DNSB Opposes Hostel Centre for Migrants

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