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Not content with flooding Munich with tens of thousands of non-White migrants
and now this !

Ian Stuart Donaldon
Memorial Weekend Festival
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And the message from South Wales is.......
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 Heritage & Destiny
John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Preston - October 10th
British Movement will be represented there with the BM National Secretary as one of the speakers, there will also be a BM sales table in the main meeting room.
This will be the 10th John Tyndall Memorial Meeting hosted by Heritage & Destiny and should be of lasting interest to all genuine British racial Nationalists and National Socialists.

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September -2015 - British Movement News and Views

 September 2015 - British Movement News & Views

With each passing day there is a new twist to the migrant crisis affecting Britain and Europe.
 The main TV news channels have switched away from reporting on the boatloads crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa; they have stopped reporting on the 'Jungle' migrant camp outside Calais; there are fewer reports from the Greek islands (currently overloaded with migrants coming across from Turkey); all the focus is on the situation on the Hungarian/Serbian border.
After all the trumpeting welcome last week about Austria and Germany letting in thousands of refugees, suddenly the Germans and Austrians are re-instating border controls.
After just one day Croatia is trying to impose restrictions on those passing through its territory, and Slovenia is very unhappy about the numbers suddenly appearing on its borders.
All due congratulations to the Hungarian authorities for refusing to bow down to bullying from the EU bureaucrats and the globalist at the United Nations. Hungary has demonstrated the principle that a sovereign nation has a right to decide who can enter its territory, and the border fence Hungary has constructed is a defensive measure that all Europe needs to take to keep these locust like hordes out.

Every main news channel in the UK offers reports on the migrant crisis in Europe that seeks to generate sympathy and support for the migrants, ignoring anything negative about them.
Even when mobs of migrants began stoning Hungarian police at the border fence, the BBC and others were quick to side with the migrants and made critical noises about water cannon and teargas.
The journalists and news reporters are always keen to interview some highly qualified Syrian professional fleeing persecution/conscription by Assad's army/the war/Isis (delete as appropriate).
What the BBC, the liberal and Leftist journalists do not mention is that for every qualified doctor, dentist, IT consultant and businessman from Syria they interview at these gatherings of migrants, there are dozens of unqualified, unemployable migrants, including the occasional ISIS infiltrator, the odd multiple rapist from Aleppo, the car thief from Homs and sundry Syrian criminals and ex-convicts. No doubt all keen to build a 'new life' in whichever Western European country they decide they want asylum in.
Also, has anyone noticed the numbers of Africans and other non-Syrians milling around in the swarms of 'refugees' currently appearing on the approved news channels?
There are just a few days to go before the Greek elections and Golden Dawn is making strong headway, hopeful of securing over 10% of the total vote and becoming the third largest political party in Greek politics. Golden Dawn leader is hoping that the tidal wave of migrants landing in Greece, coupled with the EU imposed austerity measures and tax rises will waken up enough Greeks to make Golden Dawn a real force in the Greek government after the pending elections on Sunday.
In the previous Greek elections in January of this year Golden Dawn gained 6.9% of the national vote in spite of the jailing on false charges of many of its MP's and leadership.
Released from prison in March, the Golden Dawn leadership continues to challenge the phoney democracy of the Greek socialist government and the bullying EU diktats.
This week one British newspaper reported from Athens to say, "Golden Dawn could become the main party of opposition if neither Syriza or New Democracy win a majority and they are forced to share power."
A nervous Greek leftist told a British journalist, " A lot of people are praying it is the socialist Pasok and not the fascists who come third."
British Movement says; All power to Golden Dawn. May they triumph in the Greek elections.
A victory for Golden Dawn will help to halt the migrant invasion of Greece and offer real hope to the rest of Europe in these dark times.


An Evening Sticker Sortie - Reading, Berkshire

Check out ECNS - East Coast National Socialists.
A new BM blog site from the Northern East Coast of England.

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British Movement News and Views - Early September 2015

British Movement News and Views
Early September 2015

Resist the Human Tidal Wave Entering Europe
Campaign Against Immigration- No More Migrants From Calais
Resist the Settlement of Asylum-Seekers in Britain
Resist the EU forced Settlement of 'Refugees' in the United Kingdom
Fight Against Illegal Immigration - No More Economic Migrants

Campaigning Against Immigration in Ulster
Facebook - BNSM Ulster

Attack on a Pub in Rotherham by Asian mob after a Britain first Demonstration
Saturday September 5th 2015
When the Migrants Have Passed Through
Sleeping bags and blankets used to cross the barbed wire at the frontier with Serbia
Along the route through Hungary to Austria

 These images show clearly how little regard the refugees passing through Hungary have for the country they are travelling through; rubbish, human waste, abandoned tents and sleeping bags.
No attempt to clean up after them, they just squat, litter, foul and move on.
No respect for the host country.

Not the day after a music festival site but the aftermath of 'refugees' staying overnight.
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 British Movement Propaganda Activities
 In the West Midlands
Recent BM sticker and mini-poster actions by the Mercian volunteers;
Birmingham - Snow Hill, Birmingham - Quinton, Birmingham - Spaghetti Junction.
Broadway - Worcestershire, Hagley - Worcestershire.
Morton on the Marsh - Gloucestershire, Cheltenham - Gloucestershire.
Stow on the Wold - Gloucestershire, Burford - Oxfordshire.
NS regards to the Mercian Volunteers.

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Facing the Flood Tide - Migrants Pour into Europe - Britain is next - Autumn 2015

Facing the Flood Tide
Migrants Pour Into Europe
Britain is Next
As this blog article is being written the TV news is awash with images of 'refugees' pouring into Germany and Austria, thousands crossing Hungary through Serbia and Macedonia, thousands more coming into Greece; one ferry docking on mainland Greece held over 2,000 migrants brought over from the island of Lesbos.
The sight of thousands of asylum-seekers and refugees flooding into Munich is particularly shocking for any European National Socialist, Munich was once the beating heart of German National Socialism, the cradle of the NS revolution in the early 20th Century.
Now Prime Minister David Cameron has caved into pressure as the pro-immigration Left have seized the so-called 'moral-high ground'. Now Britain faces the prospect of thousands of Syrian refugees being I imported and settled, mostly in England. ( In Scotland the SNP are shouting loudly to be allowed to import tens of thousands of migrants; in Wales both the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru are trying to out bid each other as to who can take the most migrants/refugees.)
As so often in the past decades the Left and the liberals are spinning a web of lies and half-truths about migrants and illegal immigrants, claiming that if we just let these people settle in Britain they will enrich our country and will bring new skills and needed workers. They also pretend that refugees and asylum seekers only want to find a safe country to live in, but once their home countries become 'safe' and 'democratic' at some mythical future date, they will return to re-build their home countries.
Past experience shows that this is not what happens, since the 1950's Britain has seen thousands of non-white, non-European 'refugees' settle here and not return home; the East African Asians, refugees from Kenya, Uganda and Malawi, still here; Vietnamese 'Boat People', Iranians, Kosovans, Kurds,
Albanians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Sri Lankans, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis, Congolese, Cameroons, all still here with no intention of ever going back to their homelands, now it is Syrians.
Riding on the carefully orchestrated wave of public sympathy for 'refugees', all across Britain local councils, especially Labour Party controlled councils, are offering to take in Syrian refugee families.  The councils are offering to house the refugees, to provide free furniture and household appliances, to provide school places for their children, immediate access to free health care, settlement grants and help to find work and learn English.
Where is the money coming from?  What happened to the housing shortage?
How have extra school places been found? How can they be found places at GP surgeries?
What happened to austerity cuts to local services for local people?
How are they going to be found jobs when so many young British teenagers cannot find work?

Note that the following countries will not accept any refugees from Syria;  Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Why not ?  Are these not fellow Islamic countries with a shared religion, culture and common language?

The Picture the Multi-Culturalists Were Waiting For...
A Propaganda Windfall to Build Their 'Humanitarian' Campaign On 
What the British news media, BBC, ITN, Channel 4, Sky News etc. did not explain to their viewers was that the image of the drowned Syrian child had already been circulated on a number of Left-wing, pro-immigrant web sites for several days, before the mainstream news channels and the newspapers used it.
Why the delay?
Was it a case of waiting to build up a story that would have maximum impact to build sympathy for migrants and refugees?
News media reports from Canada tell an interesting story:
The Syrian boy's family were settled in Turkey and had been living in Turkey for three years; the father had a job in Turkey, they lived in a house in Turkey, were not refugees newly fleeing from the war in Syria, but the father had decided that he wanted to join family members settled in Canada, but first he wanted to get extensive (free) dental treatment for himself in Europe.
The boy's aunt in Canada has given the true story to Sky News in Canada, but for some reason the British media has ignored the follow up story.
It is of course a tragedy that two small children and their mother drowned in such circumstances, but the background to the situation has been with held by the British media.
Note too that the father was able to take the dead boys and his wife back into Syria for burial without delay or difficulty. They were not a family fleeing persecution or Isis.  They were not refugees desperately trying to reach asylum in Germany, they were trying to gain free health care by posing as refugees before seeking assistance in Europe to go to Canada.
Thanks to Ostara Publications for passing on this Canadian media report 

Thanks to Scotland BM Alba for the image
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Thanks to Scotland BM Alba for passing on this image.

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Into September - A New Month with New Challenges

 Into September
A New Month With New Challenges
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Saturday August 29th
BM Yorkshire - Colin Jordan & John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Held in West Yorkshire, this meeting should originally have been held in July.
Unfortunately clashing with the Bank Holiday weekend, but the meeting went ahead and marked the annual memorial by British Movement Yorkshire region of BM founder Colin Jordan and his long time racial Nationalist comrade John Tyndall.
 Time and again the meeting was asked "What would CJ and JT make of the current migrant crisis?"
Speakers at the meeting looked at the current situation in Britain that immigration since 1948 had created, the harmful impact of third world colonisation of British towns and cities, the negative affects of Islamic communities on British society and the huge threat posed by the current migrant crisis to both Britain and Europe.

Thanks to Scotland BM Alba for the image.
More and more articles and letters page contributions are appearing in national, regional and local newspapers with the emphasis on building up sympathy and support for asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants.
Again and again their message is "stop calling them migrants or illegal immigrants"
 - "please call them people or refugees".
The liberals and Leftists are trying to shift public opinion into feeling sorry for the migrants and from there start to bully the authorities into letting the illegal migrants into Britain and allowing them to settle here. The BBC TV news actually followed a group of Syrians who illegally entered Greece, crossed through Hungary and Germany before arriving in Sweden to claim 'political asylum'.
The BBC reporter freely admitted that these people were illegal immigrants and at no point in the long journey did the BBC report these people to the relevant authorities.
As this blog is being written, hundreds, perhaps thousands of migrants are besieging the railway station in Budapest demanding to be allowed to travel to Germany. Thousands more are landing in Greece and the Greek islands, more are crossing the Mediterranean on leaky boats heading for Italy.
At least 5,000 are in the squatter camp in Calais trying to illegally enter Britain.
Those who want to let these people settle and colonise Europe and Britain seem blind to the fact that this is not a temporary situation, it was happening last year, even more are invading Europe this year, and then next year and the years ever after - it will not stop - it will only get worse.

Can You Believe This ?
This is a genuine advert put out by a pro-immigrant organisation.
Note that they are running special courses in Bristol to train up those liberal minded individuals who actually want to help asylum-seekers settle in Britain.

Heidenau - Asylum-Seeker Hostel Burns Down

Meanwhile in Denmark - DNSB Opposes Hostel Centre for Migrants

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An Image That Could Represent Any Country in Western, Northern, Eastern and Central Europe.   Our Shared Common History and Heritage.