Saturday, July 18, 2015

No Such Thing as a Summer-Break - The BM Campaigns All Summer

No Such Thing as a Summer Break
The BM Campaigns All Summer Long
 It might be July and the Summer holidays, but British Movement activists are out there, putting out the British National Socialist message and campaigning against the imposition of a multi-racial society.

  We Are Still Not Sure If This Is Some Kind Of Stunt
Or A Practical Joke
We were sent this image and the message was that this is the newly introduced hijab version of the uniform for a Muslim school crossing patrol (Lollipop Lady) in Birmingham !
If true then Political Correctness has lapsed into Multi-racial Madness !

Still in the West Midlands
The Black Country Flag is Denounced
Political Correctness Again !

The red, white and black flag of the Black Country region was designed by a West Midlands school girl in a competition in 2012. Readily adopted by the towns of the Black Country, the industrial heritage of the region is indicated by the colours of black (the coal, iron and steel) the red (the fire of the furnaces and forges of the Industrial Revolution) and white. The chain represents the region's historic industrial reputation for chain-making, including the marine uses of anchor chains, the most famous being the chains made for the Titanic.
A Walsall newspaper proudly displays the red/black/white of the Black Country.
The chain symbolises the region's industrial heritage - but to a Labour Party 'commissar' it is an offensive racist symbol.
Labour Party activists and race equality campaigner Patrick Vernon has labelled the Black Country flag as offensive because the chain symbolises 'slavery' and therefore insults black people.
He stated that, "The chain is not a swastika or a Confederate flag, but it is offensive."
Vernon claimed that as well as industrial chain-making, the factories of the Black Country also made the chains, shackles and manacles used in the slave trade.
So Black Country heritage had to change in order NOT to offend ethnic minorities.

Patrick Vernon OBE - raised in the West Midlands and a former London based Labour Party councillor
Vernon denounced the Black Country flag as "offensive".
When Political Correctness Takes Hold
Ethnic Minorities Begin to Dictate to the Host Majority
A Taste of What the Future Multi-Cultural Britain Will Be Like..
The situation generated in Wolverhampton and Walsall over the Black Country flag is a taste of what the future will hold for the indigenous White British in a multi-cultural future.
 The politically correct chip away at British heritage and culture, slowly removing those elements of British traditions that 'they' object to and at the same time foist ethnic minority traditions and celebrations onto British society. Usually funded by the tax-payer and gullible local authorities.
Hence the annual Notting Hill Carnival and assorted so-called 'West Indian/African-Caribbean carnivals' in various English towns and cities. Asian festivals have also become part of the local events calendar in places like Leicester, Birmingham and Bradford.
This is only the beginning for British society, although the White British are still the majority population of the British Isles, the ethnic minorities, backed by white politically
correct leftists and liberals are already flexing their muscles politically and are beginning to direct and dictate public policy.
It is now clear how second and third generation 'ethnic minority' political activists, the sons and daughters of immigrants have gained positions of influence and now have the confidence to start dictating to the host population, those who have been British for generations and indeed centuries.
Look no further than Patrick Vernon OBE and his role in such a minor local issue as the Black  Country flag. Look at the others directing political policy; son of immigrants Labour MP Sadiq Khan, wants to be London's first Muslim mayor; son of a Pakistani immigrant, Conservative MP Sajid Javid is a government minister with a major influence on policy as the Tory Government Business Secretary; the failed former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband was the son of an East European political refugee; the list goes on and on.....
They are gaining in confidence and will enforce a multi-cultural agenda unless the present situation is effectively challenged and the White British majority galvanised and motivated to say NO!
Thanks to our comrades in BM Scotland (Scotland BM Alba) for this one.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.



  1. BM blog top picture says BN camaigns all summer long. No new posting or article since 18th July. If BM wants to attract a folowing on this blog you need to update with at least one article per dsy. Is there nobody in the BM who can do that for this blog and your other blos like BM Alba. Take a look at the National Fronts Facebook page. Just has a near daily picture and thats it. So their is a vacum just sitting there to be filled. At the moment the New British Union is starting to fill that gap with its Mosley form of Italian style Facism

    1. Quote: 'No new posting or article since 18th July'...Since today is 18th July (!) what's the problem?!

    2. Me not having my glasess on.....WHOOPS My apologies to you all

  2. The failed former Labour Party leader 'Red Ed' Miliband was of course the son of an 'East European' JEWISH refugee, who the Daily Mail revealed 'hated Britain'...

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