Friday, July 31, 2015

British Movement News & Views - End of July 2015

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Saturday July 25th 2015
Anti-Immigration March
A number of British Movement activists from Yorkshire and Greater Manchester supported the protest in Wakefield which was organised by the National Front.
 Given the current upsurge in illegal immigration into Britain there is an even greater need to oppose mass Third World migration into the UK and to expose the long term disaster facing our nation if this influx continues.

Can You Believe This ?
This is an official Department of Work & Pensions information booklet.
At a time of mass illegal immigration into Britain and Europe this is another unwanted piece of government literature.
Prime Minister David Cameron has actually come out and made an honest statement about the current tidal wave of migrants heading into Europe and squatting in camps around Calais before attempting illegal entry into the UK.
Referring to " a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean  ....... heading to Britain and seeking a better life."
In the British media liberal and leftist journalists and broadcasters have been outraged that PM Cameron dared to refer to the illegal migrants as a 'swarm'.
The acting Labour Party leader Harriet Harman has criticised Cameron by saying,
"remember he is talking about people not insects." How very politically correct of Harman, but she ignores the reality of the take, take, take, locust like behaviour of these many thousands who descend on Britain and Europe and expect our countries to feed, clothe, educate and support them.
The hand-wringing liberals despair that Cameron does not share their compassion and humanity and have complained that he has regarded these unwanted tens of thousands of potential colonisers as a threat. No mention here of how this "better life in Britain" is to be paid for - worse still the Left and the liberal do-gooders take no account of the long term impact these unwanted colonists will have on Britain and Europe in the future. They will impact on health services, social services, welfare services, education, schools, hospitals and on housing. That is not forgetting their permanent impact on the racial/genetic makeup of Britain, the destruction of our culture, language,heritage and traditions.

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  1. Fucking fuming whilst watching the vermin in Calais trying to get to Britain. A shoot to kill policy should be introduced to deter these muslim rapists and assorted scum coming here!

  2. I'd reroute the trains to a reopened Belsen!

  3. The next White Man March will be held in Liverpool on the 15th August. Hopefully BM will be present in equal numbers to last time. Link to poster here -->

  4. Join the Pan-Nationalist WHITE MAN MARCH in Liverpool this Saturday 15th August 2015. The Organisers have publically released the RV meeting point - Richard John Blackler pub, Liverpool 11 am.

    This will be the first time British National Socialists have rallied in 'Red' Liverpool since the legendary Colin Jordan British Movement Liverpool Pier Head rally in 1973.