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British Movement News & Views - End of July 2015

Thanks to Scotland BM Alba for the image
Saturday July 25th 2015
Anti-Immigration March
A number of British Movement activists from Yorkshire and Greater Manchester supported the protest in Wakefield which was organised by the National Front.
 Given the current upsurge in illegal immigration into Britain there is an even greater need to oppose mass Third World migration into the UK and to expose the long term disaster facing our nation if this influx continues.

Can You Believe This ?
This is an official Department of Work & Pensions information booklet.
At a time of mass illegal immigration into Britain and Europe this is another unwanted piece of government literature.
Prime Minister David Cameron has actually come out and made an honest statement about the current tidal wave of migrants heading into Europe and squatting in camps around Calais before attempting illegal entry into the UK.
Referring to " a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean  ....... heading to Britain and seeking a better life."
In the British media liberal and leftist journalists and broadcasters have been outraged that PM Cameron dared to refer to the illegal migrants as a 'swarm'.
The acting Labour Party leader Harriet Harman has criticised Cameron by saying,
"remember he is talking about people not insects." How very politically correct of Harman, but she ignores the reality of the take, take, take, locust like behaviour of these many thousands who descend on Britain and Europe and expect our countries to feed, clothe, educate and support them.
The hand-wringing liberals despair that Cameron does not share their compassion and humanity and have complained that he has regarded these unwanted tens of thousands of potential colonisers as a threat. No mention here of how this "better life in Britain" is to be paid for - worse still the Left and the liberal do-gooders take no account of the long term impact these unwanted colonists will have on Britain and Europe in the future. They will impact on health services, social services, welfare services, education, schools, hospitals and on housing. That is not forgetting their permanent impact on the racial/genetic makeup of Britain, the destruction of our culture, language,heritage and traditions.

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Rotherham - July 2015 and other matters

Saturday July 18th 2015
Thoughts and Images
 A number of BM activists joined other racial Nationalists in the centre of Rotherham for the protest.
This was reported briefly on the previous NS Outlook blog.
The BM team handed out anti-grooming gang leaflets and made sure that the BM Sunwheel flags were displayed during the demonstration.
This is not just about the dreadful child-sex exploitation scandal that has rocked Rotherham over that became public knowledge last year. The focus on Rotherham is far more important because the unhappy town has become a potent symbol of all that is wrong in modern British society; the child-sex exploitation of underage and vulnerable White British girls by Asian men developed out of the multi-racial community that post-1948 immigration into Britain has created. Multi-culturalism as a liberal, leftist experiment created the conditions that set this evil in motion. Political correctness and political corruption hid the crimes and failed the victims. The death grip of the entrenched Labour Party in Rotherham and across South Yorkshire facilitated the cover-up and South Yorkshire police were culpable at every level in the failure to arrest and prosecute the offenders while criminalising many of the victims and their families.
Rotherham is the victim and is a symbol of what we oppose.
A BM activist shows the Sunwheel flag on the streets of Rotherham
BM activists taking part in the Rotherham protest on Saturday
BM anti-grooming leaflets were handed out to members of the public
The Metropolitan Police Decide That New Recruits Must Be Able To Speak More Than One Language - The Ability To Speak English Is No Longer Enough
The Metropolitan Police have announced a new 'culturally sensitive' initiative, and Scotland Yard has announced a pilot project for new recruits to the 'Met'. A month long pilot scheme sets a new criteria for aspiring police constables serving in London, they must have a second language.
 Scotland Yard says that,
" it will help police engage with London's diverse communities as effectively as possible."
 To be considered for recruitment applicants must be able to communicate in English and also be fluent in an additional language, one of 14 specific languages are listed;
Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Arabic, Yoruba (spoken in Nigeria), Sinhala (spoken in Sri Lanka),
Hebrew or one of the following European languages: Spanish, Polish, Greek, Italian, German, or Portuguese.
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July 2015 - More British Movement News and Views

JULY 2015
More British Movement News & Views

Saturday July 18th 2015
British Movement activists joined members and supporters of other British Nationalist organisations in a pan-Nationalist demonstration against Rotherham council and its miserable track record over the Rotherham Grooming scandal. In addition Rotherham Council has announced that it will seek Home Office support to block Nationalist demonstrations and marches in the town centre because of alleged disruption to local businesses.

The Pursuit, Persecution and Prosecution of
 Oskar Groning
In his wartime Waffen-SS uniform, he was not an officer.
He was a low ranking NCO in what was effectively the SS Pay Corps.

On July 16th 2015 the 94 year old SS veteran Oskar Groning was found guilty of being
"an accessory to the murder of 300,000 people" by a German court, he was also deemed to have been "complicit in murder and ill-treatment" of prisoners at Auschwitz concentration camp.
There was no evidence presented as to Groning physically taking part in any act of murder or ill-treatment, but the forces of retribution and vengeance had decided to make him a symbolic subject.
The media glibly called him the book-keeper of Auschwitz but in reality Oskar Groning had been captured at the end of the war and held as a POW for two years by British forces until his release in 1947. At this time there was no suggestion that he was a war criminal and was released to return to civilian life in Germany.
He was a low-ranking Non-Commissioned Officer (Unterscharfuhrer) in the pay-master section of the Waffen-SS. He maintained financial records and served in the camp administration.
So they accused him of "facilitating" the running of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex. He was one of many in the camp administration, a small cog in a larger system, so why all the effort to drag a 94 year old pensioner into court before the international media?
What his accusers do not seem to realise is that in any penal system, including present day Germany and the United Kingdom, a prisoners personal effects and valuables, including cash, is confiscated on arrival and documented before being transferred into an accounting department.
Exactly the same way that Oskar Groning was dealing with prisoners possessions and currency at Auschwitz.
After 70 years it was an obviously vindictive piece of theatre designed to maintain the story of the Holocaust in the public mind and to repeat the same old liturgy.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

No Such Thing as a Summer-Break - The BM Campaigns All Summer

No Such Thing as a Summer Break
The BM Campaigns All Summer Long
 It might be July and the Summer holidays, but British Movement activists are out there, putting out the British National Socialist message and campaigning against the imposition of a multi-racial society.

  We Are Still Not Sure If This Is Some Kind Of Stunt
Or A Practical Joke
We were sent this image and the message was that this is the newly introduced hijab version of the uniform for a Muslim school crossing patrol (Lollipop Lady) in Birmingham !
If true then Political Correctness has lapsed into Multi-racial Madness !

Still in the West Midlands
The Black Country Flag is Denounced
Political Correctness Again !

The red, white and black flag of the Black Country region was designed by a West Midlands school girl in a competition in 2012. Readily adopted by the towns of the Black Country, the industrial heritage of the region is indicated by the colours of black (the coal, iron and steel) the red (the fire of the furnaces and forges of the Industrial Revolution) and white. The chain represents the region's historic industrial reputation for chain-making, including the marine uses of anchor chains, the most famous being the chains made for the Titanic.
A Walsall newspaper proudly displays the red/black/white of the Black Country.
The chain symbolises the region's industrial heritage - but to a Labour Party 'commissar' it is an offensive racist symbol.
Labour Party activists and race equality campaigner Patrick Vernon has labelled the Black Country flag as offensive because the chain symbolises 'slavery' and therefore insults black people.
He stated that, "The chain is not a swastika or a Confederate flag, but it is offensive."
Vernon claimed that as well as industrial chain-making, the factories of the Black Country also made the chains, shackles and manacles used in the slave trade.
So Black Country heritage had to change in order NOT to offend ethnic minorities.

Patrick Vernon OBE - raised in the West Midlands and a former London based Labour Party councillor
Vernon denounced the Black Country flag as "offensive".
When Political Correctness Takes Hold
Ethnic Minorities Begin to Dictate to the Host Majority
A Taste of What the Future Multi-Cultural Britain Will Be Like..
The situation generated in Wolverhampton and Walsall over the Black Country flag is a taste of what the future will hold for the indigenous White British in a multi-cultural future.
 The politically correct chip away at British heritage and culture, slowly removing those elements of British traditions that 'they' object to and at the same time foist ethnic minority traditions and celebrations onto British society. Usually funded by the tax-payer and gullible local authorities.
Hence the annual Notting Hill Carnival and assorted so-called 'West Indian/African-Caribbean carnivals' in various English towns and cities. Asian festivals have also become part of the local events calendar in places like Leicester, Birmingham and Bradford.
This is only the beginning for British society, although the White British are still the majority population of the British Isles, the ethnic minorities, backed by white politically
correct leftists and liberals are already flexing their muscles politically and are beginning to direct and dictate public policy.
It is now clear how second and third generation 'ethnic minority' political activists, the sons and daughters of immigrants have gained positions of influence and now have the confidence to start dictating to the host population, those who have been British for generations and indeed centuries.
Look no further than Patrick Vernon OBE and his role in such a minor local issue as the Black  Country flag. Look at the others directing political policy; son of immigrants Labour MP Sadiq Khan, wants to be London's first Muslim mayor; son of a Pakistani immigrant, Conservative MP Sajid Javid is a government minister with a major influence on policy as the Tory Government Business Secretary; the failed former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband was the son of an East European political refugee; the list goes on and on.....
They are gaining in confidence and will enforce a multi-cultural agenda unless the present situation is effectively challenged and the White British majority galvanised and motivated to say NO!
Thanks to our comrades in BM Scotland (Scotland BM Alba) for this one.
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Remember 7/7

This is what Multi-cultural Britain
brought to our capital city
British Movement
Never Forgive
Never Forget 

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Into July 2015

Into July 2015
British Movement News & Views

Conquest By Stealth ?
Another Piece of British Identity Chipped Away
Labour MP suggests that London should elect a Muslim Mayor
(Purely in the interests of tolerance and diversity of course......)
Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim Labour Member of Parliament to be elected in London, is currently preparing to stand as a candidate for Mayor of London.
Sadiq Khan is currently the MP for Tooting, and thinks that he should be elected London Mayor; failing that his election rival the Conservative Muslim MEP Syed Kamall should get the job.
Well, Khan believes that Londoners are so multi-cultural and multi-racial in outlook these days that it would be "awesome" in his words to elect a Muslim Mayor of the United Kingdom's capital city.
He went on to tell the media that,
"It shows the confidence of Londoners, that we don't simply tolerate but respect each other.
The idea that the mayor of London could be the son of an immigrant, of a bus driver,
ethnic minority and of Islamic faith, would speak volumes...."

British Movement is totally opposed to this suggestion and believes that if a non-white Muslim were elected London Mayor it would send out completely the WRONG message, and it would offer a gesture of intent to those radical Islamists in the Britain that call for a 'caliphate' in the UK and yearn to see the "black flag of Islam flying over Westminster". (Their words not ours).
It would also be another unwanted step down the road of multi-culturalism, that has polluted our country and is destroying British culture, heritage and traditions.
Beryl Cheetham
Born August 1931
 Died June 30th 2015

Sadly news received from Germany that the ex-pat British NS stalwart Beryl Cheetham has died in a nursing home in Erding, Germany following months of extensive medical and surgical treatment.
Beryl Cheetham became politically active in the 1950's in her native Merseyside as a supporter of Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement. However she switched her support to the National Socialist cause after regular meetings with Colin Jordan and John Tyndall when they frequently visited Liverpool as part of the recruitment campaign by the Spearhead group of the original BNP.
In 1962 Beryl Cheetham was a member of the NSM (National Socialist Movement) and took part in the famous Cotswold Camp in 1962, where she met Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and helped to smuggle Commander Rockwell out of the camp at its conclusion.
Beryl was known for her loyal support of the NSM and shared her life at this time with NSM activist Peter Ling. When her relationship with Ling broke down, Beryl moved to Germany in the early 1970's to live with a German NS activist, after that relationship ended, she stayed in Germany working as a secretary and administrative assistant in a German company, making use of her language skills. Beryl continued her political activities in Germany alongside veteran German NS activists, she also maintained contact with Colin Jordan in the UK and established a network of
political contacts across Europe and in the USA.
Beryl was a close friend of the French/Greek National Socialist writer and philosopher Savitri Devi and collaborated in later years with an American academic writing the biography of Savitri Devi.
Old age did not prevent Beryl Cheetham from continuing her support for genuine National Socialists in both Germany and Britain. She maintained contact with British Movement and had hoped to return to live in the UK after recovering from her medical problems in 2014 - it was not to be.
Beryl Cheetham - in white blouse with folded arms alongside her friend Savitri Devi.
Also in this late 1960's picture is former Luftwaffe Stuka ace Hans Ulrich Rudel and John Tyndall.
(Thank you to our contacts for the image)
Beryl Cheetham
Political Correctness in the USA
Outlawing the 'Stars and Bars' of the Confederate States
Not for much longer !
Political correctness runs amok in the USA after the shootings in South Carolina by crazed gunman Dylann Roof.
The crazy gunman Dylann Roof has proved himself to be a force for anti-racism and liberal politics by his actions rather than the alleged "act of white supremacy" that the authorities claim he staged.
Very conveniently the image of Roof posing with guns and a Confederate battle flag has given new impetus to leftist and liberal forces in the South.
Following the shooting of nine black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina by Dylann Roof the forces of 'tolerance' and racial harmony in the United States are trying to force through the removal of the old Confederate States war flag, the traditional 'Stars and Bars'. The campaign of political correctness currently sweeping the USA has seen E-Bay blocking the sales of merchandise featuring the Confederate flag, and the official removal of the flag from new car licence plates in a number of southern states. The Stars and Bars have long been a target for hatred by liberals, leftists and black political activists, and now their destruction of this symbol of the Old South has a longed for justification. The politically correct claim that the Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred, an insult to black Americans and not a heritage symbol or a traditional emblem for the Southern States.
 Writing in the 'Guardian' this week, the American novelist Barbara Kingsolver, in an article entitled,
"A view from the south: let the flag go.", argued that the Stars and Bars was a constant reminder for so-called 'African-Americans' of slavery and white supremacy in the Old South.
She also revealed that years ago the school cafeteria in her old high school used to be decorated with a mural depicting Confederate soldiers and the flag. This was a tribute to those Confederate soldiers from the State of Tennessee and the Appalachian Mountains who died fighting for the South in the American Civil War of the 1860's.
  But when the school's first 'African-American' principal arrived in post one of his first acts was to have the old mural painted over completely. (So much for respecting Southern heritage)
Barbara Kingsolver argues that now the old flag should get the same treatment and gloats that,
"This month the Confederate flag finally came down from several southern state houses, and my neighbours barn. Our governor (State Governor of Tennessee) banned it from licence plates."
A sad reminder of the power of orchestrated liberal outrage and the loss of another White tradition driven by the actions of a clueless idiot. ( Or was Roof yet another crank used as a patsy by more sinister forces? A conspiracy perhaps?)
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