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British Movement News & Views - End of June 2015

British Movement News and Views
End of June 2015
The Child Exploitation Cases Drag On....
A headline from the mainstream press this week - no guesses as to the ethnic origins of the Labour Party Rotherham
ex-councillors on the suspect lists.
At a Police press conference in Sheffield in the last full week on this month, the National Crime Agency spokesman Steve Baldwin was keen to report on progress being made in Operation Stovewood regarding identification of abusers and victims, but showed a marked reluctance to confirm ethnic origins of victims and offenders.
Reporters from the media had to persist in questioning the senior investigating officer into cautiously admitting that,
" The victims are local people from Rotherham.......I suspect that the ethnicity on the whole
is of white British origin..."
and in regard to offenders and abusers...
"The majority of potential suspects appear to be of Asian appearance.
However we are still researching further suspects."
How guarded were those comments?  In the best interests of community harmony and cohesion of course.
It has been confirmed that a key suspect, 38 year old Basharat Hussain has fled the UK and is believed to be hiding in Pakistan. There are suggestions that other suspects might have taken the same course of evasion.
Put Greville Janner on Trial !

It seems that the Establishment cover-up which has protected arch-Zionist and leading British Jewish peer Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone is beginning to unravel.
NS Outlook is no fan of the mainstream British news media, but in this case the dogged pursuit of Janner by the 'Daily Mail' appears to be getting somewhere.
There are now rumours circulating in the press that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) might overturn the earlier decision not to prosecute Greville Janner for a series of historical child sex offences against under-age boys.
Pressure has increased after recent revelations that Janner had abused a young lad during a trip to Scotland, thereby opening up the possibility of a prosecution under Scottish law in an Edinburgh court. The police have admitted that in England the CPS was presented with evidence that Janner had committed at least 22 offences against 9 identified victims.
Thanks to BM Scotland Alba for providing the images
It's That Man Again !
This week at a German auction house in Nuremberg a collection of 14 water-colours and sketches by Adolf Hitler sold for £280,000 (391,000 Euros)
The artworks were dated from between 1904 and 1922 and varied between a still life painting of carnations, buildings in Vienna, a female nude, through to a landscape study of the city of Prague and a view of Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria.
The Weidler auction house faced a barrage from bidders and investors from across the world,
commenting that, "These collectors do not specialise in this particular artist but have a general interest in high value art."
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  1. Janner was always very verbose about his attitude to aged Germans accused of 'war crimes'. Quote, "age nor infirmity should be a barrier". Hmmm.

  2. Janner will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on 7th August 2015 charged with 22 child sex offences. Good opportunity for BM to leaflet/sell "The Emblem" newspaper outside...