Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BM Sunwheel Festival and other Summer News and Views

BM Sunwheel Festival 2015
 and Summer News & Views

British Movement Northern Region Sunwheel Festival
 Friday June 19th to Sunday June 21st

Once again the Northern region of British Movement celebrated mid-Summer by organising its North of England Sunwheel Festival.
The festival started on Friday evening and continued until early Sunday afternoon.
Summer Solstice celebrations were held around the main camp fire on the nights of Friday 19th and on Saturday 20th - two Odinists amongst the gathering gave traditional recitals to invoke the arrival of the Summer Solstice, with verses spoken in Old Norse.
Over both evenings there were debates and discussions, speeches and songs around the camp fire.
The periods of heavy rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of those BM members, supporters
and families who were attending Sunwheel Fest, and the organisers were pleased to welcome NS guests from Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the event and it was good to see our overseas guests
entering fully into the spirit of the weekend, including joining in some of the more physically demanding sporting activities across the Saturday afternoon and evening.
Children scampered about the Festival site and joined in the sporting competitions, as well as cheering on the adults. BM Sunwheel Festival is based on the National Socialist principles of
'Strength Through Joy'
On site catering and an excellent real ale bar was provided by the host BM division and hot food was a welcome distraction as the temperature dropped.
Northern Leader Guard personnel provided 24 hour security for the site and also took charge of all health and safety requirements across the weekend.
Due to environmental problems encountered last year, there were no live bands playing at Sunwheel Fest in 2015, although a number of excellent bands from the Blood and Honour scene were keen to perform there. It is a fact that the location and surrounding area of the festival site is not suitable for live bands with a full professional PA and sound and lighting systems.
Nevertheless there will be other British Movement music centred events across the rest of this year, following on from the model established by BM South-East region which held a music gig on the Saturday evening of June 6th.

The speaker's rostrum in the main marquee ready for activities to begin.

This is how one British Movement activist commented on this year's Northern Sunwheel Festival,
"Superb night last night at Sunwheel Fest!
As always security a credit to the BM and your uniform ; well done!
And a massive thank you for letting us sleep in the knowledge that we were safe.
Northern BM as always superb hospitality.
An amazing evening of like-minded people toasting the Solstice.
NS in soul and in action!
Onwards and upwards - 14 Words"

''*** Note: For reasons best known to themselves the deluded 'anti-fascists' on the so-called 'Hope not Hate' blog page made reference to the BM Sunwheel Festival but illustrated their mis-information with a photograph of un-connected individuals posing with a 'Combat 18 - No Remorse' flag!
How this was supposed to represent BM and the Northern BM Sunwheel Festival is unclear.
Still, the anti-racist mentality does not function on logic....
Even more bizarre was a supposedly 'nationalist' on-line blog which tried to create problems by declaring the BM Sunwheel Festival a 'free for all' and assorted snide comments and including the wrong information as to the location of the festival.

 GREECE - The EU Crisis Continues.....
Sufficient enough to say that the continuing crisis in Greece is the outcome of the Greek Left-wing government promising the Greek people what it is incapable of delivering; the bullying tactics of the monopoly capitalists of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); the ruthless globalist politics of international finance that drives the European Union; and the utter failure of so-called 'democratic politics' across Europe.
National Socialism could save Greece, save the Greek economy and break the strangle hold of international banks on the Greek population.

BM Ulster - Ulster Dawn and Ulster Sunwheel
Malware attacks
Regular readers of British Movement on-line sites will be aware that our comrades based in Northern Ireland have been experiencing disruption from mal-ware to their excellent and informative Ulster Sunwheel/Ulster Dawn pages.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.


  1. In November Scotland holds its Community Council elections, a bit like Parish Councils in England.

    Whereas in England many candidates stand under their party name, in Scotland at present that does not happen and most candidates stand as Independents.

    One quarter of Community Councils at present do not run due to not enough people standing. Many of the others either have just the right number or slightly under but do run.

    The rest hold elections just as going to the polls.

    There is no reason that if 10 BM members in Scotland stood in November most probably 8 would get elected even without a ballot.

    Just imagine BM announcing in November that 8 National Socialists where now Councillors in Scotland.

    The left wing media up here would go nuts. Huge amount of publicity without them knowing who the people were. Even if only 5 stood and got on - huge publicity for the BM.

  2. BM Wales Blogspot is desperately needing regular articles. Nobody will look at it unless there`s weekly posts.Same with BM Scotland.

    It`s not that I`m getting at folk, but no Blog will have a good following unless it has regular articles.

    More regular articles will grow following and new members

  3. The blogs mentioned do update, although as you say not as often as we would all like. If you want to keep up to date check out the facebook pages of Wales, Scotland and soon to be set up Ulster. (Set up a fake account if you are concerned about your privacy)