Friday, June 19, 2015

BBC News Report Attacks SWBM and BM Youth- June 2015

BBC TV National News
Evening News - June 17th 2015

A BBC Evening News report on alleged 'Far-Right' recruitment of children and of White British being taught to hate Muslims. The report focussed heavily on SWBM - South Wales British Movement - and the news piece re- hashed BBC WalesTV news reports from last year, previously screened in Wales in Summer 2014 and reported in Welsh Sunday newspapers.
Once again the BBC showed pictures of SWBM 'Young Dragons' youth section on heritage and cultural site seeing activities, claiming that when SWBM takes youngsters on such trips to educate them about their history and ancestors it somehow incites hatred of ethnic minorities.
The trial and persecution of SWBM  Richard 'Ruby' Harris also featured and this the BBC claimed was evidence of BM hatred of Muslims. In reality Richard Harris was attacked by Asians and when he fought back and wounded one of his attackers, Richard Harris was prosecuted for so-called "racially aggravated assault".
This was not justice and the BBC tried to claim that Richard Harris was part of the hatred that SWBM youth were being taught.

The reporter interviewed a young man who claimed to have been "involved in White Pride" events but had successfully broken away from "hatred and the Far-Right" thanks to a special anti-racism project in Swansea.
This individual was never part of SWBM and is not known to SWBM activists, we do not know if this individual was paid by the BBC to take part in this report or whether he was an anti-racist plant who had been embedded in other White Nationalist or patriotic groups in the South Wales region.

As a final piece of inaccuracy the BBC report claimed that British Movement had " recently" launched a new Youth movement - 'Young Wolf'.
Regular readers of NS Outlook will know that BM has recently featured the need for an expansion and development of its Youth Sections - but to clarify - YOUNG WOLF was re-launched in 2013,
as far back as the early 1980's British Movement youth were known as the Young Wolf.

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  1. The BBC doing what it doe's best, LYING.

    1. you should see what dope not soap are saying about the bms summer festival its going to get worse

  2. That photo was not even at an BM event on no hope

  3. All publicity is publicity. If you can get the media regularly reporting on you then its free publicity that can only mean new members