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Mid-Summer 2015 - British Movement News and Views

British Movement News and Views
Tuesday June 30th 2015 - the media has formally announced that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) the head of the Crown Prosecution Service, Alison Saunders, has finally bowed to pressure and has over-turned her earlier decision not to bring the Janner case to court.
However, Saunders is still allowing Greville Janner to hide behind the dementia diagnosis, maintaining that he is medically unfit to plead or stage a defence. Therefore using a legal loop-hole called 'trial of facts', the victims get their day in court but Greville Janner himself will not be cross-examined, there can be no 'Guilty' verdict and the court cannot pass sentence.
So Janner still evades a full trial and cannot be brought to justice.
The convenient diagnosis of dementia was given in 2013, yet, as some mainstream newspapers have discovered, Lord Janner was attending the House of Lords until the summer of 2014 and was voting on legislation on over 200 occasions. Dementia?
DPP Saunders has admitted that Janner could have been successfully prosecuted for sex offences against young boys in the past; the police had sufficient evidence and witnesses were prepared to testify, but on a least two occasions the move to prosecute was dropped.
As the situation currently stands, the CPS state that Greville Janner faces charges relating to 22 offences against young boys, the time line stretching from the 1960's, through the 1970's and into the 1980's. The youngest victim was eight years old at the time he was molested, another was nine years old, the rest fall between the ages of twelve and sixteen.
Greville Janner had powerful friends and associates and he was protected.

As other British Nationalist commentators have noted, Greville Janner was always very determined in his speeches as an executive member of the Holocaust Educational Trust, that no matter how long the passage of time, no matter their level of infirmity, those elderly Germans, Latvians, Ukrainians, Hungarians and Lithuanians that Janner deemed to be "Nazi war-criminals", should be dragged before the courts, in wheel-chairs if necessary, on stretchers if necessary.
As a former QC, (Queen's Council), a lawyer of public standing, Greville Janner's own words, quoted above, "..the passage of time is no barrier in justice.."
So put Greville Janner on trial. He of all people would agree with that. Wouldn't he?
British Movement
Sheffield Meeting
June 28th 2015
A successful British Movement meeting was held in Sheffield on Sunday, June 28th, this was the first formal BM meeting in the city for many years.
The meeting was the 'next step' in building up a British Movement network across the South Yorkshire area and follows on from BM literature distribution and propaganda activities in Barnsley and Rotherham; the presence of British Movement activists on a number of anti-grooming protests in Rotherham, and the follow up to the 'Sheffield Eight' BM city centre activity in Sheffield in 2013, followed by a stronger BM propaganda activity in Sheffield city centre last year.
There will be more British Movement activities aimed at spreading out the National Socialist message across South Yorkshire and the Sheffield meeting was just another element in developing the BM profile across the old Yorkshire Coal field region.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.
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British Movement News & Views - End of June 2015

British Movement News and Views
End of June 2015
The Child Exploitation Cases Drag On....
A headline from the mainstream press this week - no guesses as to the ethnic origins of the Labour Party Rotherham
ex-councillors on the suspect lists.
At a Police press conference in Sheffield in the last full week on this month, the National Crime Agency spokesman Steve Baldwin was keen to report on progress being made in Operation Stovewood regarding identification of abusers and victims, but showed a marked reluctance to confirm ethnic origins of victims and offenders.
Reporters from the media had to persist in questioning the senior investigating officer into cautiously admitting that,
" The victims are local people from Rotherham.......I suspect that the ethnicity on the whole
is of white British origin..."
and in regard to offenders and abusers...
"The majority of potential suspects appear to be of Asian appearance.
However we are still researching further suspects."
How guarded were those comments?  In the best interests of community harmony and cohesion of course.
It has been confirmed that a key suspect, 38 year old Basharat Hussain has fled the UK and is believed to be hiding in Pakistan. There are suggestions that other suspects might have taken the same course of evasion.
Put Greville Janner on Trial !

It seems that the Establishment cover-up which has protected arch-Zionist and leading British Jewish peer Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone is beginning to unravel.
NS Outlook is no fan of the mainstream British news media, but in this case the dogged pursuit of Janner by the 'Daily Mail' appears to be getting somewhere.
There are now rumours circulating in the press that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) might overturn the earlier decision not to prosecute Greville Janner for a series of historical child sex offences against under-age boys.
Pressure has increased after recent revelations that Janner had abused a young lad during a trip to Scotland, thereby opening up the possibility of a prosecution under Scottish law in an Edinburgh court. The police have admitted that in England the CPS was presented with evidence that Janner had committed at least 22 offences against 9 identified victims.
Thanks to BM Scotland Alba for providing the images
It's That Man Again !
This week at a German auction house in Nuremberg a collection of 14 water-colours and sketches by Adolf Hitler sold for £280,000 (391,000 Euros)
The artworks were dated from between 1904 and 1922 and varied between a still life painting of carnations, buildings in Vienna, a female nude, through to a landscape study of the city of Prague and a view of Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria.
The Weidler auction house faced a barrage from bidders and investors from across the world,
commenting that, "These collectors do not specialise in this particular artist but have a general interest in high value art."
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BM Sunwheel Festival and other Summer News and Views

BM Sunwheel Festival 2015
 and Summer News & Views

British Movement Northern Region Sunwheel Festival
 Friday June 19th to Sunday June 21st

Once again the Northern region of British Movement celebrated mid-Summer by organising its North of England Sunwheel Festival.
The festival started on Friday evening and continued until early Sunday afternoon.
Summer Solstice celebrations were held around the main camp fire on the nights of Friday 19th and on Saturday 20th - two Odinists amongst the gathering gave traditional recitals to invoke the arrival of the Summer Solstice, with verses spoken in Old Norse.
Over both evenings there were debates and discussions, speeches and songs around the camp fire.
The periods of heavy rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of those BM members, supporters
and families who were attending Sunwheel Fest, and the organisers were pleased to welcome NS guests from Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the event and it was good to see our overseas guests
entering fully into the spirit of the weekend, including joining in some of the more physically demanding sporting activities across the Saturday afternoon and evening.
Children scampered about the Festival site and joined in the sporting competitions, as well as cheering on the adults. BM Sunwheel Festival is based on the National Socialist principles of
'Strength Through Joy'
On site catering and an excellent real ale bar was provided by the host BM division and hot food was a welcome distraction as the temperature dropped.
Northern Leader Guard personnel provided 24 hour security for the site and also took charge of all health and safety requirements across the weekend.
Due to environmental problems encountered last year, there were no live bands playing at Sunwheel Fest in 2015, although a number of excellent bands from the Blood and Honour scene were keen to perform there. It is a fact that the location and surrounding area of the festival site is not suitable for live bands with a full professional PA and sound and lighting systems.
Nevertheless there will be other British Movement music centred events across the rest of this year, following on from the model established by BM South-East region which held a music gig on the Saturday evening of June 6th.

The speaker's rostrum in the main marquee ready for activities to begin.

This is how one British Movement activist commented on this year's Northern Sunwheel Festival,
"Superb night last night at Sunwheel Fest!
As always security a credit to the BM and your uniform ; well done!
And a massive thank you for letting us sleep in the knowledge that we were safe.
Northern BM as always superb hospitality.
An amazing evening of like-minded people toasting the Solstice.
NS in soul and in action!
Onwards and upwards - 14 Words"

''*** Note: For reasons best known to themselves the deluded 'anti-fascists' on the so-called 'Hope not Hate' blog page made reference to the BM Sunwheel Festival but illustrated their mis-information with a photograph of un-connected individuals posing with a 'Combat 18 - No Remorse' flag!
How this was supposed to represent BM and the Northern BM Sunwheel Festival is unclear.
Still, the anti-racist mentality does not function on logic....
Even more bizarre was a supposedly 'nationalist' on-line blog which tried to create problems by declaring the BM Sunwheel Festival a 'free for all' and assorted snide comments and including the wrong information as to the location of the festival.

 GREECE - The EU Crisis Continues.....
Sufficient enough to say that the continuing crisis in Greece is the outcome of the Greek Left-wing government promising the Greek people what it is incapable of delivering; the bullying tactics of the monopoly capitalists of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); the ruthless globalist politics of international finance that drives the European Union; and the utter failure of so-called 'democratic politics' across Europe.
National Socialism could save Greece, save the Greek economy and break the strangle hold of international banks on the Greek population.

BM Ulster - Ulster Dawn and Ulster Sunwheel
Malware attacks
Regular readers of British Movement on-line sites will be aware that our comrades based in Northern Ireland have been experiencing disruption from mal-ware to their excellent and informative Ulster Sunwheel/Ulster Dawn pages.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

Friday, June 19, 2015

BBC News Report Attacks SWBM and BM Youth- June 2015

BBC TV National News
Evening News - June 17th 2015

A BBC Evening News report on alleged 'Far-Right' recruitment of children and of White British being taught to hate Muslims. The report focussed heavily on SWBM - South Wales British Movement - and the news piece re- hashed BBC WalesTV news reports from last year, previously screened in Wales in Summer 2014 and reported in Welsh Sunday newspapers.
Once again the BBC showed pictures of SWBM 'Young Dragons' youth section on heritage and cultural site seeing activities, claiming that when SWBM takes youngsters on such trips to educate them about their history and ancestors it somehow incites hatred of ethnic minorities.
The trial and persecution of SWBM  Richard 'Ruby' Harris also featured and this the BBC claimed was evidence of BM hatred of Muslims. In reality Richard Harris was attacked by Asians and when he fought back and wounded one of his attackers, Richard Harris was prosecuted for so-called "racially aggravated assault".
This was not justice and the BBC tried to claim that Richard Harris was part of the hatred that SWBM youth were being taught.

The reporter interviewed a young man who claimed to have been "involved in White Pride" events but had successfully broken away from "hatred and the Far-Right" thanks to a special anti-racism project in Swansea.
This individual was never part of SWBM and is not known to SWBM activists, we do not know if this individual was paid by the BBC to take part in this report or whether he was an anti-racist plant who had been embedded in other White Nationalist or patriotic groups in the South Wales region.

As a final piece of inaccuracy the BBC report claimed that British Movement had " recently" launched a new Youth movement - 'Young Wolf'.
Regular readers of NS Outlook will know that BM has recently featured the need for an expansion and development of its Youth Sections - but to clarify - YOUNG WOLF was re-launched in 2013,
as far back as the early 1980's British Movement youth were known as the Young Wolf.

Check out South Wales British Movement page on Facebook
BM Contact details;
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June 2015 - British Youth the Future of British National Socialism

June 2015
It is a fact that multi-cultural Britain poses the greatest threat to White British youth.
The education system and the media continuously forces the message on British children and teenagers that a multi-racial society is a good thing, that multi-culturalism is the face of the future and that somehow black and brown people have 'always' lived in Britain.
If the White British are to survive, if we, as British National Socialists and racial Nationalists are to succeed in upholding the '14 Words', then we have not just go to appeal to White British youth, we have to actively mobilise them into rejecting multi-racial Britain and set them on the road to active resistance to a multi-cultural future.
There is no sadder reflection on the impact of Third world immigration on British towns and cities than the sight and sound of solitary White lads copying the dress styles and accents of their black neighbours. We understand that this is a desperate survival strategy for many who spend their time at school and college in classrooms dominated by aggressive black and Asian teenagers.
But is mimicking the street slang and dialects of the Caribbean and West Africa really cool?
No sadder sight on the streets of Britain's urban centres than a lone young White teenager walking along with his head down trying to avoid contact and confrontation with a noisy and intimidating posse of non-whites.
For some young White females the threat of physical violence from non-whites is equal to that experienced by teenage boys. Here at NS Outlook we have heard stories of White British girls being harassed on the streets and even in the corridors of colleges by abusive Asian Muslim males spitting at them and swearing at them for the way they look, for the way they are dressed.
This is Britain - not Bangladesh, Pakistan or Dubai !
How sad that so many young White women have been conned into believing that to have a black or mixed race boyfriend is not only fashionable, but desirable, and a mixed race child in the future is the peak of being out-there and cool.
Even worse for the girls and young women is trying to avoid the unwanted sexual attentions of non-white males of all ages. Added to the previous hordes of over-sexed blacks and predatory Asians, now there are the sexually aggressive young men from East European Roma and Kurdish communities who seem to think that unmarried, teenage White British girls are there for the taking.

Many political commentators complain that young people in the UK are no longer interested in politics, political solutions or political ideologies. This is because years and decades of media and educational output has seen to neutralise any youth interest outside mass entertainment, fashion and mass market .consumerism
A generation of British school children, teenagers and students have been lulled into complacency.
It is the task of British National Socialists to awaken White British youngsters and young adults.
We need radical National Socialist youth to take an active part in the Movement.
They are the street activists we need tomorrow and the leaders of the future.
British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK
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Into June - Hoping for an NS Summer

NS Summer
 June 2015

British Movement South-East Region
Kent - June 6th
BM Fund raiser gig organised by Kent - South-East London BM

JUNE 6th

British Movement salutes all the Aryan women and girls involved in the struggle for the 14 Words across the
White World.

At long last, after an unavoidable delay.
Broadsword magazine issue 51.
Out now Broadsword magazine issue 51.

BM contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.
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Thanks to BM Scotland - Alba Duisg for this image

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British Movement News and Views - End of May round-up

British Movement News & Views
End of May Round-Up
Remember Fusilier Lee Rigby
Never Forgive - Never Forget
British Movement West Riding of Yorkshire Meeting
May 30th 2015
BM Sunwheel banners - the back-drop to the May 30th meeting
 BM West Riding of Yorkshire meeting - Saturday May 30th 2015.
A successful meeting which included three speakers and short film presentations.
Delegates from across West Yorkshire were joined by comrades from Hull and East Riding, North Yorkshire, Sheffield, North-East England, Nottingham and Derbyshire.

 BM Propaganda in Birmingham and Worcestershire
Once again the 'Mercian Volunteers' have been putting out the BM message.
An example of what a small determined group of people can achieve;
Areas covered;  Birmingham NEC, Quinton, Bhm. Kitwell, Bhm., Bennetts Hill, Bhm.
Worcester, Stourbridge, Bewdley, Bournheath, Oldswinford, and Weston-Super-Mare.

In Memory of David Lane - Thanks to Women for Aryan Unity for the image
British Movement contact details:
 BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF. England. UK.
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