Friday, May 1, 2015

APRIL - 2015 - The NS Struggle Continues

April 2015
The National Socialist Struggle Continues
NS Weekend Moot
April 18th/19th

Some of the British Movement activists and supporters who gathered on the weekend of April 18th and 19th to mark the
BM Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire April Moot.
The weekend of April 18th and 19th was the setting for the BM HER division April Moot.
Across the evening the club house was the base for several short film presentations and comradeship.
Toasts were made to mark the coming April 20th - raised in honour of the memory of the National Socialist leaders of the past; Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and Colin Jordan.
Bar-b-ques outside fed the gathering and after 10 pm the main camp fire was lit.
Overnight camping and long discussions around the camp fire for those braving the chilly Eastern winds off the North Sea to spend the night under canvas.
Elsewhere on the same weekend BM activists and supporters joined with other racial Nationalists in a Blood and Honour gig held in the Midlands.
In addition, in other parts of the UK other BM groups and individuals honoured the April 20th date on the actual Monday April 20th.

Saint George's Day

Some of the British Movement activists who gathered in the late afternoon of April 23rd to march on the streets of Hull in celebration of St George's Day - England's National Day.
A hard core of BM activists made the mid-week activity in Hull, which is now becoming an annual event to mark St George's Day.
In other parts of England British Movement activists and supporters joined in locally organised patriotic parades and gatherings.

Straight from the heart........

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK.

Check out the blog site for Ulster Sunwheel / Ulster Dawn.
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  1. Excellent spring moot. Those who made the effort to turn up were rewarded by great comradeship and a warm feeling in the heart. Apathy will not get the better of me..HER division member Andy..... HAIL

  2. Excellent - well done! Regards from south of the river! 14w

  3. Hail National Socialism..but i have to say..St George's Day..can you explain why its english when he was born where..? christians do not beleave in dragons..

    just saying...1488 (.Hail the new dawn.) wpww

  4. Eye..angry taffy from the south of wales.14w

  5. Impressive turn out. Now the British Movement needs to build on it. BM must attend as many Patriot meetings and rallies, hand out leaflets and literature that have a membership application form on it.

    BM must not print any leaflet etc which does not have a membership tear off or application form printed on it.

    2015 make it membership membership membership. New blood brings growth

    Need to get teams leafleting the poorest white working class neighbourhoods with leaflet showing BM the organisation of th working class in poverty. Nobody cares about them, even Labour has dumped them in American style Middle classes rubbish politics.

    Leaflet targeted white working class areas with a recruitment leaflet about what BM can do to lift them out of diversity enforced poverty

    If British Movement is to grow large again, new blood is needed to add to the numbers already in membership. Thus make 2015 membership membership membership campaign

  6. Everybody should be getting a few leaflets out - not just stickers! Printer/Photocopiers are cheap enough at about £30-£35, therefore there is no excuse for being inactive! 14w