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May 2015 - British Movement News & Views

May 2015
British Movement News & Views
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Remembering Saint Hugh of Lincoln
May 20th 2015

In a departure from the usual format of BM political activities, a group of BM activists
made a cultural visit to the city of Lincoln and revived a tradition from the English Middle Ages.

Outside the Cathedral in Lincoln before commencing the ceremony at the shrine inside.

 A report from a BM Organiser taking part in the event in Lincoln;
"We had a great day in Lincoln, we arrived early and having time to kill before others arrived, we took some photographs with the Sunwheel flag and flowers at the side of the Cathedral.
It was then that we were approached by a priest who came out of one of the adjoining buildings.
The priest asked us "What are you people doing?" and his face dropped and he became hostile when we informed him of our purpose.
The priest said that Little St. Hugh was not really a saint, and it was only a legend.
He was visibly shocked when we informed him that Saint Hugh was a saint honoured in the Middle Ages, and that he does not have the authority to remove his sainthood. Far from being a legend, he was a real person, a child murdered and his body found down a Jew's well shaft.
The usual charge of anti-Semitism was thrown at us, to which we pointed out that it was only this historic Jewish crime that was re-written, and that nobody had tried to change the story of Saint Edmund so as not to offend the Danes. We told him that he seemed to be ashamed and embarrassed to have a shrine to a murdered child in his cathedral, at which point he said through gritted teeth,
"I am pleased that you are so well informed on the subject".
He then slunk off with his tail between his legs.
A little while later our group entered the Cathedral and went straight to the shrine of Saint Hugh where we saw that the modern church authorities have erected a placard absolving the Jews of this crime (denying the ritual murder) and effectively blaming it on medieval Christians.
I read out the following statement to our assembled group at the shrine:
"We are here today in memory of Little Saint Hugh, who was murdered in the year 1255 by Jews, he was just 9 years old. The medieval historian Mathew Parris recorded the event.
A Jew named Jopin confessed to the murder and implicated the wider Jewish community of the time in this crime, Jopin suggested that the killing of Hugh was a ritual religious sacrifice.
The modern statement here is an abomination and an insult to the memory of Little Saint Hugh."

We then held a minutes silence in memory of Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln.

On leaving the Cathedral one of our party said that he felt "spiritually cleansed" by the service, at which the rest of us agreed.
Some of us continued our cultural tour and went to the castle to see the original Magna Carta, while others visited the town. We all reconvened for a drink in the Magna Carta pub and all agreed that it had been a worthwhile event."


Inside Lincoln Cathedral a salute to St Hugh of Lincoln and honouring a forgotten tradition
from the Middle Ages. 

Ukrainian Government In Kiev passes new laws banning Communist symbols and songs.
In Britain and across Europe Left-wing journalists are squealing in protest because the Ukrainian government has passed new laws which ban the display of Communist symbols and the singing of Soviet era songs. The same law also makes it a criminal offence to deny the crimes of the communists,
"the criminal character of the communist totalitarian regime of 1917 to 1991 in Ukraine."
This applies to individuals, organisations and the media.
( These same journalists do not seem to mind that in countries like Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and France there are laws outlawing National Socialist symbols and songs)
In recent years the Left-wing and Zionist organisations have protested when Ukrainian authorities have erected monuments to Ukrainian Nationalist heroes such as Stefan Bandera. Now they are up in arms because Marxist anthems like the 'Internationale' and Soviet era songs are now banned in Ukraine. Since April 2014 over 100 statues of Lenin have been removed from public display across Ukraine, something that Left-wingers and so-called 'Human Rights' groups describe as "Lenin fall".
Interestingly the new laws also make it an offence to deny the legitimacy of the anti-communist Ukrainian Nationalist organisations that fought the Red Army in the 1940's, both during the Second World War and in the immediate post-war years.

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The General Election 2015 - Some British Movemment Observations

Some Observations by British Movement

The election result came as no real surprise
Big business won.
The Conservatives were elected on just 31% of votes cast.

The Conservatives will now ride rough-shod over the ordinary British people and international corporate business will pillage Britain and the British economy.
BM does not stand candidates in these elections, which are a rigged game.
For proof of this sham 'democratic process' look no further than the election campaign run by the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP.
Over 4 Million votes cast for UKIP - the result was just one Member of Parliament for UKIP.

BM delighted to see the Labour Party taking a battering
Good to see Labour Party leader Ed Miliband losing the election.
How this North London champagne socialist thought that the White British working-class voters would identify with the left-wing multi-cultural party he was leading is beyond belief.
Ed Miliband has never worked outside politics; he is the son of a Jewish Marxist academic who came to Britain as a political refugee in 1940; he was brought up in a Far-Left family and went straight into the Labour Party from university, working as a researcher for Labour MP's and went from there into a safe Labour seat. Both he and his brother David were Labour MP's in the Blair/Brown administration; so how did Miliband think that White British people would follow him and elect him Prime Minister?
BM supporters in West Yorkshire were very pleased to see Labour MP Ed Balls losing his seat, he has been an object of hatred by British racial Nationalists for a number of years.
Good to see the Labour Party devastated in Scotland, but a pity that it has been replaced in Scotland by the Leftist false nationalists of the SNP.

The British electoral system is a con trick

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APRIL - 2015 - The NS Struggle Continues

April 2015
The National Socialist Struggle Continues
NS Weekend Moot
April 18th/19th

Some of the British Movement activists and supporters who gathered on the weekend of April 18th and 19th to mark the
BM Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire April Moot.
The weekend of April 18th and 19th was the setting for the BM HER division April Moot.
Across the evening the club house was the base for several short film presentations and comradeship.
Toasts were made to mark the coming April 20th - raised in honour of the memory of the National Socialist leaders of the past; Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and Colin Jordan.
Bar-b-ques outside fed the gathering and after 10 pm the main camp fire was lit.
Overnight camping and long discussions around the camp fire for those braving the chilly Eastern winds off the North Sea to spend the night under canvas.
Elsewhere on the same weekend BM activists and supporters joined with other racial Nationalists in a Blood and Honour gig held in the Midlands.
In addition, in other parts of the UK other BM groups and individuals honoured the April 20th date on the actual Monday April 20th.

Saint George's Day

Some of the British Movement activists who gathered in the late afternoon of April 23rd to march on the streets of Hull in celebration of St George's Day - England's National Day.
A hard core of BM activists made the mid-week activity in Hull, which is now becoming an annual event to mark St George's Day.
In other parts of England British Movement activists and supporters joined in locally organised patriotic parades and gatherings.

Straight from the heart........

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