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April 2015 - British Movement News and Views

British Movement News & Views
April 2015
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 On the Streets of Ulster...........

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Meanwhile in Reading, Berkshire.........

BM stickers blotting out unwelcome Marxist (Anti-Fascist) propaganda
And in Staffordshire - the British Movement message goes out...... 

Greville Janner Escapes Prosecution Again !
Greville Janner aka Lord Janner of Braunstone, the former Labour Member of Parliament for Leicester West, former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, former Chairman or executive member of at least a dozen different pro-Israel, Zionist organisations or Holocaust memorial groups, has once again avoided prosecution for historic child-sex offences.
In the British Movement newspaper 'The Emblem' issue number 2, the case against Janner was summarised. It is a fact that Janner has been declared 'unfit' to be prosecuted because he has been declared medically unfit ( Alzheimer's disease or dementia depending who is reporting).
BUT - there have been repeated attempts to secure charges against Janner for almost 20 years and each time he has evaded prosecution because of his powerful position in British politics and as a leading member of Britain's Jewish community.
In total no less than four separate police investigations have had Greville Janner in the top list of suspects but each time the System has forced the investigating officers to back off.
Now the situation is so damning that even Leicestershire Police are seeking to challenge the DPP decision not to charge and prosecute Grevill Janner.
Where is British Justice ?

This booklet was published in 1995 and was part of a failed attempt to get Greville Janner MP into court to face multiple charges of sexual offences against young boys. The Establishment closed ranks and protected Janner.

The Camp of the Saints Nightmare Continues...
The Flood of non-White Humanity Across the Mediterranean Into Europe
18,000 illegal migrants have landed in Italy since January 1st 2015
The liberals and the Left are beating the human rights drum - demanding that the governments of Western Europe, including Britain, pour money, ships, resources and medical supplies into rescuing the African and Asiatic tidal wave of migrants crossing the Mediterranean on a daily basis.
Italy is now struggling to cope with the numbers arriving on its shores, Greece and Spain are also under pressure. These people, the migrants want to spread out across Europe and settle, permanently.
This includes thousands who want to come to Britain.
This situation will never end unless the White British and White Europeans act to stop it.
This invasion of Europe will eventually destroy our culture, our race and Folk.
 White South African Identity Christian Magazine Supports British Movement
"The Trumpet "- Publication of the Christian Commonwealth of Covenant
 People. (P O Box 141, Rondebosch, Republic of South Africa. 7701.)
Issue 202  of the CCoCP magazine devoted several pages to describe British Movement (BNSM) in the most positive terms and offered its readers Biblical quotations which justified support for BM and its National Socialist position. The magazine also duplicated a number of sections from the late 1990's BM/BNSM Policies and Principles booklet.
Front cover of the most recent issue of "The Trumpet"
Only criticism from NS OUTLOOK is that British Movement has not 'turned' National Socialist,
British Movement has always been National Socialist !
  Don't Forget !
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 APRIL 20th
National Socialist Greetings to all National Socialists Across Britain, Europe and the White World!


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Into April 2015 - Challenge the System

Challenge the System

BM Sunwheel on Facebook - The BM Sunwheel Office had launched a BM Facebook page as an experiment to see what kind of response we could generate on 'social media'.
Unfortunately after a few weeks Facebook have shut it down as an organisation 'they'
don't approve.

White Pride Demonstration
Piccadilly Gardens Manchester
March 28th
Organised by the NF this was a pan-Nationalist event, there were British Movement activists there from various regions including BM East Midlands, West Yorkshire, SWBM and BM North-West England.
As usual the media, local  authority (Manchester City council) and Greater Manchester Police made every effort to prevent and disrupt the activity.
<We would be interested to receive any digital images of BM participants in this rally>

New double-sided BM leaflet
(opposite side is Fusilier Lee Rigby)

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office: P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England UK.