Saturday, February 28, 2015

British Movement News and Views - End of February - Into March 2015

End of February - Into March 2015
British Movement News & Views
British Movement sticker in front - Alexandra Palace behind.
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BM Activity in Newbury, Berkshire
Street distributions of BM leaflet "Immigration Has Ruined Our Nation".
No problems, no confrontations - hundreds of leaflets distributed.
 Pediga UK
On Saturday 28th February Pediga UK will stage its first public demonstration in the city centre of Newcastle on Tyne. It is hard to know what this 'new' organisation hopes to achieve given the number of other organisations already actively opposing Islamic fundamentalism, Muslim Grooming gangs, the building of new mosques etc in the North East of England.
According to recent postings on NS Outlook and reports e-mailed to the BM Sunwheel Office, the organisers of Pediga UK have stated that they do not want known NS or racial Nationalist activists involved in their protests - so who will they get ? UKIPpers?

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  1. Apparently, they have been slagging off the NF and others for turning-up today! Ungrateful sods! Also, one of their so-called organisers Emma Scott, was boasting about planning to distribute BM literature the other day - I think they need to make up their mind lol! 14w

  2. Nice stickers can non-members purchase them please?

  3. See the website below for BM merchandise, they can help you with the stickers.

    Not everyone got the memo from PEGIDA, plenty of BM, NS', NA, NF and assorted others letting there presence be known today. (Photo's to follow)

  4. BM Stickers are available from the BM Sunwheel Office - price £2.50 per mixed bundle make cheques/postal orders payable to 'NS Press UK'.

  5. I could do with some more stickers to do camden london england please!!from paul conway london .i payed for them Xmas .still waiting for them ? Oi Oi

    1. When did you order the stickers?
      BM Sunwheel office has no record of the order - when was your letter sent?

    2. Ive been sending $5.oo postal orders forsome time know ,ive had Many letters sent back to me thanking me for donations..but no stickers were sent??as yet...but idid,ask for some please...whitepride

    3. Dear,sunwheel office,thank you for your stickers,will put them to good use..also im know renewing my bm membership this week !!!Cheers.nuttypaul 14 words...