Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year 2015 - British Movement News and Views

British Movement News & Views
Many thanks to all those contacts across Britain and Europe who sent Yuletide and New Year greetings to British Movement and to the BM Sunwheel Office.

A fiery cross marks the Winter Solstice in the traditions of Celtic Britain 

A Year of Challenges 2015
British Movement enters the New Year with an agenda set out at the BM Annual General Meeting
in October 2014. An expansion of existing projects, new developments and the continuation of the 'White Towns' strategy launched last year.

There is much work to be done and much campaigning to undertake both to uphold the spirit of the '14 Words' in Britain and to challenge the corrosive corrupting influences of multi-culturalism.

The Left and the liberals are getting anxious about the emergence of 'Pegida'.
The populist and anti-immigration network 'Pediga' is bringing ordinary Germans out onto the streets of many German towns and cities to demonstrate opposition to Third World immigration into Germany and Europe, against multi-culturalism, and specifically against the "Islamification of German and European society."
'Pediga' is an umbrella organisation bringing together anti-immigration organisations, populist nationalists, racial nationalists and some core National Socialist groups. 
The turnout of over 18,000 demonstrators in Dresden on January 5th has rattled the Left and assorted fellow-travellers. The usual leftist and pro-multiculturalist opposition groups have turned out on the streets and the German Establishment media are cranking up the anti-'Pediga' hysteria.
The German chancellor Angela Merkel, herself a keen multi-culturalist and globalist has joined in the opposition, mouthing all the tired old clich├ęs about racism, xenophobia, prejudice etc. etc.
These self-styled defenders of 'liberal democracy' can never seem to grasp that large sections of the indigenous population might not like the idea of being swamped by alien cultures or being turned into a minority population in their homeland.
Thankfully thousands of ordinary, real Germans do not swallow the globalist, internationalist clap-trap and are speaking out against immigration, globalism, Third World colonisation of Europe and the threat of Islamification.

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  1. The murders in Paris this week commuted by "French citizens of Algerian descent" proves these Islamic scum have no intention of changing to fit in with the nation which is putting up with them,just like the "British Citizens of Pakistani descent" here.

  2. We should really be worried about the 100,000s of lazy kiddy fiddling scum Blair and Brown brought in from 2000. Locally in Hull theres an entire area of the city filled with these maggots feeding off the state. And local girls. Brave Islamic young men. Leave the wife, mother and daughter in Iraq and go feed off the UK. Scum. When the trial comes I want to see Blair in the dock, for endangering us all, and our families here in the UK.

  3. Pegida UK have stated to myself that NS are not welcome ,,,go figure that one out ,,,see Pegida cause 13 ...oh dear

    1. Pediga UK is the EDL rebranded. I, for one, will not be 'marching' with a bunch of boozed up football hooligans carrying Israeli flags.

      We should have learned long ago that compromise with the state gets us nowhere. In the circumstances of today, compromise is seen as weakness; attempting to ingratiate yourself with a system that is hell bent on your destruction is a waste of time.