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January 2015 - mid month British Movement News and Views

January 2015
British Movement News & Views
 Freedom For Gary Yarborough
 January 17th
Outside the US Embassy in London, British Movement was represented alongside activists from other racial Nationalist organisations to demand that the American government release imprisoned Order member Gary Yarborough. Gary Yarborough has now served 30 years in the US prison system and should be released.


Sunday January 11th

British Movement activists joined the city centre vigil after the Paris Islamic terrorist attacks.
(In no way does this indicate support for the Marxist-Jewish publication 'Charlie Hebdo'.)

Wednesday January 14th
Channel 4
"Angry, White and Proud."
Why on Earth did the nationalists of South East Alliance agree to let a TV documentary journalist accompany them on their activities?
Did the SEA not grasp that the programme would not only be a left-wing directed 'hatchet job' on their activities and attitudes, but routinely such documentaries collaborate closely with professional anti-racist organisations when researching the programme and usually hand over a copy of all their footage, not just the edited broadcast footage, to the same anti-racist/anti-fascist organisation.
 The programme did British Nationalism no favours, and as is always the case, the documentary makers were out to show these people in the worst possible light, to undermine British Nationalism in general and to convince the viewing public that British Nationalism is a 'lost cause'.
The journalist providing the voice-over commentary started out from the position that these people are wrong and we will show you (the viewer) why they are wrong.
The only time that the journalist became concerned was during the protests in Rotherham when it was obvious that members of the public were showing support for all the Nationalist demonstrators and shoppers were clapping as the flag bearing column marched through the town centre. 
There was a lot of leading comments by the journalist about "militants" and activists wanting to form a "militia" to carry out attacks on Islamists. This was a deliberate ploy and NS Outlook suggests that this was the agent provocateur role of the programme makers, trying to incite such a response so that those wanting a more militant response could be put in the same category as the Islamic jihadists.
 Note: That as is often the case with such contrived documentaries they always feature one 'committed' activist who, at the conclusion of the programme is expressing 'doubts' about the cause.
Thus proving to the TV audience that the featured organisation, and thereby racial Nationalism is something to be condemned and avoided.
This is how one Left-wing journalist summed up what
 he had seen on the Channel 4 documentary......

 One thing the programme "Angry, white and proud" did do, was to expose the violent nature of organised anti-fascist opposition, especially the masked thugs of anti-Fa. on the streets of Brighton.
It also showed a number of instances were the police were deliberately obstructive, provocative and less than even handed when dealing with Nationalist protests.Here at NS Outlook we are sure that the ageing anti-fascist photographer Daphne Liddle appeared in one sequence, provocatively photographing the SEA activists and making snide comments to their faces. No doubt hoping to generate some violent or abusive response for the camera. In all seriousness, no British racial Nationalists should collaborate with such documentary makers. These people are always hostile, no matter how 'friendly' they pretend to be and are overwhelmingly operating from a pre-conceived left-wing position.*** One bright moment in the programme was a very short piece of footage that showed a group of British Movement activists holding up BM Sunwheel flags during the anti-grooming protests in Rotherham town centre.

January 19th 2014
Pediga March Cancelled - due to death threats against campaign organisers.
 Last week saw more than 25,000 anti-Islamist marchers in Dresden, the German government are becoming increasingly agitated about the growing levels of support for the Pediga network and suddenly the Federal police discover a jihadist threat to kill some of the key Pediga organisers, so in the interests of public safety etc. this week the march was cancelled.
(Highly suspicious)
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January 2015 British Movement News and Views

January 2015
British Movement News & Views

The Poison Of Multiculturalism
Strikes Again

The jihadist attacks in Paris have once again exposed the lie that multi-culturalism is a 'good thing' and that 'diversity' only serves to create the conditions where Third World political, religious and cultural tensions not only swamp and erode the indigenous European culture but expose the indigenous population to the usually violent outbursts of imported armed conflicts.
The jihadists carry out these attacks to force Western European people to accept 'their' world view and religious/culture values, and to punish those Europeans who challenge the Islamists 'right' to impose Sharia and Islamic fundamentalism on British or European countries.

Of course the media, the liberals and the Left are mouthing off about how communities must stand together; how the Paris atrocities must not be used to stir up so-called 'Islamophobia'; how the atrocities must not cause divisions; the Islamic terrorist do not represent all Muslims, etc. etc.
All the predictable outpourings in defence of multi-culturalism and a multi-racial society that we have heard before after each jihadist attack (9/11 - the London Bombings - the Madrid bombings - the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby - the list goes on and on . Yet still the champions of 'diversity' insist on ignoring the obvious conclusions - mass Third World immigration and multi-cultural communities in Britain and Europe have created the conditions where such conflicts erupt against the host (indigenous) communities and tighten the grip of the non-white colonists on our beleaguered White communities.

This does not mean that NS Outlook supports the publication 'Charlie Hebdo', far from it.
The magazine was a defender of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism and was a mouth-piece for Left-wing ideas and liberal politics.
"Live By Multi-Culturalism - Die By Multi-Culturalism"
For an interesting commentary on the  publication 'Charlie Hebdo' and the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris see the article on the BM Ulster blog site 'Ulster Sunwheel / Ulster Dawn'
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New Year 2015 - British Movement News and Views

British Movement News & Views
Many thanks to all those contacts across Britain and Europe who sent Yuletide and New Year greetings to British Movement and to the BM Sunwheel Office.

A fiery cross marks the Winter Solstice in the traditions of Celtic Britain 

A Year of Challenges 2015
British Movement enters the New Year with an agenda set out at the BM Annual General Meeting
in October 2014. An expansion of existing projects, new developments and the continuation of the 'White Towns' strategy launched last year.

There is much work to be done and much campaigning to undertake both to uphold the spirit of the '14 Words' in Britain and to challenge the corrosive corrupting influences of multi-culturalism.

The Left and the liberals are getting anxious about the emergence of 'Pegida'.
The populist and anti-immigration network 'Pediga' is bringing ordinary Germans out onto the streets of many German towns and cities to demonstrate opposition to Third World immigration into Germany and Europe, against multi-culturalism, and specifically against the "Islamification of German and European society."
'Pediga' is an umbrella organisation bringing together anti-immigration organisations, populist nationalists, racial nationalists and some core National Socialist groups. 
The turnout of over 18,000 demonstrators in Dresden on January 5th has rattled the Left and assorted fellow-travellers. The usual leftist and pro-multiculturalist opposition groups have turned out on the streets and the German Establishment media are cranking up the anti-'Pediga' hysteria.
The German chancellor Angela Merkel, herself a keen multi-culturalist and globalist has joined in the opposition, mouthing all the tired old clich├ęs about racism, xenophobia, prejudice etc. etc.
These self-styled defenders of 'liberal democracy' can never seem to grasp that large sections of the indigenous population might not like the idea of being swamped by alien cultures or being turned into a minority population in their homeland.
Thankfully thousands of ordinary, real Germans do not swallow the globalist, internationalist clap-trap and are speaking out against immigration, globalism, Third World colonisation of Europe and the threat of Islamification.

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. West Yorkshire. WF16 0XF.