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End of November 2014 - British Movement News and Views

British Movement News & Views
End of November 2014

Across November British Movement activists across the UK have continued to push out BM leaflets, stickers, posters and other items of Movement literature.
BM has continued to operate the NS Welfare 'Bring a Tin' project in certain parts of the country and food parcels have been delivered on a local basis to struggling white British families.
This is small scale, we just wish that we had the numbers and resources to do more, but at least we are trying.
Issue 50 of Broadsword magazine is now on sale and in circulation.

November 29th
Greek Embassy - London
British Movement members joined other British and European racial Nationalists in the protest outside the Greek Embassy in support of Golden Dawn.
As discussed in the previous NS Outlook blog the Greek government continues to harass and persecute Golden Dawn, its MP's and activists, even though Golden Dawn is a legal, elected political organisation in Greece.

The Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Vulnerable White Girls
Now the Somalis get in on the act.....
It seems that equality of opportunity extends to all aspects of multi-racial Britain these days, including the revolting abuse, rape and prostitution of under age White British girls by diverse ethnic minority groups. Until the last week of November 2014, the majority of rape/sexual abuse trials had revolved around gangs and networks of men in the Asian/Pakistani (the politically correct media prefer to say "men of Pakistani-heritage") colonised areas of certain British cities; with a few Bengali, Afghan, Kurdish or North Africans taking part to spice up the ethnic mix.
Certainly the trials of the cases in Rochdale/Heywood, Rotherham, Sheffield and Derby were about Pakistani gangs, but now the Somalis have entered the scene just to prove that other ethnic minorities can take part in the abuse of under age White girls too. Diversity and equal opportunities in action.
And just as in the trials and scandals involving Pakistani men, the Somali colonists in Bristol have wheeled out the 'Community leaders' to denounce the crimes and to declare that the Somali communities in Bristol and Britain are shocked, horrified, and these crimes are committed by only a criminal handful,  but Somalis are really law-abiding and respectful of British laws etc. etc.
 Just what we have hear before from Pakistani 'Community Leaders'.
And of course the police have chipped in to say that they are on alert because,
" the case could prompt race hate attacks".
NS Outlook would argue that race hate crimes were already being committed against the young White British girls by the Somali rapists and groomers.

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK


  1. Coppers who've had dealings with Somalis might tell you, off the record of course, that Somalis are scum who would cut your throat for 6 pence!

  2. No coincidence the 'asylum' seekers are only young blokes after some white meat and white benefit..where are their women and kids they left behind? Utter scum, yet more genetic dross allowed to pollute the blood of this nation. Only thing worse are those slappers who find let them.

  3. The garbage Blair, Brown and Cameron have let into this nation to poison our children, take our jobs, bleed our benefits and NHS, take our housing, all protected by those shower of shite in Westminster and Brussels...will it never end

  4. The last gouvernement let all these black mupits into our country to desroy it!!! to wipe out our english race !!british by the grâce of god!!!

  5. This is why...this is why ...they fere the british movement,no other party stands ..up for...the white man !

  6. A very merry Yule to all BM members & supporters.
    Remember to mark the 21st - the beginning of Yuletide celebrations/Winter Solstice in accordance with the BM Family Book. Wassail - Ves Heil.

  7. Sent comment to BM Alba Scotland blogsite but no reply, re getting a meeting up and running in March or before. A Merry white Christmas to you all


  9. A Merry Xmas to all...members/surporters of the whitepride british movemen britian and european brothers/sisters...lets hope for. a great whitepride new year 2o15...lets make it the best the world has ever seen !!no more brothers wars!!from nuttypauly@dott..xx

    It has been circulating around by certain few ,small minded, discontented, pencil dicked goons who masquerade as so call white nationalists that the BM is going soft !!!! Why cos at a recent gathering of RAIF the organiser handed the megaphone to a self confessed moderate muslim who 'allegedly' hated radical islam.
    So let deal with the facts - a moderate muslim approached the organiser in front of Hull city centre CCTV and police and asked 'what you got against muslims' why he continued to ask this question numerous times is your guess, however one could deduce that the guy was trying to solicit a racist response or he was wired ??. Our policy in BM HER division is 'your no use to the movement hamstrung in prison'. However it was evident that this moderate muslim was not going away so the organiser called the guys bluff and said 'if your against radical islam then say so to the public -right now !!!'. This was a moment of priceless humour witnessing a muslim slagging off radical islam in Hull city centre in front of the police. It was also political gold dust in that members of the general public also witnessed this. Remember RAIF is a public awareness project aimed at making the public aware of and soliciting their support towards the elimination of radical islam from our shores.
    TO THOSE FEW GOONS WHO SPOUT FALSE INUENDO ABOUT THE BM you are no worse than red scum and my message to you is we know who you are !!!!! and your an embarrassment , a disgrace to the cause and you should be cleansed of your pathetic, spinelessness via a good flogging and dragging.