Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Round-Up - British Movement News and Views

October Round-Up
British Movement News and Views

British Movement
Annual General Meeting
October 25th 2014
The AGM took place on Saturday October 25th - host region was the East Midlands.
A busy meeting with delegates from across the UK - reports from Organisers on activities since the 2013 AGM and future plans. Updates on projects and discussions of strategy.
A very positive event with plenty of breaks for socialising and a buffet provided by the BMWD.
The usual auction sale raised money for the BM Land Fund and the regular awards ceremony took place acknowledging the efforts of individual activists and regional groups.
This year the Sunwheel Honour Shield went to the Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District branch.

The Things They Say......
This is the mentality behind multi-culturalism
 A few choice comments by the Guardian journalist and columnist Hugh Muir on the fact that a taxi firm in the Rochdale and Heywood area of Lancashire is providing a service to its customers by allowing them to request a White driver - this follows on from the scandal in Rochdale and Heywood where a number of Asian taxi drivers were found to be part of the sex grooming gangs.
In his regular Guardian column, amusingly entitled "Hideously Diverse Britain" (amusing to the liberal mind) in which he regularly attacks any criticism of multi-racial communities or ethnic diversity, Hugh Muir offers this multi-culturalist opinion on the Rochdale/Heywood taxi firm;
"In matters of diversity, our quest for order and fairness resulted in the
Equality Act 2010, meaning that, whatever prejudices we all have,
we agree to curb them for the public good."
This is how the liberals and the Left think - how dare Muir say that, " we agree " this ignores the fact that equality, diversity and multi-culturalism has been forced on the indigenous British people and legislation like the Equality Act, the Race Relations Act, Public Order Act 1986 etc. are bludgeons used by the State to batter any resistance to a multi-racial Britain out of the White British.
For Hugh Muir a multi-cultural, multi-racial society is a done deal and how dare the White British majority population object to any aspect of it.
(Mr Hugh Muir is of course 'Black British' by ethnic origins - brought up in London by his parents who were immigrants from the Caribbean)

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