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October 2014 - British Movement News and Views

October 2014
British Movement News and Views

Pictured below is the old British Movement Drum corps leading a BM march in Worcester
in 1981. The BM Sunwheel Office is trying to find out what became of the drums and other equipment.

We know that the BM Drum corps was organised and led by the late Pete Brawley, an ex-soldier who lived in Manchester, the Bass Drummer was a chap known as 'Sticks', most of the BM Drum corps volunteers were from the Manchester/Lancashire area, a couple of the drummers were from Rochdale and Bury. As well as the Worcester march, the Drum corps took part in other BM demonstrations, a couple of drums led the BM march in Dewsbury in October 1981 and the Metropolitan Police prevented the drums from leading the winter 1981 BM London march from Marble Arch. In 1982 it was planned for the Drum Corps to lead a BM march in Halifax but the march was banned - a senior West Yorkshire Police commander told the BM march organisers that he did not like the ideas of drums leading the march because it was a bit too much like Ulster parades.
Does anyone out there know what became of the BM drums and other kit ?

Commander Matt Koehl
Died October 10th at his home in Wisconsin, USA - he was 79 years old.
Matt Koehl had a long history of National Socialist activity in the USA, he was deputy to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell in the ANP in the 1960's. Following the assassination of Commander Rockwell, Matt Koehl assumed leadership of the ANP, which became the NSWPP.
He edited the newspaper 'White Power'.
After the NSWPP folded, Matt Koehl was part of the group the established the New Order organisation and remained part of its leadership until his death/

Matt Koehl visiting the Dutch veteran National Socialist Florentine van Tonningen
in Holland in the mid-1990's.

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office; P O box 6. Heckmondwike WF16 0XF. England, UK



    Steve Frost - 9th John Tyndall memorial meeting

  2. Cheers Paul WhiteBritish for the link.

    Four links to the national secretary speaking at various events this year:
    Copy Paste and enjoy.
    Hail the BNSM. 14-88.

  3. Thanks. I had Benny from Whitelaw on the show recently. He's a BM supporter.

    P.S Any news on the upcoming BM conference?

  4. Great show with Benny, and a good insight into the B&H Brotherhood for folk who are not to familiar with B&H. You should get in touch with the SW office for travel details for the Conference, they will hook you up with someone. Hope to see you there. 14-88.

  5. Not sure if this info is any good but the at Surrey Border Front meetings in Croydon about 1998 there was an Afrikaner who was planning to start a drum corp. Not sure what happened to him? Hope that might jog someone's memory.