Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 2014 - The BM Autumn Campaign Begins

October 2014
British Movement's Autumn Campaign Begins

Another Toxic Product of Third World Immigration
That Britain Must Not Import
 Ebola must not set foot in Britain.
How long will it be before some illegal immigrant fleeing West Africa brings Ebola into the UK?
The UK Government is trying to act as if it has the situation under control at the British end, the new 'screening' arrangements at our major international airports are supposed to guarantee our nation's safety. But hundreds, if not several thousand illegal immigrants a year are smuggled into Britain.

There are tens of thousands of economic migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees and fellow travellers coming out of West Africa every month, all heading northwards to try to cross the Mediterranean to gain entry into Europe and for many their desired destination is Britain.
So to repeat the question - How long will it be before an Ebola infected migrant from western Africa manages to enter the UK before the disease overwhelms him/her ?
All migration from the infected countries for whatever purpose, must be halted, and those countries must be subject to international quarantine.

Heritage and Destiny
John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Preston October 11th 2014
There was a good turnout of British Movement members and supporters at the Heritage & Destiny meeting this year. The BM National Secretary was one of the guest speakers during the afternoon; the security for the meeting was provided by a team of British Movement LG, and there was a busy BM sales table in the meeting room.
British Movement thanks Heritage & Destiny for the invitation to provide a speaker and for the other opportunities being involved in this pan-Nationalist event.

BM contact details:-
BM Sunwheel Office: P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the H&D JT memorial and being around so many like minded comrades, the BM presence was outstanding for a non BM event, National Action also provided a good number of attendees, and there photo call at the end of the day turned a few heads. Bring on the Autumn Campaign.
    Hail the BNSM. N Yorks. (

  2. Three links to the national secretary speaking at various events this year:
    Copy Paste and enjoy.