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Late September 2014 - British Movement News and Views

Late September 2014
British Movement News and Views

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Note to hostile agencies - Not all the BM Hull & East Riding branch members and supporters were
present for this photo-call - so counting heads will not give you a full number of our people in this branch.

Beverley - East Yorkshire
September 16th 2014
British Movement activists picket the council offices to protest at the presence of a former Rotherham social services manager being employed in East Yorkshire child services.

Blood & Honour
Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Festival
September 19th - 21st

Once again a splendid gathering of National Socialists and racial Nationalists from across Britain, across Europe and the far fringes of the White World.
Once again Blood and Honour did a first class job in organising a suitable site in the face of a determined effort by the State to prevent the ISD from taking place this year.
Credit is due to all those involved in putting on this weekend long event and with providing all the facilities.
Once again British Movement was represented over the weekend in good numbers; our Sunwheel Office sales team were well served and our fund raisers amongst the crowds did excellent work. NS Outlook would like to extend the thanks of our head office team to Blood and Honour for allowing BM the space for our sales team and our raffle - fund raisers.
Issue 2
British Movement's occasional street newspaper : - Issue 2 is out now

British Movement contact details:
     BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK
     E-mail:    sunwheelteam@gmail.com

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6, Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England.

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Mid- September 2014 - British Movement News and Views

September 2014
British Movement News & Views

# Apologies to all our regular NS Outlook readers - here at the BM Sunwheel Office we have had technical problems with our computers and the main on-line unit has had to go in for repairs. This has unfortunately interrupted our blog work including NS Outlook and the Northland Forum.

Street Activities

Saturday September 13th 2014
A group of British Movement activists travelled to Rotherham to join other racial Nationalist and patriotic organisations in the pan-Nationalist demonstrations on the streets of Rotherham.

Over 1,000 assorted pro-White protestors occupied the city centre to voice opposition to all aspects of the recently revealed sexual exploitation and grooming scandal in the town.
see report on British Movement activists on the Western Spring site

HULL and East Riding of Yorkshire
Tuesday September 16th 2014
British Movement activists from the BM Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire division staged a demonstration outside the East Riding Council offices in Beverley to draw public attention to the fact that certain senior social service managers at East Riding Council were previously employed by Rotherham Council during the crucial 16 year period of the grooming and sexual exploitation scandal. 
BM activists picketed the front of council offices and answered questions from concerned members of the public.

Thankfully the Union was preserved and despite the machinations of hostile elements in both the 'Yes' and 'No' campaigns, Scotland remains British.
Now the task begins to counter the Establishment and to build a British National Socialist alternative across the entire British Isles.
Check out the BM Scotland blog site.
An excellent essay by a Scottish NS activist on the whole question of British nationality and the Scottish independence referendum has been reproduced on the BM Ulster Sunwheel blog site
Ulster Dawn.

British Movement contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England.
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September 2014 - British Movement News and Views

September 2014
British Movement News & Views

 August 31st 2014
  Victoria Square Protest

A British Movement organiser broadcasts the truth about Nelson Mandela and his terrorist background to people walking through Victoria Square.

Hull City Council has announced its intention to honour the late South African President, former African National Congress (ANC) leader, South African Communist activist and convicted pan-African terrorist Nelson Mandela at the 2014 Hull Freedom Festival.
This announcement angered the activists of the British Movement Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Division, so on the afternoon of Sunday August 31st 2014 a protest was organised to take place in Victoria Square, Hull.
The regional British Movement organiser addressed the general public via a loud hailer and BM activists paraded protest placards and distributed leaflets that gave details of Nelson Mandela's terrorist convictions and the atrocity record of the ANC's para-military wing during the years prior to Mandela being released from prison.
 Other BM activists put on a colourful display of patriotic flags and BM Sunwheel flags and banners.
British Movement activists setting up flags and banners in Victoria Square, Hull.
The BM protest made it clear that there were council tax payers in Hull who strongly objected to the City Council spending local taxes on an event to honour a convicted terrorist who had no connections to the city and port of Hull.

Corporation Fields Hull
Remembering Mosley
August 31st 2014

Later on the afternoon of the anti-Nelson Mandela protest, some of the British Movement activists involved gathered in a different part of the city. This time it was a small rally on the site of the old Corporation Fields, a historic location where Sir Oswald Mosley had held open air BUF rallies during the late 1930's.

The BM National Secretary makes a short speech about the history of Sir Oswald Mosley and the Blackshirt rallies in Hull on Corporation Fields in 1936 and 1937.
As one British Movement organiser declared;
" National Socialism returns to Corporation Fields, Hull for the first time since
Sir Oswald Mosley's last rally there in 1937."

 National Action Protest -Normanton
September 6th 2014
British Movement activists from West Yorkshire supported this anti-grooming protest organised by National Action.

The National Action protest in Normanton

The Scandal Continues
There is no point repeating what has already been voiced on the NS Outlook blogs, but this is the story that refuses to go away and the forces of multi-culturalism are desperately trying to bury the scandal and throw up a series of smokescreen stories.
It is the crisis for multi-racialism that will not go away.
British Movement will certainly not let this issue drop and as with other British racial Nationalist organisations, BM will keep hammering home the truth about the Asian sex-grooming gangs.
White British girls are NOT halal-meat.
Meanwhile West Yorkshire Police have reluctantly admitted that the force is currently involved in a series of investigations of over 65 cases of sexual exploitation and grooming.
As before in Rotherham, the majority of the men under investigation are of "Pakistani-heritage" and the majority of victims are under-age White British girls.
The first prosecutions are likely to start in the Bradford area.
At long last - a new edition of the British Movement street newspaper is almost ready to come off
 the printing presses - details on the next NS Outlook blog.

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Rotherham - The Asian Child-Sex Gangs - A Poisonous Side-Effect of Multiculturalism

The Asian Child-Sex Grooming Gangs
A Poisonous Side-Effect of Multiculturalism
and an On-going Evil of a Multi-racial  Society
  The news story broke over recent days that over a 16 year period, as many as 1,400 under age White British girls were groomed for sexual exploitation by gangs of Asian men in the town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

NS Outlook covered the story in a short piece in the August Round-up blog, but the story is so big and the scandal so far reaching that it requires much more comment.

In 2010 a gang of younger Rotherham based Pakistani men were successfully prosecuted
for grooming under age White girls, rape, sexual abuse, and trafficking the girls as prostitutes.
But this was just a handful of possibly hundreds of perpetrators involved over at least sixteen years, and the defendants in the 2010 Rotherham trial were too young to have been operating across the whole period. In addition, witnesses testified that many older Asian men were involved and girls from Rotherham had been transported to Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford to be passed around gangs of older Asian men.

The guilty 'British-Pakistani' gang from the Rotherham case in 2010.
These are the only rapist - child-sex abusers and pimps of under-age girls successfully prosecuted in Rotherham.
How many more have gone undetected or covered-up?
There has been a media storm since this story broke and there are hundreds of unanswered questions as to why South Yorkshire Police either failed or refused to act on the vast number of reports put before them over this period of time.
How much of a cover up took place by Rotherham social services and child protection workers?
How much of this was covered up by the ruling Labour Party on Rotherham Council?
What role was played by elected Asian councillors in the Labour Party?
Are the claims that police and social workers avoided action because to do so would 'harm' race relations in Rotherham true?
Is it true that the Labour Government of  Prime Minister Tony Blair rejected a report by a Home Office civil servant because it drew attention to the situation in Rotherham and focussed on the racial aspects of the sexual offences?
Not surprisingly the liberals and leftist supporters of multi-culturalism have been quick to defend their social experiment and desperately offer a smokescreen in the 'interests of community cohesion'.
One left-wing journalist wittered on that although the sexual predators in Rotherham were
'British-Pakistanis', in the recent Peterborough child-rapist/sex-grooming gang case the abusers were not Asian but Slovakian and Czech Roma men !

For British National Socialists this remains evidence of the evils of multi-culturalism.

The 'Guardian' newspaper (ever a defender of anti-racism and multi-racial Britain) has run a front page story centred on a young woman of British-Asian origins who was a victim of grooming and under-age sexual abuse by an Asian Muslim man. The obvious purpose behind the 'Guardian' article was as a counter-weight to any arguments that only White British girls are such victims BUT this ignores the reality of the large scale grooming gangs that deliberately target young White girls - the gangs seek victims outside their own ethic and religious communities.
The point that the victims were White British girls (again) and the men were East European Roma still points to a cultural and racial problem that the Left and liberals cannot get their heads around.
 The Rotherham case, like the Oldham, Sheffield, Derby, Blackburn, Keighley and Rochdale cases all have involved gangs of Pakistani men with wide networks of contacts across other towns and cities.
In the past few years the Oxford, Telford and Peterborough cases involved men from other non-British, non-White ethnic-minority communities. The under-age girls involved as victims have in
the majority of cases been White British, there is no escaping those facts.
All the major child-sex grooming cases over the past decade have focussed on gangs of Asian men, the majority have been Pakistani or Kashmiri Muslims; there have been a few Afghans, a few Kurdish and North African Muslim involved too but the big cases have ALL revolved around under-age, vulnerable White girls being groomed, raped, drugged, trafficked for sex across different Asian communities and even sold to other gangs.
This is not an isolated case - in Rotherham alone over a 16 year period there are over 1,400 recorded victims. According to recent reports the so-called 'British Pakistani' community settled in Rotherham only numbers 8,000, whereas the overall population of Rotherham is 257,600.
Therefore the percentage of Rotherham men of Pakistani-origins involved is pretty high, and that is just the numbers known about by the lack-lustre Rotherham authorities.
Yes, the NS Outlook acknowledges that there have also been paedophile grooming gangs that have involved white British perverts, such as a case earlier this year in the Torbay area.
And a British National Socialist regime would deal with such vermin in our own communities in the harshest ways available.
But it is a question of how many such cases involve perpetrators from 'Ethnic minority' groups ?
Given that the White British are still the majority population in the UK, those white perverts involved in child-sex gangs are a smaller percentage of the population compared with the numbers per population coming out of the Asian-Muslim and other minority-ethnic populations of the UK.
Across the country there must be many thousands of such cases not yet brought to court or even investigated by the police.

The case remains that if these people had not been allowed to settle in Britain
These problems would not exist


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